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Chapter 328 – Unable to Fight Back

Double Stab!

Falling Flower Palm!

Circle Swing!

Along with these skills flew various Chasers of different elements. They flew out, coiled around the spear, with dazzling colors.

As for Du Ming? He was completely helpless against these attacks. After being hit by these low-level skills, he was slammed into the ground by a Circle Swing and blasted by numerous Chasers, immediately dropping his healthy by a chunk.

Who is this guy!

A sliver of panic trembled across Du Ming’s heart.

Vanishing Step definitely wasn’t a normal technique. It required a vast amount of experience as a base. Someone who didn’t have a deep understanding of the game had no way of achieving it. Du Ming couldn’t even determine what level the challenger’s Vanishing Step had reached, but at the very least, he had already been caught by it twice.

If it hadn’t just been lucky and had been intentionally done, then this challenger’s Vanishing Step had reached a frightening level.

The previous opponent had been a new player who didn’t even know how to use high-level skills.

And now he was fighting against an experienced expert who even knew how to use Vanishing Step.

He definitely couldn’t be careless. Du Ming concentrated harder. Even though this was still a show in the All-Star event, because of what had happened previously, Du Ming couldn’t lose.

He hastily pressed a key and his Blade Master rolled backwards after touching the ground. He didn’t immediately rush forward to attack, but backed out instead and leaped backwards twice.

His leap backwards make it look like he was running away. Du Ming knew that it looked somewhat shameful and he could already hear a few boos from the crowd.

However, running away was better than losing.

Du Ming clearly understood that his challenger wasn’t simple. He definitely wasn’t the normal player like everyone else believed he was. Charging forward without feeling out the opponent’s strength had been a very reckless action.

He was nicknamed the “Berserk Blade Master”, but the “Berserk” pointed at his bold and unrestrained fighting, not recklessness. Du Ming knew that he was only a mid-tier character in the pro scene. It was quite possible that there was a pro player hiding in the audience.

When he fought with Tang Rou, Du Ming had employed pro-level mechanics. But against Ye Xiu, he felt a huge pressure. He didn’t have confidence in solely using mechanics to win and was now using tactics he knew of.

Temporarily retreating, escaping out of the opponent’s momentum and setting up a more favorable situation was his best option right now.

After Du Ming made these movements, he earned a bit of disdain from the audience. Many of the players in the audience had limited skill. For high-level techniques like Vanishing Step, not just them, but even the pro players had difficulty recognizing it.

Amidst these boos, the pro players’ faces grew more and more serious. They were the same as Du Ming and felt that this challenger wasn’t ordinary.

Some of them were even beginning to look around to see if one of them had snuck off to have some fun. But when they searched, they found that all of the pros were sitting at their respective seats. Besides Du Ming, no one else was missing.

What would happen next?

Everyone looked forward to it. Du Ming chose to retreat, but his opponent, the second challenger, chose to charge forward.

His spear shook and he sent out another Dragon Tooth.

This challenger clearly wasn’t a new person, but he acted the same as that girl and only used low-level skills. Some of the Battle Mage pros could tell that the Battle Mage hadn’t distributed the skill points normally. Perhaps because that girl didn’t know how to use high-level skills, she had maxed out the low-level skills she knew well and then because she still had points left, she put them into other skills randomly.

When distributing skill points, the player didn’t necessarily only seek for more damage.

For example, if we take the low-level skill, Sky Strike, the higher the level, the greater the knock-up effect. For this skill, almost no one put points into it for more damage, but rather for the crowd control effect.

And when things got to the pro level, these minute differences mattered more. Every person had a different play style, so the knock up amount they required was different. Some players might feel like a Level 7 Sky Strike had a good enough knock-up, but some might feel like a Level 9 Sky Strike wasn’t enough.

But this Battle Mage, whether it was attacks or Chasers, every low-level skill was maxed out.

Du Ming couldn’t just ignore these maxed out low-level skills, either. He didn’t dare to meet force with force and so he chose to dodge.

As a result, a somewhat historic scene resulted: the “Berserk Blade Master” Du Ming didn’t take the initiative to attack, but dodged around instead, waiting for an opportunity.

As a result, this scenario lasted for several minutes. Du Ming had unexpectedly been unable to find an opportunity to counter and in the end, he was suppressed by his opponent’s attacks.

At this moment, if the audience still couldn’t see that this challenger wasn’t ordinary, then that would mean that they didn’t understand Glory.

Even if it was just a show and even if Du Ming was intentionally letting him win, it shouldn’t go so far as this, where he was only running around like a little mouse. That was a bit too embarrassing!

“Why isn’t Du Ming fighting back?” The Samsara players who were on good terms with Du Ming were having trouble watching and were feeling very worried for him.

“It’s good to be cautious.” one player said.

“He can’t fight back.” Zhou Zekai, who was sitting on the very edge of their section, suddenly spoke.

“What?” Everyone looked towards Zhou Zekai.

Zhou Zekai lifted his head a bit and looked intently at the screens, looking at the scene through several angles. He then said after a short pause: “There aren’t any opportunities.”

“No opportunities?” The pros who weren’t able to see this were startled.

“Are you saying that it isn’t that Du Ming doesn’t want to strike back, but he isn’t able to?” one player said in astonishment and then immediately looked at the match more carefully. A bead of sweat rolled down his face for Du Ming. No opportunities…… This meant that, this time, Du Ming was being completely suppressed.

He only had a bead of sweat rolling down, but what about Du Ming? Du Ming’s hands, head, and even his back was soaked with cold sweat.

At first, he had been dodging and observing, hoping to figure out his opponent’s pathing and an opening.

But after a few minutes, he discovered that he had no choice but to dodge. Every time the opponent attacked, besides dodging, he couldn’t think of any other method to react.

The opponent’s attacks were relentless. A continuous string of low-level skills, along with complex normal attacks mixed in, continued to batter him. From time to time, Chasers would even fly at him.

Du Ming tried his hardest to search for an opening, but there just weren’t any.

Perhaps his ability just wasn’t good enough. In short, in his current situation, dodging like this was already his best option.

But he wasn’t able to dodge everything completely. He would always be hit by a few attacks from time to time. The blood that blossomed out from the hits splattered along his escape route and looked quite horrifying to see.

He couldn’t keep going like this. He had to try fighting!

Du Ming immediately concluded this. He decided he would try a few methods that he wasn’t very good at yet.

As soon as he made the decision, Du Ming immediately made his move. He executed a Lunge and the tip of his blade emitted two cold streaks of light.

“My god, that idiot! How would that work!” At the pro player seats, Huang Shaotian watched as Du Ming tried to initiate with a Lunge and immediately sighed.

The Battle Mage then used a Dragon Tooth, a low-level skill like the Lunge.

“The other side’s skill level is higher! Even if they were the same, Dragon Tooth has more priority over Lunge! Using Lunge at this moment is just looking to die!” Huang Shaotian chattered and the results turned out just like he said. The two streaks of cold light from Du Ming’s Blade Master immediately disappeared and the Battle Mage’s spear thrust through his head.

The spear was pulled away, along with a stream of blood.

The Battle Mage didn’t waste the brief stun and chained a few attacks before ending with a Sky Strike. Du Ming’s Blade Master was launched up. Unable to find where his opponent’s attacks were coming from, he was comboed some more, except this time, the opponent switched strategies and ended with a Falling Flower Palm.

Du Ming’s Blade Master was blown flying. He immediately steadied his camera, but then his body suddenly shook. His body crashed into the wall and then bounced off of it.

Du Ming started. He saw the Battle Mage in front of him raise his spear with both hands. The tip of his spear seemed to grow brighter and brighter.

Not good! Du Ming cried out in his heart.

Battle Mage Level 65 Skill: Dragon Breaks the Ranks!

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