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Chapter 327 – A True Expert

The host, who was halfway to the stage, suddenly heard this and almost tripped. He suddenly felt that he had let a wolf into the house.

The broadcast team backstage suddenly shouted at him: “F*ck, where’s the next person? Hurry up and get him on stage. We’ve already been broadcasting ads for five minutes!!!”

The host nearly rolled and crawled his way onto the stage, when Du Ming asked the question that everyone wanted to know: “Who are you?”

“The main player is tired. I’m the substitute.” Ye Xiu replied calmly.

The audience laughed. They were wondering if the event host had intentionally sent someone funny out.

At this moment, the host jumped onto the stage. The lights lit up and he announced, gasping for breath, for the second challenger to come up.

The host wanted to hurry up and get to the second challenger. Even though he knew that the person who had just gone up seemed to be someone who would mess things up, in any case, they at least moved a step forward!

As result, the second challenger didn’t even get a round of polite applause. The people in the audience were still in disbelief! They didn’t even know how this guy had gotten up onto the stage.

The pro players all had a big question mark above them, as well. This year’s All-Star event had turned into a complete mess! Even they didn’t know what was going to happen next.

“Are you ready?” Ye Xiu said.

“You have to log in first……” Du Ming was depressed. Since things were already like this, he didn’t withdraw. It’s not like he could call for only that girl to come out! That would be too shameful.

“Oh, my bad, one sec!” Ye Xiu said.

The audience then heard a voice call out from the booth.

“Give me the account card!”

“No need, I’ll go!”

“Don’t be fussy…… Hurry and give it to me!”

“I refuse……”

Pa…… Everyone in the stadium was dumbstruck. The booth’s speakers had been turned off.

Pa……. It sounded like the speakers had been hit on. Sounds of fighting transmitted out on and off.

“Ha ha, one second everyone. It looks like our employee and our challenger are having a bit of a problem exchanging account cards……..” With his forehead dripping with sweat, the host spoke nonsense. The audience immediately booed in response.

“Maybe I should go up and check…….” the host muttered. The game interface finally appeared on the electronic screens. The Battle Mage had finally logged in.

“What type of skill distribution is this…….” After hearing this, another “pa!” and the speaker turned off again.

Du Ming felt like his luck was truly terrible today. Why did all of this happen to him? Just as he was feeling annoyed, the other side finished logging in and sent out a challenge.

Du Ming accepted. No matter who the opponent was, he didn’t dare be careless again.

After the two had accepted the match, the two characters appeared on stage.

On one end of the stage, Du Ming’s Blade Master charged forward. With how he was feeling, he was prepared to use this match to vent his anger. It didn’t matter who you were. Du Ming wasn’t going to play nice anymore.

“He’s coming!” Tang Rou reminded Ye Xiu.

“Got it.” Ye Xiu said. He was still looking at his character’s equipment and skills.

With Ye Xiu’s skill, a quick look was enough for him to get a rough sketch of the Battle Mage’s stats. The map wasn’t large, either. By the time he finished looking, Du Ming’s Blade Master had arrived.

The running Blade Master initiated with a Triple Slash to close even faster with Ye Xiu’s Battle Mage.

Tang Rou had already encountered this initiation several times. It wasn’t hard to deal with, but she was curious as to what Ye Xiu would do.

Then she saw that Ye Xiu didn’t react at all.

When the first blade of the Triple Slash came down, Ye Xiu’s Battle Mage just stood there, not moving. But when the blade light slashed down, not a single bit of damage was inflicted.

Du Ming was surprised. He didn’t know if it was coincidence or whether the opponent had completely seen through his attack’s range. If his opponent really had seen through it……

He then saw that the Battle Mage had already stepped to the side, immediately signalling to Du Ming that it hadn’t been a coincidence. With that step, the Triple Slash’s second attack wouldn’t be able to reach him.

And when this step came out, his opponent lifted his spear and slashed up with a Sky Strike.

Du Ming had been prepared and hastily stopped his Triple Slash’s animation, putting up a Guard to block the Sky Strike. But when he moved his mouse to lift his sword, he discovered that the Sky Strike had come at a nasty angle, making it so that his Guard wouldn’t be able to block it.


Sure enough, the Sky Strike had arrived before the Guard and Du Ming’s Blade Master was launched into the air.

All this had occurred in an instant. The audience members weren’t fully paying attention yet, but for those at the pro player seats, their eyes were all wide open.

A single step and a single Sky Strike had accurately launched Du Ming into the air, sending him up with an unblockable attack.

An expert…….. Many of them were already thinking of this.

But it was still too early to make the conclusion with just that. Under this surprise, the pros stowed away their banter and began seriously looking at the match.

Du Ming wasn’t without options in the air. He was very serious in his playing for this match. In the air, he quickly adjusted his position. A Falling Light Blade was used to force his character to come down.

But the instant he hit the ground, there was nothing but air in front of his eyes. The Battle Mage had disappeared. The audience could see very clearly that the instant his Falling Light Blade descended down, the Battle Mage had circled behind him. But the pros astonishingly figured out that his movements had also avoided the Blade Master’s camera, so Du Ming wasn’t able to see what had happened.

“Vanishing Step!!” many of them blurted out.

“Who is this guy?” Many of them were looking at one another. Two consecutive high-level movements were enough to verify this person’s status as an expert. Many of them weren’t paying attention to the projections anymore and switched to look at the screens.

It was true that the projection was beautiful, but the spectators had a fixed view. It pretty much meant that their point of view was fixed. The pros needed to see from several perspectives in order to understand the second challenger’s skill.

Du Ming wasn’t some noob, either. After using Falling Light Blade and not seeing anyone in front of him, he determined that the opponent was behind him. He immediately rolled forward and turned 180 degrees, sending out a Sword Draw at the same time.

These movements were executed extremely smoothly. The audience was even about to applaud, when they saw the Battle Mage rush forward diagonally. Facing the Sword Draw, it looked as if he would certainly be hit by it. But then they watched as the Sword Draw just passed through him. Taking advantage of the brief moment the Blade Master was still finishing his Sword Draw animation, he closed in and stabbed with a Dragon Tooth.

The audience was completely dumbstruck.

Speaking of this, Ye Xiu’s previous astonishing movements, Sky Strike and Vanishing Step, were all very minute. With a normal player’s skill level, it wasn’t easy for them to see how incredible those moves were. But this time’s Sword Draw was completely out in the open. This was because many of them knew the theory behind the move. The image of the sword aura hitting him was simply an afterimage. The instant the Sword Draw arced through him, he wouldn’t take any damage.

However, the timing for this was incredibly difficult. If he was too early, then he would take damage. If he was too late, then even though he wouldn’t be hit, he wouldn’t have made it in time to reach Du Ming while he was still in mid-animation.

And this difficult move had been done immaculately by the challenger. The Blade Master didn’t have any time to react to the Dragon Tooth. It wasn’t that Du Ming didn’t want to dodge, it was that he was still in the brief stun from the finishing animation and he had no way to move.

The pros weren’t the only ones to see the brilliance of his move. Except….. Should they still clap?

Their two hands which had originally been meant as applause for Du Ming’s Sword Draw were all suspended in mid-air now.

The challenger’s play had been brilliant, but he was still their home ground’s opponent, so they were somewhat hesitant to clap.

Though of course, there would still be a few who didn’t care and cheered at the brilliant play.

For example, Chen Guo…… She hadn’t been a Samsara fan from the start and she knew that the one playing was Ye Xiu, so why would she care? Of course she would support him! The moment Dragon Tooth shot out, Chen Guo cheered and applauded as if Du Ming had been killed.

After being hit by the Dragon Tooth, Du Ming’s Blade Master was stunned again. Ye Xiu followed up with a Sky Strike.

The Blade Master was once again launched into the air, but his Falling Light Blade was still on cooldown. He had no way of using the same method to get out and could only hastily adjust his camera to see what the opponent would do.

But when he tried, there was no one there……

“Vanishing Step……” Du Ming also realized at this moment.

He almost wanted to cry. He was completely aware that he had come across an extremely difficult opponent. What the heck was this with this challenge competition? The following challenger was unexpectedly strong and it turned out that he was even having trouble keeping up. Someone who knew how to use Vanishing Step to such a degree obviously wasn’t another abnormal new player. This time, he was up against a true expert!

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