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Chapter 329 – Dragon Raising Its Head

The Battle Mage finally unleashed a Level 40 and above skill.

In addition, it was a Level 65 skill: Dragon Breaks the Ranks.

In terms of physical damage, this skill was undoubtedly the Battle Mage’s strongest skill. The Level 70 skill Rising Dragon Soars the Sky was an AoE magic spell that did both physical and magic damage. Their combined damage did more than Dragon Breaks the Ranks, but in terms of physical damage, the two couldn’t be compared.

Once Du Ming saw the cold glint of the Battle Mage’s spear, he wanted to dodge. However, after being hit into the wall, his body entered into a mini stunned state and was unable to move.

Du Ming panicked and rapidly mashed his keyboard, hoping to immediately move the instant that the stun wore off.

In the end, the cold glint from the spear suddenly grew brighter and instantly transformed into a beam of light, fiercely striking the stunned Blade Master.

Ye Xiu’s attack struck the lower half of Du Ming’s Blade Master. The powerful force sent the Blade Master hurtling into the air.

Just how fast Du Ming’s character was spinning could be seen from the screen which was showing Du Ming’s first person perspective.

The screen spun so fast that it was impossible to distinguish anything clearly. At this moment, the player could only rely on his game sense, experience and knowledge.

Du Ming subconsciously acted and sent out two cold slashes as he spun, although, to the audience, it only looked like he was juggling.

Right now, everyone’s attention was focused on the Battle Mage.

The Battle Mage held onto his long spear. His right hand pulled the end of it behind him, while his left hand supported the spear’s front, which was slanted into the air.

Another skill appeared.

Battle Mage Level 60 skill: Furious Dragon Strikes the Heart!

The Battle Mage hadn’t used any high-level skills for quite a long time. But as soon as he had begun, he unexpectedly used them one after the other. However, Du Ming’s Blade Master was hit and was tumbling into the air rapidly by Dragon Breaks the Ranks. Would he be able to hit him?

He would!

Reality provided him the best answer.

When the Blade Master hit his peak, during the instant where he was about to fall, the Battle Mage’s spear soared. Like a bolt of lightning, the spear pierced through the falling Blade Master.

Furious Dragons Strikes the Heart!

But only a light passed through.

The instant the spear pierced the Blade Master, he flew up once again, but only a few specks of blood fell.

Would the offense stop here?

Not yet!

The Battle Mage chased after the Blade Master’s body. His spear turned into a dragon. Its roar lifted up the earth and the dust as the dragon’s head shot towards the Blade Master.

Du Ming didn’t give up. He had predicted this Rising Dragon Soars the Sky. The instant the skill was unleashed, he ferociously let loose a Falling Light Blade, causing his Blade Master to crash down quickly.

Would it hit? Everyone’s heart leapt into their throats. During this moment, they didn’t know who to side with. They had only hoped that the answer would come soon.

It wouldn’t!

The Falling Light Blade altered the Blade Master’s flight path. With the sudden turn, the dragon missed.

Those who had watched the Rookie Challenge yesterday suddenly felt that this scene looked somewhat familiar.

The Sun Xiang vs Han Wenqing match.

Wasn’t the deciding move in that match Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, which was dodged by Han Wenqing through a precise Eagle Stamp, forcing his character to move in the air, allowing him to dodge it?

And right now, a mid-tier pro player and unknown challenger unexpectedly repeated the same stunning scene that had previously occurred between two Gods.

In that match, the move had been the turning point. Han Wenqing, who had dodged the Rising Dragon, struck down Sun Xiang’s One Autumn Leaf immediately after.

And now? It wasn’t the time for it to be the deciding move, but Du Ming, who had been suppressed the entire time, was finally able to find an opening.

For a powerful skill like Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, the ending animation would certainly be very slow. A Triple Slash after landing could let him close in on his opponent before the animation was finished.

The instant that Rising Dragon Soars the Sky flew past him, Du Ming had quickly made the decision. The audience who had watched Du Ming dodge the dragon’s head also thought this way, as well.

However, the dragon head that had already flown past him suddenly turned as if its neck had turned, and hit the Blade Master’s body, gobbling up Du Ming’s Blade Master.

Rising Dragon Soars the Sky hit!!

The Blade Master wasn’t dead yet, but Du Ming was completely at a loss. He had no idea what had happened.

The spectators were all at a loss as well. They had seen it, but they thought that they had just seen it wrong.

And at the pro player seats, shock flashed across their eyes.

“Dragon Raising Its Head??? Who’s up on stage??” Every pro player could hear Team Tyranny captain Han Wenqing’s voice. Even some of the spectators who weren’t that far from the pro player area could hear him.

“Dragon Raising Its Head? That’s Dragon Raising Its Head??” The discussion quickly spread.

Let alone the audience, even for the pros, the majority of them had only seen this legendary Battle Mage technique from videos. And according to what they knew, only one person had the ability to pull off the technique.

Battle God One Autumn Leaf’s former owner: Ye Qiu!

The top tier God, who had recently left the stage for an unknown reason, suddenly showed off his sole special in the All-Star Weekend.

“Is that really Dragon Raising Its Head? Did I see that correctly? Why aren’t they showing the replay? Why aren’t they showing the replay?” At Team Blue Rain’s side, Huang Shaotian was chattering.

“So it’s like that…….” At Team Samsara’s side, Zhou Zekai simply said.

As for Team Tiny Herb’s side, Wang Jiexi appeared to be the most calm. He had noticed Tang Rou long before this. When an even stronger expert appeared right after, Wang Jiexi had already reached his conclusion.

All of the teams’ pro players were discussing in astonishment. While some of the younger generation weren’t able to understand everyone else’s astonishment, their seniors immediately informed them about the shocking scene.

Afterwards, many of them looked towards Team Excellent Era’s side.

Excellent Era’s players were even more complicated.

Some were astonished. Some were hesitant. Some were puzzled. Some felt uneasy. The players were feeling all sorts of emotions.

Vice captain Liu Hao’s gloominess seemed to drip off of him. But after seeing that many people were looking at them, he changed his expression.

As for their ace player, Sun Xiang, his eyes were filled with shock, as well as unhappiness. He couldn’t help but think back to what Han Wenqing had said to him yesterday: “If that was Ye Xiu, he would have definitely hit that Rising Dragon Soars the Sky.”

And now, a similar situation appeared and, sure enough, Rising Dragon connected.

He felt as if he had been slapped in the face.

Dragon Raising Its Head……

Sun Xiang had obviously heard of it. He also knew the theory behind this micro. He had even researched it, but he still hadn’t been able to learn it.

Though he did know that in the past two years, Ye Qiu hadn’t used Dragon Raising Its Head.

This technique was undoubtedly extremely difficult. Knowledge, experience, and hand speed. The player couldn’t be lacking in any of these aspects.

Sun Xiang had thought that Ye Qiu hadn’t used it because his skill had gone down, so he wasn’t able to use it anymore. And since he was still on the rise, there would be a day where he’d be able to use it, which was why he hadn’t been worried.

But today…….

“No wonder that Han Wenqing said that if it was Ye Qiu, the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky wouldn’t have missed.”

Sun Xiang heard a few discuss this. After seeing some of them look at him, Sun Xiang felt that there was a hint of contempt in their gazes.

It was as if they were all saying: “Sure enough, he’s not even close to good enough!”

“Dragon Raising Its Head……”

Sun Xiang ground his teeth and clenched his fists tightly as he muttered the words.

The pros were so astonished that they had practically forgotten to continue watching the match.

The match wasn’t over.

After three consecutive high-level skills, Du Ming’s Blade Master didn’t have much health left, but he wasn’t dead yet.

The reason for this was naturally because of Tang Rou’s random skill point distribution. Because she had maxed all of the low-level skills, there weren’t many skill points left for the high-level skills, so only Battle Spirit had been raised to the max. The rest of the points were just distributed randomly. She had learned the three skills, but their levels weren’t high enough, so even though their damage couldn’t be ignored, they didn’t do nearly as much as they should have.

As a result, after Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, Ye Xiu’s Battle Mage once again rushed forward.

At this moment, Du Ming had already lost all will to fight.

He had completely no idea how that Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had hit him. He even wanted to rush out of his seat and look at the replay.

Without any fighting spirit and a loss in confidence, Du Ming’s movements were extremely stiff. He couldn’t make any decisions and his actions lost all purpose.

One hit, two hits, three hits…….

Low level skills continuously battered at him.

Du Ming was still in his own little world. His mood had fallen extremely low. His Blade Master quickly fell.

And only then did the pros realize that the match was officially over.

As Du Ming’s Blade Master fell, the shock extended to the entire stadium.

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