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Chapter 294 – Creating a Blade

Up until now, apart from a Silver weapon’s Attack, the Thousand Chance Umbrella didn’t have any additional attributes. It was like a White equipment. Even those Green equipment from quests frequently added Strength, Intelligence, etc. But the Thousand Chance Umbrella? It never had any. Not until now.

At Level 35, the Thousand Chance Umbrella finally possessed additional attributes.

The Scarlet Scorpion Tails and the Scarlet Stingers added Bleed and Poison effects. Comparing it to the Glowing Fire Spear’s 3% Burn chance, it wasn’t hard to see how incredible the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s 8% chance was.

After inspecting that there weren’t any problems, Ye Xiu relaxed. The attributes of self-made weapons depended on the details. If the length of the eight Scarlet Scorpion Tails were different or if the eight Scarlet Stingers were assembled in a different way. It was possible that the weapon’s attributes would be negatively affected. The current results had only been made through countless experiments.

Seeing that the lance form was as he expected, Ye Xiu tapped his keyboard. Lord Grim’s hands shook and opened up the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s canopy, opening into an open umbrella. For the Thousand Chance Umbrella, this was the Shield form.

The Sandworm Silk didn’t add any additional attributes to the Level 35 Shield form, but the fundamental defense and ability to absorb damage had been upgraded. However, the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Durability didn’t change. This meant that the higher the level, the more the Shield couldn’t be used. This Shield form could only be used at the most crucial moments.

The lance and shield forms had been upgraded well, but the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s other parts such as the umbrella bones, pole, sword, etc. couldn’t be upgraded yet because he didn’t have enough materials.

Besides the Scarlet Illusion Blade from Line Canyon, the other materials came from the Level 34-36 Fire Forest. There still weren’t many materials from Fire Forest in the entire tenth server, so it was quite difficult to gather them now.

As a result, Ye Xiu wasn’t too rushed about searching for materials yet. As for the Scarlet Illusion Blade, Ye Xiu had asked Tyrannical Ambition about it twice. The first time, it was left out because they didn’t accept his price for him not acting. The second time was in Zhang Xinjie’s bet, where the Orange weapon was put up. Unfortunately, Tyrannical Ambition said they didn’t have it and made up for it with other materials.

Whether Tyrannical Ambition really had it or not, Ye Xiu didn’t know, but he could at least see that Orange weapons truly were rare.

“I could try and buy the weapon.” Ye Xiu thought. He typed into the global chat asking to buy a Scarlet Illusion Blade.

The world was large, even if it was a rare Orange weapon, after so many days of countless players running the dungeon, Ye Xiu believed that there should at least be a few out there.

Sure enough, several friend invites were quickly sent to him. Ye Xiu added them one by one and asked. Of the five, one of them had heard wrong. The player thought he was selling the blade instead of buying it. With a quick flip, he became Ye Xiu’s competitor.

Ye Xiu ignored him and asked the other four.

Ye Xiu had an idea on what the cost of the Scarlet Illusion Blade was. He only hoped that he wouldn’t meet that type of stubborn noob, who wouldn’t let go of a high price. Even though Ye Xiu didn’t spare any expenses with his Thousand Chance Umbrella that didn’t mean he was going to spend more than what made sense.

Of these four, one of them was only curious about the price. He didn’t even say whether he had the item or not. As for the other three, two of them went up and asked for Ye Xiu’s price. Ye Xiu naturally gave them a fair price. In the end, one of them directly replied with a “Bye” as if he had met with a scammer. The other didn’t reply for a while after hearing Ye Xiu’s reply and was considering it. As for the last one, he directly gave a price to Ye Xiu. His starting price was much higher than Ye Xiu’s fair price. This was normal though. The seller would always try to sell it for more.

Ye Xiu didn’t hurry to reply and waited for the player who didn’t reply back yet.

In a short moment, the player replied: “A bit low!”

Ye Xiu didn’t say too much and made his asking price higher. He then replied with the same price to both of them. The price was higher than his original asking price, but compared to the price given by the other guy, it was lower.

In the end, the one who actively gave him a price defended his price, while the other now with a higher price hesitated again and then replied that he would accept.

Ye Xiu immediately made an appointment, while sending the other one a reply saying “Sorry, I’ve got another offer.” That player’s messages stopped and nothing else came. Whether or not he was regretting his offer, no one would ever know.

Ye Xiu didn’t have that much money, but he had materials. As a result, he messaged the seller for a negotiation to see whether he accepted materials. If this was a noob who didn’t know about the value of uncommon materials, then it definitely wouldn’t work. Luckily, it looked like this player understood and after a bit of discussion, he happily accepted Ye Xiu’s offer.

The two brought their items and met up at an agreed upon place. After opening the trade, they each put in their items and accepts. Like many other countless transactions, it ended peacefully.

The two said bye and then went to do their own things. Ye Xiu entered the equipment editor. All he had to do was make the material into the correct shape. Of course, to get to this point, countless trials and errors had been made.

Ye Xiu thought back on all of this with a tinge of emotion. The Scarlet Illusion Blade had already been made into the correct shape. He switched the sword and saved the editor.

He then entered the game and took out the sword from the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s handle. Apart from the red color of the blade from the Scarlet Illusion Blade, everything else changed.

Thousand Chance Umbrella (Sword Form), Level 35, Physical Attack 390, Magic Attack 440.

Apart from this, there was a Critical Strike chance increase of 2%. This was an additional effect that was originally in the Scarlet Illusion Blade and hadn’t disappeared after being put into the editor.

After this was done, Ye Xiu could only wait a few days for the tenth server to run more Fire Forest dungeons before he could do any more upgrading. He could then sell his guides for the items after they were gathered by the guilds. Gathering up all the materials by himself was impossible.

Lord Grim left Congee City and headed towards Sin City. Ye Xiu messaged Tang Rou, asking her if she wanted to dungeon.

Actually, Ye Xiu had the ability to solo the dungeon. However, when dungeoning solo, it wasn’t possible to encounter a hidden BOSS. Ye Xiu considered this and decided he needed a partner.

Tang Rou was currently following a guide and clearing some quests. Soft Mist had leveled from 31 to 38 extremely quickly. Among the load of quests within these 7 levels, there were naturally ones that rewarded skill or attribute points. Hearing Ye Xiu’s call, she immediately tossed the quests to one side and ran to play with Ye Xiu in Sin City.

At Sin City, the two met and partied up.

“Just us two?” Tang Rou looked left and right, but didn’t see anyone else.

“If not, then who else?” Ye Xiu said. Besides Su Mucheng, the other players he was friends with weren’t high enough leveled to dungeon in Sin City.

“Okay, then let’s go!” Tang Rou said. When she said “Just us two?” She wasn’t doubting that the two wouldn’t be able to clear the dungeon. It meant that if it was just them, then they should start at once.

Sin City’s dungeon was located in a prison.

Sin City’s residents were all criminal, escaped prisoners. This prison didn’t have any rules either. The prisoners were free to roam. The quest background and the story was that there was a prison outbreak where all of the guards were killed. Their jobs were to forcefully suppress these prisoners from escaping..

Ye Xiu and Tang Rou. One of them had looked at the plot ten years ago, while the other was feeling dizzy with mass of text. At this moment, how could she care to understand all this. The two went to the dungeon entrance and quickly entered it. They only had one goal: Kill!

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