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Chapter 293 – Lance Form! Level 35

Line Canyon’s new record beat the record made by Misty Castle, who had used Ye Xiu’s guide, by two minutes. The record holder was Tyrannical Ambition. Even though they also had Ye Xiu’s guide, the current record surpassed the limit that could be reached by Ye Xiu’s guide. Ye Xiu had no idea how they had done it.

Looking again at Fire Forest’s record, the current record holder was Blue Brook Guild. Their record was unbelievably high as well. Apart from this, not only were the top records astonishing, the first ten records were all enough to make players dumbstruck.

In the Christmas event, the players were all focused on the event. The announcements of records being broken would be washed away by the frequent notifications of rewards from presents. Ye Xiu hadn’t noticed the intense fighting for the records during those 36 hours.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiu figured out what had happened.

These records had appeared because of the Christmas event.

Similar to how Tang Rou’s Soft Mist could temporarily have Battle Spirit, the guilds’ record-setting teams clearly took advantage of the Christmas event to obtain skills that they shouldn’t have at this level in order to create an extremely strong team, temporarily.

This type of team would no longer exist after the event ended, but their records would stay.

Using this opportunity, Tyrannical Ambition dropped a ridiculous Line Canyon record. Even though no one noticed it at that time, there would definitely be ways to have people notice. And the ones who most urgently needed it was Blue Brook Guild, who was able to successfully seize the opportunity and take down Fire Forest’s record. The guild’s embarrassing crisis could finally be relieved.

After thinking of all this, Ye Xiu smiled. There was no longer anything of value that could be obtained from these two dungeons. Ye Xiu opened up Sin City’s dungeon records and checked them.

Sin City’s records were more normal. This dungeon required players to be Level 37-39. The only players who had reached this were those 99 players from Ye Xiu’s team. Excellent Dynasty’s high-leveled players were still in the Level 36 range and wouldn’t be able to participate in Sin City’s dungeon competition, for now.

The Christmas event awarded quite a few good pieces of equipment. The twelve guilds that had allied with Ye Xiu had already allocated their equipment to create an extremely strong team. After yesterday night ended, Sin City’s dungeon record was set. The current record-holder was Herb Garden.

Tyrannical Ambition, Blue Brook Guild, Herb Garden. Glory’s three top guilds fully utilized this event. It had to be said that their ability to surpass other guilds wasn’t without reason.

Seeing that the dungeon competition had already reached Sin City, Ye Xiu had to hurry. He hadn’t yet researched the dungeon. After all, there was no way he could have known that they’d hit Level 38 with this event. It would now be useful to begin his research for the guide he intended to sell.

Guides, videos…… Ye Xiu opened up a broswer to look up materials.

Ye Xiu wouldn’t create an Idiot’s Guide like Concealed Light. He had to find the crucial points and come up with something new.

He moved the game to one side. Ye Xiu flipped through guides and watched videos, while creating a new computer file to write things down in.

After coming up with a few ideas, he still had to go back to the game to test them.

Ye Xiu returned to the game, but didn’t go directly to the dungeon. He instead went to the game’s equipment editor. He didn’t have all of the materials necessary to fully upgrade the Thousand Chance Umbrella yet, but he could upgrade a few of the forms.

He had the rest of the materials from Line Canyon apart from Illusion Swordmaster Ahong’s Orange Weapon —— Scarlet Illusion Blade.

Forty Sandworm Silk were used to upgrade the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s canopy to Level 35.

The piece connecting the umbrella bones, canopy, and pole needed the extremely rare Amber Crystal, an uncommon material dropped by the wild BOSS, Cliff Ronin Alpine.

The connecting piece wasn’t very eye-catching, but it was extremely important. During the research for the Thousand Chance Umbrella, many of the tests were done for this piece. At that time, many materials were used. But after changing forms,, the Thousand Chance Umbrella would immediately fall apart after everything was put together. In order to find materials that could be used for the different levels, a lot of effort was put in.

And right now, Ye Xiu was adding the Amber Crystal into the template. After he disassembled the Thousand Chance Umbrella, he just had to replace the original piece with the new one.

After that, Ye Xiu used the Scarlet Scorpion Tails and the Scarlet Stingers.

Eight of each were needed. At this moment, they were used to replace the umbrella tip’s eight White Wolf Sharp Fangs.

On the newly changed umbrella’s tip was shown a pitch-black Scarlet Scorpion Tail. Along the barb-like structure’s back were streaks of black along with fine lines of blood-red, the Scarlet Stingers.

After exchanging everything, Ye Xiu saved the new edit and then went back to the game.

Currently, Lord Grim was still in Congee City. Even though it was a safe zone, changing the weapon formations to check the attributes could still be done. He took out the upgraded Thousand Chance Umbrella and changed it to the lance form. The umbrella tip was made up of Scarlet Scorpion Tails coming together. The backwards hooks were unevenly matched, but the eight Scarlet Stingers came together creating a single scarlet tip.

The attributes.

Thousand Chance Umbrella (Lance Form), Level 35.

Weight: 2.3 kg. Durability 23. Attack Speed: 5.

Physical Attack: 470. Magic Attack: 350.

A Level 35 Silver weapon had an attack that wouldn’t lose to a Level 40 Orange weapon. These stats were around the same as Tang Rou’s new Level 40 Orange weapon, Glowing Fire Halberd, but the Glowing Fire Halberd had an Attack Speed of 1, while his Thousand Chance Umbrella had an Attack Speed of 5.

An Attack Speed of 5 and an Attack Speed of 1 didn’t mean that there was 5 times the difference. In the early days of Glory, Attack Speed wasn’t represented by numbers. Numbers were attached in order to help players understand the concept of “Attack Speed +1 / 2” attributes to a weapon.

The difference in Attack Speed was only 1.25 times based on the data provided to the public. This number didn’t seem eye-catching, but in the game, a player could easily feel the difference. As for the difference between an Attack Speed of 9 and 10, the difference was miniscule and only a very skilled expert could tell the difference.

Apart from this, there was also a setup that made players sad. It was that the Attack Speed would only appear as a whole number. This meant that there were actually decimal places that were hidden. And this rounded (up or down) part could only be found through research.

But in any case, no matter the difference in decimals between the Attack Speed of 5 and the Attack Speed of 1, as long as the difference between the two Attack Speeds was greater than 3, it was enough for the majority of players to feel the difference. And compared to the Glowing Fire Halberd’s additional attributes, the Thousand Chance Umbrella was finally no longer completely blank.

The Level 35 Thousand Chance Umbrella had an 8% chance to Poison and an 8% chance to Bleed.

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