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Chapter 295 – Word Battle

The underground prison was dim and moist. As soon as the two characters entered, they stepped into a small puddle. Water splashed onto the ground. Not far from there were a few monsters, who immediately turned their heads and rushed over when they heard the sound.

The underground prison didn’t give players any time to prepare. As soon as they entered, they had to fight.

Tang Rou liked this briskness. Her Soft Mist had already dashed forward to meet with them in combat. In this dim environment, her Scarlet Moon Lance’s glow shone brightly.

The two of them were more than enough to deal with this dungeon. However, the two couldn’t think about creating any type of record. Ye Xiu had come to research the dungeon. Seeing that Tang Rou didn’t have any problems dealing with the monsters, he let her be and continued to walk forward until he reached his planned position, where he began to practice.

Tang Rou was just one person and needed some time to clear away the dungeon monsters. When she had finished doing so, she ran over to where Lord Grim was and discovered that he was unexpectedly even slower than her.. and by a lot.

“What are you doing?” Tang Rou asked curiously. Even though Ye Xiu normally never tried his hardest in dungeons, he had never been like this.

“I’m studying some things. You can continue killing.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Tang Rou continued forward. Although the two were both in the same dungeon, they were pretty much doing their own thing.

Tang Rou pushed forward. She turned around and saw that Lord Grim was still in the same place and with the same few monsters. In Glory, team members only shared experience within a certain range. Soft Mist was just about to leave that range so Tang Rou had no choice but to go back.

“You’re still not done?” Tang Rou asked after running over, though she didn’t have Soft Mist help out.

“Yeah, help me test it out……” Ye Xiu had Tang Rou help him.

As a result, in this dungeon, the majority of the monsters were killed by Tang Rou, while Ye Xiu was often stopped at some spot. Once he was stopped, he would be there for several minutes. With the two going back and forth like this, the dungeon took almost two hours to complete.

After the first run, Tang Rou didn’t say anything.

During the second run, Ye Xiu was no longer running and stopping like he was before. He began killing monsters extremely quickly, especially in the places where he had stopped at before. When he rushed forward in those areas, he was a lot more focused and more efficient.

“What do you think?” Tang Rou asked. She had helped Ye Xiu a few times and heard Ye Xiu’s explanation. She already understood that Ye Xiu was studying new strategies in order to clear the dungeon faster.

“Not bad.” Ye Xiu’s research had gone smoothly.

“Is it going to be used for setting records?”

“Yeah, though we won’t be using it.”

“Then what is it for?” Tang Rou asked.

“As a textbook to be sold to the big guilds!”

“They can’t do it themselves? They have to rely on you?”

“That’s hard to say.” Ye Xiu admitted.

Ye Xiu had pushed away the old and brought out the new in order to increase the dungeon-clearing efficiency. Was he really the only one who could do this? Ye Xiu understood that this might not be the case.

The dungeon was fixed. For many new players, as long as they spent some effort researching it, they all had the ability to come up with a new strategy.

Ye Xiu’s advantage was that he was able to use the shortest amount of time to find the most precise strategy.

In Sin City’s underground prison, Ye Xiu spent his morning and afternoon running the dungeon three times in order to determine the strategy. However, for others, the amount of effort and time they had to put in would be far greater than Ye Xiu.

For example, Tyrannical Ambition.

Tyrannical Ambition could see that the guide they had bought from Ye Xiu was mostly the same as the usual strategy. There were only a few places that had been changed. However, these few places immediately increased the efficiency of the entire guide. This type of strategy gave Jiang You a great enlightenment.

Jiang You obviously wasn’t confident that he could compare to God Ye Qiu. However, this was only a dungeon, which was their in-game experts’ area of expertise. Some of the reasoning in Ye Qiu’s guide gave him some enlightenment. Perhaps they didn’t need to exchange materials for his guide. They might be able to create their own guide.

Jiang You was currently doing just that.

From yesterday night till now, he had used all of the accounts he had on hand. He didn’t know how many times he had run this dungeon. Only just a moment ago, he had discovered something new again and was writing it down in a document. Jiang You’s mood was extremely good and the guide was almost done.

“Guild leader, it’s time to eat.”

When the call for lunch came out from an underling, Jiang You typed in the last punctuation mark. Excited, Jiang You erased the period he had put in and put in an exclamation mark to express his mood.

He saved it and then closed the document. Jiang You stood up with a glowing face: “What are we eating for lunch?”

Jiang You didn’t feel tired at all despite his all-nighter. It was all because he was feeling extremely happy. They had benefited a lot from the Christmas event and had used that opportunity to take back their lost Line Canyon record. And now, it was time to take Sin City’s record as well. Spring had already come for Jiang You.

“Guild leader, it’s going well in the tenth server, hm?” A subordinate asked.

“Yeah, it’s going well, it’s going well.” Jiang You smiled.

Everyone was happy. Ever since Jiang You’s interference in the tenth server, a dark cloud seemed to loom above the studio in Club Tyranny. Even those who weren’t involved in the tenth server were affected by the tenth server’s situation.

Jiang You’s repeated running into a wall in the tenth server had put forward an even harsher environment in the studio. These past few days, the atmosphere in the room had constantly been going up and down.

And now, finally, it seemed like in the most recent two days, the skies had cleared from the storm. The guild leader had a big smile across his face and he no longer admonished them as frequently. He would even say a few jokes for them to hear, even if they weren’t funny.

After lunch, Jiang You didn’t go to sleep. He directly logged into the tenth server and contacted Cold Night. However, at this moment, Cold Night himself wasn’t there. It was a different person who had taken the account to level.

Though in order to use the same account, the two people were definitely together. After a while, the real Cold Night switched over. Jiang You sent him the guide he had personally researched and had Cold Night hurry and choose players to practice it.

“From Ye Qiu?” Cold Night asked after receiving it.

“Ye Qiu? Aren’t we only going to use that when we have no other choice? I made this guide myself.” Jiang You said.

“Oh, oh…….” Cold Night didn’t dare say too much. In his eyes, Ye Qiu would definitely continue to sell his guides. The guild leader had gone to do battle with him and so he had also created a guide. Even though Cold Night respected his guild leader greatly… when comparing the two, no one in their right mind would think the guild leader was better than Ye Qiu, right?

Cold Night still called players to get ready to practice. They had to first understand the guide well.

Each member complied as they were informed. Cold Night received another message and saw that it was from Lord Grim.

“Brother, do you want a guide?”

“Sorry, we already have one.” Cold Night replied.

“Oh? From who? Zhang Xinjie?” Ye Xiu asked.

Cold Night didn’t reply for awhile. The other side thought the guide was from Zhang Xinjie. If he said that it was from Jiang You, it would clearly be lowering themselves. It was as if the other side asked if you had gone to a banquet. You couldn’t proudly say that you had actually eaten instant ramen. Instant ramen couldn’t help you win any sense of superiority.

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Cold Night replied. He felt a bit ashamed. He didn’t want to say that the guide came from the guild leader, because if he did, then he’d feel like he’d be lowering the guild leader’s name. It was a bit shameful.

Even though Ye Qiu was their Tyranny’s rival, he was still Ye Qiu. For them, Cold Night felt like they didn’t even have the qualifications to be his enemies…….

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