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Chapter 290 – Persistence Will Pay Off

It wasn’t as if Ye Xiu didn’t feel anything. Going through an entire day without rest, while playing relatively focused, made him feel somewhat tired long ago. But he persisted the entire time.

His persistence would eventually pay off with more rewards.

The experience gained from the Christmas thieves, as well as from opening the presents, allowed Lord Grim, Soft Mist and Cleansing Mist to rise to Level 35. The guild members also reaped the rewards and leveled up as well.

The most important part about this efficiency was that it was stable, which made the twelve guilds who were involved extremely satisfied. Right now, their biggest concern was the same as Chen Yehui. It was the issue of when Lord Grim was going to sleep.

Lord Grim, their super MT, was someone that no one could replace. During the night, he climbed the tower twice an hour on average and had yet to make a mistake. Such steady and solid playing made everyone gawk in awe.

There were many players in the twelve guilds that could jump up the clock tower. But being able to successfully jump up once after trying a hundred tries was also counted as being able to jump up the clock tower. As for Lord Grim? It seemed like he could jump up a hundred times and succeed a hundred times. That couldn’t be compared to those players who “could jump up the tower”.

Without Lord Grim, they had no way of conducting this sort of tactic, but staying up for 36 hours wasn’t an easy task.

Even though the guilds were worried, no one went up and asked him, in case Lord Grim was so absorbed into it that he forgot about sleep. They were afraid that, if they reminded him of it, he would immediately remember and hurry to sleep.

Everyone harbored this type of uneasiness in their hearts. Every time a wave of Christmas thieves were killed, they all worried about receiving a message from Lord Grim that he was going to stop.

“If you’re sleepy, go rest.” Within the game, Ye Xiu said this to Su Mucheng. He was the only one who was needed for the strategy. Su Mucheng and Tang Rou were really just there to leech experience.

“I’m not sleepy.” Su Mucheng replied.

“Aren’t you sick?”

“Yep! Insomnia!”

Ye Xiu laughed, but didn’t say anything more. He turned his head to look at Tang Rou. This sister looked like she was about to doze off. Before Ye Xiu had come to Happy Internet Cafe, Tang Rou was someone like Chen Guo who had a strict work and rest schedule.

Chen Guo, who was in between the two of them, noticed Ye Xiu’s gaze and turned her head. Tang Rou, who had only just recently said that she was fine, already had heavy eyelids. It was hard to even tell if she could see the screen clearly anymore.

“If you’re sleepy, then go rest. It’ll only be a few hours.” Chen Guo said to Tang Rou.

“I’m not sleepy.” Tang Rou put in great effort to widen her eyes.

“What do you mean not sleepy! Go. Take a nap and I’ll wake you up in a bit. If you don’t, you’re going to fall asleep eventually. The event will keep going until 12 midnight! Can you……. sleep for an hour and then, when you’re good again, you can continue until the end.” Chen Guo still hoped that they’d be able to balance out gaming and rest. She had originally wanted to say “Can you hang on until 12 without sleeping?”, but then quickly changed her words. It wasn’t a good idea to say this type of challenge to Tang Rou. If she did, then her competitiveness might just carry her through.

This time, Tang Rou really did look like she was sleepy. She had woken up even earlier than Ye Xiu did yesterday and had stayed awake longer than Ye Xiu.

“Then.. I’ll be going to sleep for a bit!” After hearing Chen Guo’s urge, Tang Rou finally gave in and went to log out of the game.

“You don’t need to log out.” Ye Xiu suddenly said.

Tang Rou stared blankly. Chen Guo immediately understood. She had been sitting between them for the entire day, so she obviously knew how they were killing the Christmas thieves. It was true, Tang Rou’s character didn’t need to log out. She could just stand there, under the clock tower, and leech experience.

“Yeah, yeah. You don’t need to log out. There’s no point in wasting the experience.” Chen Guo said.

Tang Rou nodded her head: “Then, you can have my share of the presents.” This was directed at Ye Xiu.


Tang Rou left shortly after. Chen Guo turned her head to ask Ye Xiu: “And you?”

“Can I take a day off?” Ye Xiu said.

“For what?”


“You’re…… actually planning on staying up?” Chen Guo asked.

“You know that without me, it won’t work!” Ye Xiu pointed at the screen and said.

“Let’s see how long you can last.” Chen Guo wouldn’t try and persuade Ye Xiu.

“I still need to smoke. I hope you can last, too.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hmph…..” Ye Xiu had been smoking the entire night. Chen Guo had persisted through. Seeing Ye Xiu light another one, she humphed, but didn’t say anything.

day was even busier than at night. The event was growing nearer to the end and the players were all focusing harder.

Ye Xiu was still persisting. On the other side of the screen, many players were saying in their minds: “He’s still not sleeping!”

Some of these thoughts were filled with gratitude like the twelve guilds.

While others were filled with complaints like Excellent Dynasty.

Guild leader Chen had kept an eye out for a long time. It was already four in the afternoon. A new wave of sleepiness hit the tired Chen Yehui, but there were still no signs of Lord Grim going offline.

“This guy! He’s not planning on staying up for all 36 hours, is he?” Chen Yehui was in a terrible mood.

The more time passed, the more Chen Yehui felt like Ye Qiu was planning on doing exactly this. He began growing uneasy.

On the guild leaderboards, Excellent Dynasty had already been passed. They had recently fallen to seventh place and, as the six guilds in front of them passed them, the six guilds behind them were closing in.

What to do?

Happy Internet Cafe! Chen Yehui knew that Ye Qiu was staying there. Could he do something with that knowledge?

Cut their power lines? Make a fake emergency call? Do some sort of online attack? Send people over to act like they needed Ye Qiu for something?

What Chen Yehui was pondering over wasn’t in his area of expertise. He was just letting his imagination run wild and letting more and more ideas rise. Chen Yehui had already vetoed these options. Seeing how everyone around him were merely gaming nerds who played the game the entire day, he had no way of carrying these ideas out.

There’s no way out! The sun was about to go down. Chen Yehui hadn’t played the game yet and was circling about in worry.

The guild leaders had slept. When they woke up and returned to the game, they saw that Lord Grim was still there. They were in admiration.

In the afternoon, Lord Grim had finally made a mistake while jumping up the tower, giving everyone a false alarm. Just as he was about to fall from his mistake, amidst everyone’s cries, the Thousand Chance Umbrella turned into a Rotor Wing and he flew back up to a foothold.

Even with a mistake, Ye Xiu had ways of fixing it, making them feel like the strategy was even more solid than it was before.

At six, Tang Rou came down and began controlling her Soft Mist again. She looked at her bag and saw lots of presents. Someone had clearly helped her pick them up. The probability that Chen Guo did it was very high, but she acted like she hadn’t done anything.

At this time, Cleansing Mist was no longer moving. Ye Xiu had called twice and hadn’t gotten an answer. It seemed like she wasn’t able to hang on much longer. Her character was still in experience range though. It was just that no one could help her pick up presents. Ye Xiu called Tang Rou over for her share, but she refused, so Ye Xiu could only keep them for himself.

Su Mucheng had fallen asleep for three hours. At nine, she suddenly woke up and immediately began playing the game again, as if nothing had happened.

In the blink of an eye, midnight was closing in. Ye Xiu moved his Lord Grim to the top of the clock tower and let out a long sigh of relief.

Finished! Even though there was still a bit of time, there wasn’t any time to gather another wave. He had lasted for 36 hours. Ye Xiu had originally been extremely tired, but the instant everything was over, he suddenly felt his body relax. These 36 hours of playing hadn’t been wasted.

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