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Chapter 289 – A Night Without Sleep

The day of crumbs was difficult to bear, but Chen Yehui clenched his teeth and persisted. Even so, Sin City’s crumbs were much worse than the other leveling areas’ crumbs.

He could only watch as the distance between them and the first three places grow wider and wider and the numerous players behind them grew closer and closer. Chen Yehui was worried, but there was nothing he could do about it.

There was only a single ray of hope left for Chen Yehui.

The event lasted for 36 hours in total. Lord Grim wasn’t like their guild members with two or three players changing shifts; Lord Grim could only be played by Ye Qiu. Other players definitely wouldn’t be able to do what he was doing right now.

Chen Yehui planned how he was going to increase their advantages while Ye Qiu was resting and widen the gap so far that Ye Qiu would have no way of catching up when he got online.

But after seeing the other side’s rapid progress, Chen Yehui was afraid that when Ye Qiu went to rest, he would have to figure out how would keep up with the other guilds’ achievements.

No matter what though, he only had an idea. “Hurry up and go rest!” Chen Yehui prayed.

In the Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu, Tang Rou and Chen Guo were all brimming with energy.

It was already midnight and, even though there was an event going on, the game couldn’t replace real life. When midnight came, many players logged off. Whether it was in the new server, the old servers, or the Heavenly Domain, it was the same everywhere.

Those who were able to stay online undoubtedly won a lot of free space. At three in the morning, the complaints about not being able to find any Christmas thieves had clearly gone down and Chen Guo clearly had the results to show this. She had finally gotten out of the worst of it.

Sin City might be the only place in the tenth server that hadn’t really been impacted heavily by this. The highest leveled characters in the server from the big guilds were all online for 24 hours and all-nighters were very common.

Everyone online was busy playing. Ye Xiu was naturally busy, also. Tang Rou was together with Su Mucheng as usual and they were both helping him block any trouble. However, after handling Excellent Dynasty’s players a few times, they no longer saw them anymore. Chen Yehui had already recognized who he was up against. Ye Xiu was allied with 12 guilds. Chen Yehui judged the hour and sized up the situation and decided to stick with picking up the crumbs.

As a result, Tang Rou and Su Mucheng turned into accompanying Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim as he ran around. This was very boring for Tang Rou. After going with him two times, she saw that there really wasn’t anything to do, so she left and had her Soft Mist bring in monsters like the other players. But Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist stayed behind Lord Grim the entire time. The two talked when there were things to talk about and when there wasn’t anything to talk about, they quietly did their own things. Su Mucheng also had the ability to gather a few monsters, so whenever something sudden popped up, she could help Ye Xiu out.

The players from the various guilds were no longer as excited as they were before. Their moods gradually leveled out. But when they saw their names continuously rising up the ranks on the leaderboards, they still worked at it 100%.

The night was growing deeper and deeper. Even though numerous players had gone to sleep, the life of playing all night wasn’t going to disappear. In the new server’s leveling areas, the competition was as fierce as ever. In the global chat, there were still those cursing those stealing away monsters, as well as cursing the trash they got from the presents, all the way until the sun rose without any stopping.

At seven in the morning, this was usually when all-nighters went to sleep. Like Ye Xiu, Chen Yehui would usually go to sleep at this time, but the difference was that his character would be taken up by someone else to continue training.

But this time, when Chen Yehui dragged his exhausted body up, his eyes were still wide open. Right now, he was staring at his system messages. He didn’t have Lord Grim in his friends list, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a way of knowing when the other side went offline. After observing Ye Qiu for a while, he knew that Ye Qiu often slept at seven. Chen Yehui had waited for this moment for the entire night. He decided that he would work a little harder and wait until Ye Qiu went to sleep. He would continue working and seize the opportunity while the guy was resting for a few hours to fight for the Christmas thieves.

Except, as time passed, no message came.

“This guy……..” Chen Yehui felt that something wasn’t right. He could persist and continue working, so didn’t that mean Ye Qiu could, too? This guy was someone who was known as someone who had plenty of energy. When he was still a pro-player, he would also pull all-nighters often. This was also one of the excuses he and Liu Hao had used to attack him.

“It looks like he doesn’t plan on sleeping for now…….” At eight, Chen Yehui saw that no message had come. His tiredness had multiplied and he was already yawning a lot.

On the Level 31-35 Christmas Hunting Leaderboards, Excellent Dynasty was already no longer on the first page.

Neither were they on the second or third page.

They weren’t seen all the way until the fourth page. The fifteen heroes were no longer standing together. They had been squeezed out. Some had even dropped to the fifth page.

With the current trend, the fifteen heroes might still have the chance to stand together. Although by that time, they would be on the sixth page.

On the sixth page, they would be out of the first one hundred places…… Chen Yehui hated it so much that his teeth were starting to ache.

When he looked at their guild’s placings. Excellent Dynasty was still number one. They still had the advantage in overall points, but the distance between them and the others was no longer far. The numerous guilds behind them were catching up. After a few hours, they would surpass Excellent Dynasty. The only good news was that Excellent Dynasty wouldn’t drop to the sixth page.

“Why hasn’t Ye Qiu gone to sleep yet?” Chen Yehui hated. After thinking for a bit, he called for the next in line for the shift: “Immediately wake me up when Lord Grim goes offline”. He then went off to bed.

He couldn’t stay for the entire 36 hours, right? Chen Yehui thought like this and believed that he could seize the opportunity while Lord Grim was off.

Could he last for all 36 hours? He still didn’t have an answer. Although, he was sure that Lord Grim would be able to at least last 24 hours. At noon, Ye Xiu was still in front of the computer and looked listless. However, he looked like that the majority of the time.

Chen Guo had just woken up and jumped up in fright when she saw this. She wasn’t able to hang on any longer at six in the morning and went to sleep. Remembering that the Christmas event only came once a year, she woke up and hurried over. But then she saw that Ye Xiu was still sitting there and it looked like he hadn’t moved.

“Did you sleep?” Chen Guo grabbed a chair and asked.

“Nope.” Ye Xiu shook his head.

“Are you not sleepy?” Chen Guo was astonished, although she wasn’t too shocked. Ye Xiu had only gone 24 hours without sleep.

“I’m still okay.” Ye Xiu replied.

“You’re not sleepy, either?” Chen Guo turned her head to ask Tang Rou. Tang Rou was still fighting!

“I’m still okay.” Tang Rou said in practically the same way Ye Xiu did.

“Are you two really okay?” Chen Guo turned on the computer while saying.

Meanwhile, on Club Excellent Era’s side, Chen Yehui kept the event close in his mind. He slept for four hours and then, after waking up tired, he thought of Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and immediately awoke clear-headed. He got up and then rushed over to the studio.

No one had called for him, which meant that Lord Grim still hadn’t gone offline. This guy truly was persistent.. But it should be soon, right?

Chen Yehui thought as he entered the studio. He then walked over to the player using his tenth server character.

“Is Lord Grim still on?” Chen Yehui asked.

“Yeah.” The other side replied. After seeing Chen Yehui arrive, he got up and gave him his seat. The player had been looking for crumbs in Sin City and really wasn’t too busy.

Chen Yehui sat down and the first thing he did was look at the leaderboards. He skimmed over it and discovered that his guild’s fifteen heroes had impressively risen up. This made him indescribably happy, because it meant that a miracle had happened. But after looking at things more closely, he wanted to cry. But no tears came out, even the gum in his eyes dropped out. Chen Yehui had even forgotten to take care of himself for his work. He had run over as soon as he got up and hadn’t even washed his face.

Why had their Excellent Dynasty players risen? It was because the other guilds in front of them had gotten more experience and risen to Level 36.

When they reached Level 36, they would automatically be placed onto a separate Hunting Leaderboard. These level 36 players would immediately switch over, while their players stayed in the Level 31-35 Leaderboard. Their rankings would naturally go up.

This situation made Chen Yehui extremely gloomy. Now that things had gotten this far, he no longer felt that he was living in the same world.

Chen Yehui calculated that with their current crumb-picking pace, when they finally reached the Level 36-40 Leaderboard, their fifteen heroes would be at the very bottom of it.

Seeing that Lord Grim was still on, Chen Yehui wasn’t interested in playing the game. He threw down an “Immediately call me when Lord Grim goes offline!” and then went to do the things he hadn’t had time to do after waking up.

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