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Chapter 291 – Crazy Rewards

Midnight. The system announced that the Christmas event was over. From this point onwards, Christmas thieves would no longer respawn. The Christmas thieves that were still alive would no longer drop any lost presents or count for any points after they were killed. As for presents that had already been dropped, they weren’t affected if they were picked up after midnight. They could still be exchanged for rewards since the exchange for rewards continued for the entire day.

The twelve guilds that had allied together with Ye Xiu were, without a doubt, the winners of this year’s Christmas event. The crowd underneath the clock tower in Sin City erupted in a cheer. Their cries of joy resounded throughout the air. But on top of the clock tower, Lord Grim simply stood there without any signs of movement.

The monster hunting had been completed and Lord Grim could finally come down. Tang Rou turned her head to look and discovered that Ye Xiu had already fallen asleep at his table.

Tang Rou and Chen Guo looked at each other. He had looked perfectly fine a few minutes ago! But in an instant, he dropped dead asleep.

“Hey, hey! You couldn’t hang on for a few minutes longer?” Chen Guo heartlessly shoved Ye Xiu awake.

“What?” Ye Xiu murmured, “Isn’t it over?”

“You haven’t picked up the presents yet!” Tang Rou said.

“You guys go ahead!” Ye Xiu said and then turned his body. He shifted positions and looked as if he was going to continue sleeping.

“Get up. Go back to your room and sleep.” Chen Guo lifted Ye Xiu up.

“Okay, okay, okay. I’m going.” Ye Xiu stood up and left his seat swaying.

Chen Guo watched and was also surprised. Staying up for 36 hours without sleeping wasn’t anything too serious for an adult. But looking at Ye Xiu’s attitude, he looked as if he would fall over at any moment.

Chen Guo thought again. During those 36 hours, Ye Xiu had been doing what others couldn’t do. In order for him to maintain his performance, Ye Xiu had to be focused the entire time. The exhaustion of his mind was something that players like them, who were simply running around and hoping for luck, could not feel.

“Hey!” Seeing Ye Xiu sway again, Chen Guo hastily got up and ran over to help him. But suddenly Ye Xiu steadied himself and shook his head, muttering to himself in astonishment: “I can even sleep while walking. I’m becoming better and better…….”

Chen Guo was speechless. She finally caught up: “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m going to go to sleep first. Help me log out!” Ye Xiu said.

“I’ll help you turn the presents in! What would happen if you accidentally slept for 24 hours?” Chen Guo happily said.

“Go ahead, go ahead!” Ye Xiu laughed. He then walked over to the stairs. Chen Guo was a bit afraid that he’d tumble down if he climbed up the stairs, but when she looked again, she saw that Ye Xiu’s footsteps were steady. His swaying from before might really have been because he hadn’t been awake and was sleepwalking.

When she got back to her seat, Chen Guo saw Lord Grim’s camera. Lord Grim was at the top of the clock tower with a bird’s eye view of the entire city. The other players were gathered underneath like a bunch of ants. The lightning that arced down made it seem like they could be picked off at any time.

Chen Guo controlled Lord Grim on the clock tower and looked around to the left and the right, feeling a bit reluctant to leave. She had never been here before!

This continued until Tang Rou gave her a look of doubt, making Chen Guo feel a bit embarrassed. She coughed lightly and asked: “Are there still any presents left to pick up?”

“There are! You should help him pick them up!” Tang Rou said.

“Okay.” Chen Guo nodded her head. She opened up Lord Grim’s equipment and looked. His Thousand Chance Umbrella happened to be stopped in Gun form. Chen Guo looked at the attributes and was unbelievably astonished. Thinking about how she was actually using a Silver weapon, Chen Guo could not calm down.

“I’m going to go down!” Chen Guo said.

“Go ahead!” Tang Rou said.

Chen Guo played a Launcher. Even though she was not able to jump up to the top of the clock tower, jumping down wasn’t a problem. She looked at the scene one last time and then had Lord Grim jump down.

Her character descended amidst the fine rain. Chen Guo aimed at the ground and grasped the timing. After shooting several times, Lord Grim finally landed safely.

The guild players surrounding the tower were still there. Their feelings towards Lord Grim were somewhat complicated, but when they saw him jump down, they weren’t sure what to do.

Chen Guo ran over to Soft Mist to help collect the remaining presents. The other players had already finished their scrambling. The pile over there had been left alone especially for Ye Xiu’s group.

After picking up ten or so lost presents, Chen Guo and Tang Rou didn’t talk with these guild players and ran off to find Santa.

“Where’d that sister go?” Chen Guo discovered that there was no trace of that Launcher.

“Oh, she logged off.” Tang Rou said.

The two didn’t say anything else and gave their presents to Santa. Even though Chen Guo wasn’t using her own character, she still looked at the system messages and repeatedly checked her rewards.

For players like Lord Grim and Soft Mist, with so many presents and so many rewards, they had already gone up on TV multiple times.

Going up on TV didn’t necessarily mean that the items they got were great. For example, Purple equipment would also be announced by the system, but their value was limited. Even if they were Orange equipment, they couldn’t be compared to skill books. Those were unable to be traded, so even if you had money, you still wouldn’t be able to get them. Ye Xiu’s group had found skill books in the entire course of the event but Tang Rou’s luck had been the best. She had gotten 55 points in total from skill books while Ye Xiu got a total of 45 points. Su Mucheng had been the most tragic. She had only found the two lowest skill books worth 5 points each, for a total of 10 points.

Aside from this, there were quite a few uncommon materials and a bunch of other stuff. Tang Rou had no idea what the value of these items were, so she kept them for now and decided to tidy them up after the event was over.

And the craziest rewards was experience. When the event finished, the three characters had risen to Level 37.

The other guilds’ players had started at a higher level and, after cooperating with Lord Grim, their efficiency went through the roof, as well. However, they had gotten quite a few less presents, so their rewards couldn’t be compared to Ye Xiu’s group. After exchanging their presents, they rose to Level 38.

As for the helpless Chen Yehui, he could only stare at the leaderboard. Their fifteen heroes’ levels couldn’t even compare to Lord Grim’s group now. When they originally arrived at Sin City for the event, those three were only Level 31 and were three levels apart from them! In the 36 hours of the Christmas event, they had leveled up six times, while Excellent Dynasty with their crumbs, were only able to level up twice.

Even though they did better than the majority of the players and were considered outstanding among the player base……… the majority of the players weren’t Excellent Dynasty’s opponents. Their competitors, the ones who they wanted to compete against, were already two levels above them.

Chen Yehui was helpless towards these results. Even though they were at the bottom of the leaderboard, they had fortunately made it onto the level 36-40 Leaderboards. As for Samsara, they had fallen to the middle of the Level 31-35 Leaderboard.

The higher leveled leaderboard had its advantages.

The higher the level, the greater the rewards of experience, gold, equipment, and material became. The rewards for the Level 36-40 Leaderboard was much better than the rewards for the Level 31-35 Leaderboard.

“It’s all over…….” Chen Yehui finally determined that the leaderboard wouldn’t change anymore. Chen Yehui let out a deep sigh. At this moment, he wasn’t too annoyed because he already recognized that he had been defeated this time.

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