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Chapter 276 – The Web’s Lord Grim

Sin City. Thunder and lightning continued to flash in the sky from time to time as the rain continued to pour down.

Lord Grim and Soft Mist were split up in the city. Both of them were searching for Christmas thieves. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou quietly tapped their keyboards and clicked their mice. Apart from their typing, there was no other sound.

Chen Guo was sitting between these two. She was running around with her Chasing Haze in the Heavenly Domain. She was running and running…….


Chasing Haze fell into a hole.

“F*ck!” Chen Guo immediately had Chasing Haze jump out of the hole. She wasn’t able to focus. In the previous PK, she had been the most excited one there, even though she was a spectator.

Helpless, Chen Guo drank a sip of water and continued to run around aimlessly without a destination. Four Christmas thieves… this was her progress up until now. In the previous hour, she had killed three of them. But during this hour, she hadn’t made much progress. Because she was watching the two of them play, she was still a bit distracted. Whenever she found one, another player would always snatch it first.

When someone else got to it first, Chen Guo would always quietly walk away. But this didn’t mean that such situations were always peacefully resolved. Killing another player and stealing the monster was a common tactic that was taking place all over.

The Heavenly Domain was truly a survival of the fittest world. Danger could come from anywhere. Since there wasn’t any penalty for PKing here and the experience as well as the item drops were larger, killing other players for their items was a common occurrence.

Perhaps not everyone liked the Heavenly Domain’s atmosphere, but the Heavenly Domain wasn’t a place that players were forced to go to. The players had a choice. However, the Heavenly Domain had better equipment, better materials, stronger BOSSes, and harder dungeons, which were enough incentives to make players constantly enter. If that enticement wasn’t strong enough, most would probably stay in the normal servers to play.

Chen Guo had once been attacked and had her equipment drop. She had been so angry that she had stopped playing for a whole week and had even wanted to go back to the old server. But not long after, she had climbed back onto the Heavenly Domain. This place had this type of magic to it.

But currently, Chen Guo didn’t feel good about the Heavenly Domain at all. She rigidly pressed forward. Her hands were almost numb. As for the two players beside her? Both of them were clicking and tapping furiously. She didn’t even need to look to know that they were constantly busy. In the new server, in Sin City, there were too many monsters and not enough players. They never needed to walk far to see a Christmas thief. As a comparison, how could she like playing on the Heavenly Domain?

Running and running……. she just couldn’t snatch any Christmas thieves for herself. Chen Guo would sometimes measure herself against the two of them on her left and right. Gradually, she discovered that Ye Xiu had quieted down, too.

He was just like her. He seemed to only press forward and turn left and right stupidly.

Chen Guo once again switched her attention to Ye Xiu’s screen instead of hers.

Lord Grim went through the street into an alley, looking everywhere. There seemed to be fewer Christmas thieves now. Or perhaps.. were there were more players now?

Wherever Lord Grim went, either the Christmas thieves had already been killed or there were already players fighting them.

Ye Xiu obviously didn’t go and kill others to steal their monsters like Wind Following Sword did. All he could do was turn around and keep looking. But it always seemed to be this way.

Chen Guo watched for half an hour. He had only killed 2 Christmas thieves in that time.

In an advantageous place like Sin City, where Ye Xiu had previously killed 14 in an hour, killing 2 in half an hour was too strange. This could be seen from the leaderboards. During the half hour, Lord Grim’s name continued to fall.

“The system probably changed because you guys were too savage, no?” Chen Guo suddenly said.

Ye Xiu turned his head and looked at her. He lightly shook his head and said: “Something’s not right.”

“What’s not right?” Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu didn’t answer. He continued to patiently have Lord Grim look around.

Chen Guo obviously knew that the system couldn’t have changed. Tang Rou was still busy fighting. It couldn’t be that the change was only directed at Lord Grim, so that it would only change wherever he moved, right?

Chen Guo continued to watch.

Another half an hour passed. It was even worse this time. He had only killed one. Three Christmas thieves in one hour was Ye Xiu’s achievement.

Chen Guo didn’t take the chance to take delight in his misfortunes. She also felt that something wasn’t right either.

“I’ve been surrounded.” Ye Xiu said in response to Chen Guo’s doubtful gaze.


“Yeah, there’s always people nearby.” Ye Xiu pointed to a place not far away to a character who was killing a Christmas thief. “They’ve set up a net around me, moving along with me. They’ll have gone to all the nearby areas ahead of time. If there are Christmas thieves, then they’ll either lead them away or kill them. That’s why I rarely find any I can kill.”

“Is that even possible?” Chen Guo stared blankly.

“There’s quite a lot of them. I just counted. There’s 24 total.”

Chen Guo now understood that Ye Xiu hadn’t been blindly searching, hoping for some luck. After figuring out that something wasn’t right, his movements about were to examine the situation. Through this half an hour of examining, he was able to come to a conclusion.

“Kill him!” Chen Guo said.

“That evil?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“If they don’t hurt me, then I won’t hurt them.” Chen Guo told him her reasoning.

“Then should I go and try?” Ye Xiu asked for her opinion.

“Go!” Chen Guo said as if she was in charge.

As a result, Lord Grim rushed forward. But before he could even get anywhere close, the player turned tail and ran. The Christmas thief obviously followed behind the player. No matter how good of a player Ye Xiu was, it would be very difficult for him to catch and kill it.

Chen Guo watched, dumbstruck.

“They’ve prepared well!” Ye Xiu sighed. He checked the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards and saw that his rank had gone down by a lot.

Ye Xiu checked the first page of the leaderboards.

“Woah, Excellent Dynasty is so mighty!” Chen Guo blurted out. The first fifteen places were held by Excellent Dynasty.

Ye Xiu smiled, but didn’t say anything. A fan of Excellent Era would obviously be a fan of the in-game Excellent Dynasty.

But Chen Guo understood.

This type of painstaking work trying to make sure Ye Xiu didn’t kill any Christmas thieves was clearly because of the competition between the two sides. The competition was for the ranking positions on the leaderboards.

And the only people who had that type of power was undoubtedly in a guild. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim didn’t have a guild, so he was on the individual leaderboards. A guild still needed to suppress an individual? When Chen Guo saw the first fifteen places, Chen Guo began to understand.

Lord Grim’s name was rising up rapidly. He might soon knock one of them down, but the other fourteen would still be there. Did they have to maintain all fifteen places?

Chen Guo couldn’t understand this point because she didn’t know the details of the tenth server. Chen Yehui’s worries weren’t groundless, however. If Lord Grim really did step all over the leaderboards, then it was very possible that Excellent Dynasty’s placings would immediately turn into nothing. When that time came, who knew what those stupid noobs would say?

Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition had encountered it. Which guild wasn’t afraid of that happening? Chen Yehui hadn’t personally run over to the tenth server in order to witness a tragedy.

“Are these players from Excellent Dynasty?” Chen Guo was somewhat unsure.

“Seems like it.” Ye Xiu said.

“What type of enmity do you guys have with each other?” Chen Guo didn’t understand the tenth server’s situation, so she could only think that Ye Xiu had some sort of quarrel with them.

“It’s a long story.”

“Then what are you going to do now?” Chen Guo asked.

“Hm, let me think.” Ye Xiu said.

“Not bad!” Meanwhile, Chen Yehui was also paying attention to the leaderboards. Lord Grim’s ranking was falling and he knew that it was the result of his actions. Seeing that the effects were still going on after an hour, Chen Yehui happily sent Wind Following Sword a reward.

“Ha ha, it’s nothing.” Wind Following Sword said modestly, though he was secretly extremely delighted.

“How is he reacting?” Chen Yehui asked.

“After running around blindly for an hour, he seems to have just figured out that something isn’t right.” Wind Following Sword was already looking down on Ye Qiu’s intelligence.

“Then he’s probably going to move out soon. Be careful.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting. One of Glory’s four famous Master Tacticians. Actually, I’ve always wanted to test myself against them. I want to see for myself just how godly their tactics are.” The clear achievements after an hour had put Wind Following Sword in high spirits.

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