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Chapter 277 – Spinning Spiderweb Formation

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Chapter 277 – Spinning Spiderweb Formation

“Have you thought of a solution? Have you thought of a solution?” Chen Guo was even more anxious than Ye Xiu was.

“I’ve thought of a very dependable method, but I need someone who’s brave and smart enough for it.” Ye Xiu said.

“What’s the method?” Chen Guo asked.

“Go to Club Excellent Era across the street and cut the lines. What do you think? Can you do it?”

“F*ck off!” Chen Guo wasn’t happy. He was clearly having fun with her.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu laughed, but his hands had already begun moving.

As Lord Grim began to move again, he went into the alleys and ran around.

Chen Guo didn’t understand his intent. He seemed to be doing the same thing as he had been doing in the previous hour. He was just running around stupidly. Just as she was going to say something, Ye Xiu suddenly pointed his hands at her screen: “Thief.”

“Ah?” Chen Guo immediately turned around and looked. Sure enough, there was a Christmas thief where Ye Xiu was pointing at. Without hesitating, she had Chasing Haze lift up her cannon and accurately fired at it. Chen Guo cheered and continued to fire, but still looked at Ye Xiu’s screen from time to time. She wanted to know what the situation was like.

“Go and fight your thief. I’m going to be running around like this for awhile!” Ye Xiu said.

“Running around and doing what?” Chen Guo asked.

“Observing their formation.”

“Oh……” Chen Guo actually wanted to keep asking, but she discovered that that previously lazy guy had disappeared. Right now, Ye Xiu was extremely focused. His eyes spun and spun, chasing after his extremely quick-moving character. He was clearly researching something seriously. Chen Guo decided not to say anything. She wouldn’t bother him and went on to focus on her Christmas thief.

Ye Xiu never stopped moving.

Lord Grim looked around in a small circle. The situation was still the same. The Christmas thieves that could be found had already been snatched away.

After winding past three streets, Lord Grim suddenly jumped up. He raised his weapon and used an Aerial Fire, jumping to the rooftop. After this, he jumped off with another Aerial Fire, and headed directly towards the other side of the street.

He had never done this before. When Wind Following Sword received the report, he didn’t think much of it: “That’s it? His thinking is too simple!”

“What are his coordinates?” Wind Following Sword followed.

The member had been prepared and sent him Lord Grim’s coordinates.

“This……” Wind Following Sword saw the coordinates and was immediately startled. Originally, after receiving Lord Grim’s coordinates, he would set up adjustments for their formation. But this set of coordinates was too familiar to him. This was because this set of coordinates was very similar to the set of coordinates he had just been at.

Lord Grim is nearby!

When Wind Following Sword became aware of this, his character immediately began to move. He turned around and sprinted towards the street. At the same time, he lifted his camera and checked the rooftops.

Sure enough! Wind Following Sword really did find Lord Grim. He was standing on the rooftop, looking down at him.

How could Wind Following Sword dare delay? He immediately used a Triple Slash to run. He was the same as his other team members. As soon as they saw Lord Grim, they wouldn’t wait until he got close to them! This was Wind Following Sword’s orders.

No one posed a chance at facing Ye Qiu one on one. Having thoughts of fighting would only hold them back. After all, their guild’s main mission was still to fight Christmas thieves.

“Is he chasing? Is he chasing?” Wind Following Sword didn’t want to turn his head. He was afraid that turning his head would affect his movements. He listened closely. He didn’t hear any footsteps or gun sounds. After a while, Wind Following Sword finally turned around to take a look.

He hadn’t. There was no sign of Lord Grim. There was just an empty field.

Wind Following Sword let out a sigh.

As for his previous position? Wind Following Sword recalled it and then quickly sent orders to the other team members.

Not long after, another teammate reported back, sending him Lord Grim’s new coordinates. Wind Following Sword looked and saw that he was still in their formation’s range. He couldn’t help but laugh coldly. Running around on the rooftops truly made things a bit more difficult, but was that it? “Ye Qiu isn’t anything much!” Wind Following Sword said to himself.

Just as he closed the message, he glanced at his own coordinates.

Huh! Why did it look familiar? These coordinates……. were very close to the ones that the team member had reported for Lord Grim.

Wind Following Sword was startled again. He immediately wanted to run, but a figure suddenly landed in front of him. If that wasn’t Lord Grim, then who else could it be?

“So you know who I am!” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Ye Qiu!” Wind Following Sword called out the name. He was feeling a bit panicked. Since they were a bit too close to each other, it was very possible that he wouldn’t be able to get away. But luckily, the formation wouldn’t fall apart with just one death. Even if he died, the formation would still continue on.

Thinking of this, Wind Following Sword calmed down and laughed: “So you’ve actually caught up. But so what? I can’t 1v1 you, so I’ll die. But I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, right? Our goal isn’t to PK with you.”

“Ha ha, it’s just a Spinning Spiderweb Formation.”

“Oh, you really deserve to be called God Ye. You know your stuff.” Wind Following Sword’s voice contained a bit of mocking in it. So what if he knew what it was? Wasn’t he still helpless in front of it? Wind Following Sword was delighted.

“But you don’t. Did you know that I was the one who created the Spinning Spiderweb Formation?” Ye Xiu was still smiling.

“What did you say?” Wind Following Sword was startled.

“Do you have a map with you? When you go back to the city, clean up your teammates’ positions!” Ye Xiu said and then had Lord Grim dash forward.

Wind Following Sword brandished his sword in defense. However, he had been too startled by Ye Xiu’s words. His thoughts were no longer on the battle. When Wind Following Sword fell, he still hadn’t figured out what had happened. He immediately decided to revive and have his teammates report their positions.

Ye Qiu had created the Spinning Spiderweb Formation?

Wind Following Sword didn’t know that. He had accidentally discovered it while browsing around on the internet. It looked interesting, so he had studied it for a bit. He had also used it quite a few times over the years. If not, then he wouldn’t have been so familiar with it.

He really couldn’t remember who the authors of the materials he had gathered were. Maybe Ye Qiu was one of them. If Ye Qiu was, he wouldn’t be surprised! These types of Gods, who had been playing since the start of the game, had written many guides. Wind Following Sword really hadn’t paid attention to who had created the Spinning Spiderweb Formation.

Wind Following Sword couldn’t deal with all of this. After receiving everyone’s positions, he immediately found an online map outside of the game’s window.

The online map he had found was quite detailed. His mouse showed the coordinates. Wind Following Sword lit up everyone’s coordinates and, not long after, the formation was clearly shown. Lord Grim’s position had still been within the formation’s area of control. There weren’t any problems with it!

Was it just a bluff?

Wind Following Sword thought as he continued to direct everyone. He had everyone head towards his previous location and revise their position. Not long after, the team members reported back with Lord Grim’s new coordinates. Wind Following Sword no longer controlled his character and now focused only on sending messages and directing their movements.

The online map had many functions. Right now, Wind Following Sword felt like he was playing a strategy game.

“Ye Qiu, I want to see how you’ll escape.”

Wind Following Sword began to slowly recover from the previous scare. The corners of his mouth pricked up and he began laughing coldly again.

“Heart Needle, head east two blocks. Watch the right street.”

“Minar, go up to the roof on your left.”

“Sand, go back to that crossing behind you.”

Wind Following Sword casually directed them. The more he played, the happier he became. He felt like he was playing with the opponent. And this opponent was a top-tier God in Glory. That type of feeling was truly unprecedented!

More messages came. Wind Following Sword looked and saw Lord Grim’s coordinates again.

Wind Following Sword calmly checked the map and once again gave a string of orders.

And after deploying his team, he suddenly discovered that there was a huge hole in his Spinning Spiderweb Formation.

“How!?” Wind Following Sword’s feelings went up and down. He immediately had a team member head to fix that hole, but he quickly received new coordinates for Lord Grim.

Is he heading towards the opening? Wind Following Sword nervously looked at the map.

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