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Chapter 275 – There Must Not Be Losses on the Leaderboard

Wind Following Sword revived in Congee City.

None of his equipment had dropped, but the 10% experience drop was enough to make his heart ache. But what made him even sadder was the turning point mid-battle. He had originally thought that taking the Christmas thief was absolutely safe. How could he know that so many side issues would pop up? In the end, not only did he die, but his friends who had come to save him had also all died.

Not long after Wind Following Sword died, he saw his friends come one after the other. They all revived next to him. The characters stood there stupidly and not a word was said.

Go back and take revenge?

With just them, Wind Following Sword didn’t dare try. After all, he knew that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu and obviously knew that Cleansing Mist was Su Mucheng as well. In addition, that Soft Mist was also strong too.

There was no use trying with just them. The only way was to rely on many and the only way to do that was to rely on the guild. But right now, the entire guild was working on the Christmas quests. Wind Following Sword had only done the kill stealing on a whim. He hadn’t talked about it with Chen Yehui. Chen Yehui also never told them what to do if they encountered Ye Qiu and his comrades.

In the end, Wind Following Sword acted for himself and left dejected and depressed. He didn’t even know how he would report it to Chen Yehui yet.

And the players next to him weren’t his close friends, either. They were simply a part of the hunting group. At that time, they were nearby and had been called over by Wind Following Sword to their deaths.

“Lord Grim really is incredible!” someone finally said.

“He is.” Wind Following Sword parroted. Exaggerating Lord Grim’s strength could ease their thoughts!

“If we knew earlier, then we should have called more people over.” another said.

“He wasn’t there in the beginning!” Wind Following Sword hastily excused himself. But he wasn’t wrong. When he called them over, Lord Grim wasn’t there yet.

“What do we do now?”

“Call for more brothers!” One of them clearly wasn’t happy and wanted revenge.

Wind Following Sword was also thinking about this issue. Just as he was about to answer, a new message came. Wind Following Sword opened it and saw that it was Chen Yehui: “What happened?”

“You know about it already?” Wind Following Sword felt awkward. Power leveling in the new server was extremely important. The team’s deaths had caused them to lose experience and morale, which was completely against what they were going for.

“It’s being talked about in the chat!” Chen Yehui replied.

“Oh, no!” Wind Following Sword immediately checked the guild chat. The bros next to him were all talking about it angrily! No wonder none of them had been talking when they had revived. They had been chatting in the guild’s chat room.

“I encountered Soft Mist……” Seeing that the guild leader already knew, Wind Following Sword could only explain. He stressed that at that time, he felt like he had it 100%, which was why he had acted out. He didn’t think that Soft Mist would be so tenacious and hold out for so long. When he had discovered that he was in trouble, he then called people over. But the other side had also called for help and then they all got wiped out.

“How could you guys be their opponents?” Chen Yehui said.

“Yeah……” Wind Following Sword felt gloomy.

“Ye Qiu! He really is bringing trouble to us wherever he goes!” Chen Yehui said.

“Yeah, yeah!” Wind Following Sword added, while still being gloomy. Trouble? It was more like he was the one who had caused trouble and then their opponents had taken revenge, right?

“Did you look at the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards?” Chen Yehui asked.

“I saw it. We’re way ahead.” Wind Following Sword said.

“I’m talking about the individual one, Level 31-35.”

“Oh?” Wind Following Sword immediately went to check. The first page showed the first twenty places, with the rankings making Wind Following Sword feel pleased. Of the first twenty places, their Excellent Dynasty held the first 15, with him at ninth place.

Wind Following Sword obviously knew the reason they were able to hold the first 15 places. This was something they had created. For example, for Wind Following Sword’s party, the other party members would gather all of their Christmas thieves to him. As a result, this let him easily take a high placing. As for the other fourteen players on the leaderboards, they were all the same.

This time, Excellent Dynasty’s advantage in manpower was finally showing. The other guilds also had their first-string players come to Sin City, but they didn’t have nearly as many players as Excellent Dynasty did.

The current Excellent Dynasty was quite weak in the Heavenly Domain though, because many of their experts went to the tenth server.

In the Heavenly Domain, the competition there was in a deadlock. There was no way of breaking it in a short amount of time. Chen Yehui had put everything at stake and invested heavily into the tenth server. They had to be in a leading position.

Currently, things weren’t going too well. Even though they took down Frost Forest, Liu Hao stopped helping them and the later top dungeon records had come under the monopoly of Lord Grim. However, Chen Yehui had learned from this. Now whenever they moved out, they would always weigh the pros and cons first and wouldn’t act out on impulse.

“Check the eleventh page.” Chen Yehui messaged Wind Following Sword.

Wind Following Sword checked and immediately understood what the guild leader wanted him to see.

Lord Grim, 218th place.

“This guy’s rising so quickly!”

“Correct. He wasn’t even on the leaderboards an hour ago. But now, he’s already risen to the 218th place. Even though the difference in points is still very large between him and us, I’ve calculated it and, at his speed, after three hours, he’ll have entered our ranks. And you know who Cleansing Mist, the one on the fourteenth page, is, right? She’ll also rise up, sooner or later. But for her, she probably won’t have the time to maintain her record, so we don’t have to worry too much about that. However, it’s hard to say about that guy.” Chen Yehui replied.

“But…… even if they rise up, we still have the majority!” Wind Following Sword said.

“Do you still not understand? As long as he rises up, the public will be entirely focused on him. No one would care about how outstanding our achievements are. All they would pay attention to is the fact that Lord Grim has once again stepped all over us again. You look at any dungeon record from any other server. Can you say that the second place record is bad? But what about in the tenth server? All of the records he tramples over are all terrible compared to his! The entire guild immediately looks like trash. Has this ever happened in any other server? He’s the entire reason for this unhealthy trend.”

“So you’re saying……” Wind Following Sword was starting to understand Chen Yehui’s intent.

“That’s why we definitely can’t let him climb up the ladder. We can’t let this little rat spoil our porridge.” Chen Yehui’s message seemed to have sound and color to it.

Wind Following Sword saw Chen Yehui’s determination. He was someone very close to Chen Yehui in the guild and understood the relationship between Chen Yehui and Ye Qiu. This time, Chen Yehui had thought the plan through, but were there some personal reasons mixed in? Wind Following Sword didn’t ask. Perhaps this was for the better. The guild’s and his own personal interests were in alignment.

“What do you think we should do?” Wind Following Sword asked.

“I’ll give you some players. You deal with it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fight him. As long as you delay him, that’s enough. You think of a method!” Chen Yehui handed the task to Wind Following Sword. Wind Following Sword’s craftiness was famous in the Heavenly Domain. Against Ye Qiu, fighting him with brute force clearly wouldn’t work. It would require lots of effort and time.. and it might even end up biting them back. But through more secretive methods, letting Lord Grim silently suffer a bit would be better. Wind Following Sword was undoubtedly the most suitable choice. Even if he was the one to personally move out, he might not be as cunning as Wind Following Sword.

“Alright. I’ll do it!” Wind Following Sword wanted to take some revenge, too. He was quite confident in himself here. Ye Qiu was undoubtedly a top-tier God, but his many years of playing had been aimed towards the way professionals played against each other. In the game, things weren’t as simple as just winning and losing matches. Wind Following Sword decided that he would have this God taste the wisdom and tricks of an in-game player.

As he thought, Wind Following Sword checked the Christmas Hunting Leaderboards.

Terrible! They had only talked for a bit and Lord Grim had already risen. He had been at 218th place before. Now he was at 211th.

There was no time to delay! He had to hurry up and start moving.

Wind Following Sword went on his way towards Sin City, while contacting the helpers Chen Yehui had given to him.

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