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Chapter 274 – Fight to the End

Tang Rou and Su Mucheng combined their efforts and brought the dozen high-leveled residents and the Christmas thief to their end. In the process of doing so, using the highest stage of Battle Spirit, Soft Mist did the majority of the damage.

After clearing away the monsters, Tang Rou had Soft Mist chase after Wind Following Sword.

She was again in the seventh stage of Battle Spirit. The combination of the Neutral Chaser’s movement speed buff and Wind Following Sword’s twisting and turning caused Soft Mist to quickly catch up.

Wind Following Sword had thought that Ye Qiu’s Lord Grim was his opponent, but instead, Lord Grim had gifted him with four monsters to play with. At this moment, the player who was going to embarrass him was the player that he had originally played around with, Tang Rou.

A scarlet light flashed in front of his eyes! By the time that Wind Following Sword saw it, it was already too late to dodge.

The Scarlet Moon Lance slashed upwards with a Sky Strike. Wind Following Sword was launched into the air. His body was still in the motion of turning his head.

The lance quickly returned, but came back with an even greater force. The lance pierced his stomach, lifted Wind Following Sword, and threw him onto the ground.

The direction of the swing had been calculated. Tang Rou learned from her mistakes. She executed a Circle Swing perfectly and the shockwave hadn’t aggroed any of the monsters chasing after Wind Following Sword.

As soon as Wind Following Sword was thrown to the ground, those four residents took the opportunity to pounce on him. They surrounded and stabbed him while Wind Following Sword was on the ground. In game speak: this was a true sweeping attack.

Wind Following Sword looked as if he was food for hungry wolves. In an instant, the residents surrounded him. Only his head could be seen and he looked powerless.

Wind Following Sword struggled to swing his sword. He slashed at a monster and then rolled away and got up. During that short moment, his health had already dropped to half from the four monsters’ bullying. But before he could relax, Soft Mist’s lance arrived in front of him. This time, Wind Following Sword was prepared and jumped back to dodge. But how could Tang Rou give up? She quickly followed up with another attack.

Wind Following Sword watched as his health was extorted. There was no way he could beat her and nowhere to run either. His camera turned left and right and then looked up towards the heavens, praying for some flying immortal to save him.

In the end, all he heard was a bang. Wind Following Sword’s camera turned and saw someone on the rooftop. However, that someone wasn’t his friend, but Cleansing Mist.

His Spitfire friend had been blown back onto the streets, but he didn’t give up and Aerial Fired his way back up to the rooftop. However, his attempt this time was even more of a failure than the previous two times. As soon as he landed, he saw a black barrel directly in front of his face and was directly blasted away. He was hit by consecutive explosions. Unable to even stand up straight, he was once again sent back down to the streets. And, this time, Su Mucheng no longer paid attention to anything else, concentrating on killing him.

Meanwhile, on Ye Xiu’s side, his Lord Grim had moved up and blocked the players, who were coming to support their struggling friend.

These players were obviously from Excellent Dynasty as well and knew of Lord Grim’s strength. But they didn’t know that he was Ye Qiu. If they had, then they definitely wouldn’t have come to kill themselves.

How large was the difference between normal players and pro players? It was hard to answer because every player was at a different skill level. But during events hosted by a team, the pro players would sometimes give a performance. They would invite normal players to fight against them. One pro player would fight against several normal players and the results of these exhibition matches didn’t need to be said.

However, these five Excellent Dynasty players didn’t know that they were up against a top-tier God. They only knew that Lord Grim was good, but there was no way they could have predicted that. The difference in their skill levels wasn’t something that they could make up for by being careful and cautious.

In this battle, Ye Xiu was up against five, but he took the initiative to attack. Lord Grim sprinted forward and easily dissolved the long-ranged characters’ attacks. The speed at which he closed in was out of their expectations. The melee players hastily attacked, but Lord Grim had already sent out a Sword Draw.

The sword aura swept over. To jump over the Sword Draw like Ye Xiu did required quick hands and fast eyes. It wasn’t something that just anyone could do. For normal players, the most common method of avoiding this attack was to move backwards.

To think of jumping backwards to dodge this attack meant that their reactions weren’t too slow, but Ye Xiu had already predicted what they would do. His attack had been placed just right. The jumping backwards method was just a bit worse than Ye Xiu’s. Most people wouldn’t be able to see the distance of the attack extremely accurately. The players thought that they had dodged it, but in the end, they were hit. The sword aura swept at them and looked as if it had jumped a bit farther than usual.

Since they were in Sin City, they definitely weren’t bad players. After being blown away, their Quick Recoveries had been completed beautifully.

But in the next second, they saw a blue light surround their bodies. The blue light rose up into the air as well as their bodies.

Rising Emblem!

By the time they realized it, they searched for Lord Grim, who wasn’t moving. It was clearly a Shadow Clone, but where was the real body?

The real body was obviously below them. Lord Grim held his weapon and fired twice, sending one of the players away. Following after, the weapon changed to a battle lance. He raised it up and stabbed forward, sending another one flying away. He then turned around and raised his palm. A deafening noise followed, blowing away another. The battle lance then returned back into the gun form. Bang, bang, bang. Three shots pushed another one away.

During the time that they were launched into the air by the Rising Emblem, the originally clustered allies were suddenly split apart into different directions. The sole remaining member landed at his original position. This member was a long-ranged class and was quickly beaten up by Lord Grim.

As for those other four members, they experienced what Wind Following Sprit experienced. Next to them were Sin City residents, who quickly attacked them. Each of them now had another partner.

At this moment, should they get rid of their new partners? Or should they quickly rescue their long-ranged friend? Or should they continue trying to rescue the almost-dead Wind Following Sword?

They didn’t have to think about it for too long because Tang Rou quickly helped them eliminate one of their options.

Truthfully, if Wind Following Sword was in a true 1v1, with his experience and skill, he might not lose to Tang Rou.

Unfortunately, he just had to play around. Now that Ye Xiu had taken revenge, he had to worry about the aggroed monsters. As for Tang Rou, she was at the seventh stage of Battle Spirit. Her attacks were faster and stronger. There was no way that he could 1v1 her, let alone her with four helpers.

“Fight!” Wind Following Sword thought.

He had already made the decision before, but he had mixed up his opponent. This time he decided again, but his energy had already withered away. He did fight, but as expected, he died fighting.

With Wind Following Sword’s death, the five players who had come no longer had a purpose. They had quickly charged forward to save the friend whom Lord Grim was beating up and now wanted to run away. But how could it be so easy? Leaving was going to be even harder.

Tang Rou had cleaned up Wind Following Sword and Su Mucheng had killed off that Spitfire as well. Now it was a 3v5 fight, something that the five players didn’t notice.

In a short moment, the first player on the other side fell. Quickly, the second and third players followed……

Wind Following Sword had died and none of the friends he had called for help had survived either. Amidst the rain, Soft Mist stood up valiantly like before. She was the last to stay standing because she had two friends beside her.

“Amazing. Amazing!!” Chen Guo commented. She had watched the entire course of action. Not just the culprit, but his other helpers were also all killed. And the entire process had been a steam roll! It really made her feel good.

Chen Guo was extremely happy. She only regretted that their allied Launcher wasn’t her. She was already looking forward to playing with Ye Xiu and Tang Rou.

And these two? These two must be happy after such a beautiful battle, right?

Chen Guo looked to the right and all she saw was Ye Xiu as calm as ever. No, it looked like he was bored. The guy didn’t look energetic at all and the way he looked sitting there made her angry.

“It’s all good now. You can continue questing!” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay!!” Tang Rou replied.

That’s it? Just like that???

Chen Guo didn’t want to believe it. A great fight had just ended. They didn’t even talk about it for a bit. They were just going to quietly move on and continue questing? If this had been her, such an intense battle, where she had finally won in the end, was something that she could talk about with her friends for an entire week.

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