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Chapter 269 – It’s Not That Simple

The ten or so Sin City residents climbed up from the ground; their gazes were all directed towards Soft Mist. They hissed and then swarmed forward.

Wind Following Sword slowly got up at this moment. On top of his head was a word bubble with an “evil” smiley face in it.

Tang Rou felt extremely disdainful of this player. This time, she was actually angry. She hadn’t been this angry even when the big guilds had ambushed her.

She didn’t say anything and then suddenly pounced directly towards the ten residents. However, her Scarlet Moon Lance was pointed towards the peaceful Wind Following Sword.

Wind Following Sword was startled by Tang Rou’s manner, but after seeing the ten residents between them, he immediately calmed down.

This sister. It’s hard to even say if she’d be able to run away from these monsters, yet she actually advanced forward instead of retreating. It looked very silly.

Wind Following Sword didn’t move and watched Soft Mist clash with the residents. He wasn’t planning on leaving. He wanted that Christmas thief behind Soft Mist. Of course, if he also killed off Soft Mist, then that’d be good, too.

Soft Mist once again used a Falling Flower Palm. Her palm hit the center of the mob and the energy rippled through, spreading out in a series of crashing explosions. It was as if a bomb had been set off inside the mob. The monsters were immediately split up and sent into a state of confusion.

Wind Following Sword looked and saw that Soft Mist was better than he had originally thought. But even though the Falling Flower Palm had been done well, if she wanted to directly charge forward, it wouldn’t be that simple.

Because of the Level Suppression, Falling Flower Palm’s blow-away effect would be greatly weakened. The palm really had been executed beautifully, but the effects didn’t reach Tang Rou’s expectations. The distance that the monsters were blown away wasn’t far enough. Tang Rou was just about to have Soft Mist charge forward and attack Wind Following Sword, but two of the residents that hadn’t been blown away suddenly pounced towards her.

Wind Following Sword laughed coldly. In this type of situation, he didn’t think that Soft Mist would dare to battle with these two residents. If she did, the other residents would surround her, and by that point, even if she were given wings, she’d have difficulty escaping.

In the end, Soft Mist swung her Scarlet Moon Lance and actually attacked the two residents.

Wind Following Sword stared blankly and then sneered: “Idiot!”

The two residents were launched into the sky by the Sky Strike. Closely following, Soft Mist extended her hands and stabbed forward at one of them with a Dragon Tooth, sending one of them towards Wind Following Sword. Soft Mist stepped forward, stabbed forward again, picking up the other resident, and threw it in a half circle. That resident was thrown behind her, causing a shockwave, knocking the monsters that had just gotten up back to the ground.

This time, Wind Following Sword was truly shocked!

Under the Level Suppression, Sky Strike’s knock-up effect wouldn’t be too high, but in that short amount of time, Soft Mist had actually completed a Dragon Tooth and a Circle Swing, with extreme accuracy as well. That hand speed made Wind Following Sword re-evaluate her.

Wind Following Sword dodged the resident, but then saw a Fire Chaser fly towards him and strike the resident.

The Fire Chaser exploded and Wind Following Sword was caught in the explosion. Fire Chasers did Area of Effect damage.

She had even sent out a Fire Chaser at that moment? She had controlled it perfectly as well to catch both of them in the explosion. It definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

This girl! Her mechanics were incredible!

Wind Following Sword was thinking on turning, when Soft Mist closed in. Her Scarlet Moon Lance sliced towards him as if it were about to cut him into a meat patty.

But Wind Following Sword wouldn’t be beaten as easily as those monsters. He sidestepped and countered with his own attack. He then jumped backwards twice, causing Soft Mist’s next two stabs to hit nothing but air.

Tang Rou was startled. For the competitive her, this type of situation excited her. Whether it was her hand speed or her microing, they would all be better than normal when she was in battle. Her Double Stab had been performed quite quickly, but the opponent had unexpectedly anticipated it and jumped backwards.

Wind Following Sword chuckled and returned with an “Upward Slash”. Tang Rou jumped back without thinking. Pow! The Christmas thief had caught up and whacked her.

The thief’s aggro was still on Soft Mist’s body. The thief wasn’t planning on running!

At this moment, Sin City’s residents had climbed up and pounced forward. But even in this situation, Tang Rou was even more intent on carrying out her program than those NPCs and continued to attack Wind Following Sword.

Her lance pricked up with a Sky Strike, which was once again easily dodged by Wind Following Sword.

She turned and her left hand struck. A tyrannical Falling Flower Palm shot forward, but unfortunately missed.

Missed? Why can’t I hit him?

Tang Rou didn’t feel like there were any problems with her playing, but the opponent seemed to always be able to predict her moves. Under this tense situation, Tang Rou was unable to calm down. The only thought in her head was to fight!

Even if she was going to end up being surrounded by the monsters, she would drag that evil guy to hell with her.

With her fighting spirit risen, she fiercely attacked.

This time, she only used normal attacks. Tang Rou’s hands moved even faster than before, sacrificing precision to do so. All she knew was that her attacks were headed in the general direction towards Wind Following Sword! Even if she died, she was going to kill that guy.

Stab, slash, slice! These basic attacks brought about an unexpected effect.

Wind Following Sword wasn’t as calm as before. The three consecutive attacks had thrown him off guard. He failed to dodge the slice, which hit his waist, causing his character to stagger to the side two steps. He didn’t seem to be having as easy of a time dodging as he had before.

Tang Rou suddenly understood what was going on.

Ye Xiu had taught her about this before. Pay attention to the skills that were used. And that Wind Following Sword was using this method.

Before this, Tang Rou had used a Falling Flower Palm, Sky Strike, Dragon Tooth and Circle Swing in quick succession. After that, those four skills were on cooldown and the Chasers would be shot out only when hitting the target. Finally, since Soft Mist was a Level 31 Battle Mage, her only skill left was a Double Stab.

Wind Following Sword had calculated this, which was why he was able to easily predict the Double Stab. Soft Mist then used her skills one after the other once the skills went off cooldown, which Wind Following Wind predicted and dodged easily.

It was because her hand speed was quick that the opponent could predict her moves so easily. The instant that she finished all her skills, she would use them again as soon as they could be used.

This Wind Following Sword wasn’t so simple either. Tang Rou had obviously practiced this before under Ye Xiu’s guidance, but even though the theory was simple, doing it in practice wasn’t. Tang Rou was still learning to pay attention to her own skills’ cooldowns and was far from being able to pay attention to the opponent’s skill usage and cooldowns. But this Wind Following Sword, even if it was only because Soft Mist only had a few skills and was predictable, was still able to do something that Tang Rou wasn’t able to.

But this time, Tang Rou’s quick normal attacks finally made it so that he was unable to keep up. Normal attacks didn’t have cooldowns, so Wind Following Sword had no way of predicting them. And since Tang Rou was faster than he was, he had no way of dealing with them.

He hadn’t yet stabilized himself, when a scarlet light flashed in front of him again. Soft Mist’s Sky Strike had struck again. This time, Wind Following Sword wasn’t able to dodge and was launched into the air.

Circle Swing!

The lance stabbed through Wind Following Sword and then threw him towards the ground. The monsters that were now surrounding her were knocked to the ground by the following shockwave.

However, Tang Rou wasn’t able to completely protect herself from every direction. During that time, she had also been hit by the monsters.

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