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Chapter 270 – Battle Spirit

Tang Rou finally hit Wind Following Sword, but the price in doing so had been extremely high. During that time, the monsters were hitting her, dropping her health by a third. Unfortunately, due to the Level Suppression, the damage that she took was also greater.

In comparison, the damage that she had inflicted onto Wind Following Sword was not even close to that high.

It definitely wouldn’t be good for her if they continued to exchange blows like this.

Even though it was a fact that Battle Mages were a part of the Mage class, they had a Strength growth rate of 3.5, which was the same as Blade Masters. However, for their defense, they maintained the same value, a weak 2.5 Vitality growth rate, just like the other Mage classes.

And for their equipment, Battle Mages were proficient with Leather Armor, while Blade Masters were proficient with Light Armor. Battle Mages also had weaker Defenses.

Battle Mages had the disadvantage in Vitality and Defense. How could Battle Mages trade blows with Blade Masters?

Even more so, Wind Following Sword’s level was higher than hers and Soft Mist was the only opponent he had faced. On the other hand, Soft Mist also had the ten residents, as well as the mighty Christmas thief, as opponents.

It was extremely difficult, but compared to beating Ye Xiu, Tang Rou felt that it was still doable.

Soft Mist brandished her lance and guarded against the monsters. She fished out a health pot and downed it.

In an endurance battle, you had to grasp the timing for when to drink potions. As soon as your health and mana began to fall, you had to start paying attention to them. The things Ye Xiu had taught her were now appearing clearly in her mind. Tang Rou knew how difficult this battle would be so she focused her attention on the battle.

Dragon Tooth! Her Scarlet Moon Lance stabbed forward, brushing past the two residents, and headed directly towards Wind Following Sword, who hastily dodged it. Soft Mist then followed up with a Falling Flower Palm. The monsters ahead were blown away, blocking Wind Following Sword’s left and right escape routes.

Wind Following Sword immediately jumped into the air and allowed the flying monsters to pass through. Seeing that there was a huge opening in Soft Mist’s defenses right now, Wind Following Sword grabbed his sword and, just as he was about to use a Falling Light Blade, he suddenly changed his mind and canceled it.

The skill hadn’t come out, but since he had already activated it, the skill went cooldown. It looked like a waste, but in a high-skill battle, faking an attack was common.

Wind Following Sword didn’t have any intentions of faking an attack. When he landed on the ground, he laughed coldly: “Are you trying to trick me? Girl, you’re still too naive.”

The Falling Light Blade might have hit Soft Mist, but the shockwave would have also hit the surrounding monsters. At that moment, Wind Following Sword had figured out Tang Rou’s intent: to trick him into aggroing those monsters.

“You go and play with them on your own!” Wind Following Sword laughed. He used a Triple Slash to retreat far away.

Seeing that Wind Following Sword hadn’t been duped, Tang Rou’s plan fell through. After seeing him run away, she became even more aware that the situation she was in wasn’t looking good. That guy was too shrewd. Compared to how he played, she really was too simple.
Perhaps the only way for her to win is to charge forward without looking back!

Soft Mist’s Neutral Chasers provided her with a movement speed buff and the Fire Chasers buffed her Strength. Her condition flourished as she rushed towards Wind Following Sword.

Wind Following Sword had pretty much figured out her plan. He walked around and decided that he wouldn’t tangle around with her. Soft Mist had the advantage in movement speed, but Wind Following Sword was able to walk around freely, while she had to deal with the monsters. She was able to hit Wind Following Sword sometimes, but she had no way of following up on it. If she ignored the pursuing monsters, she would definitely be the first to fall.

They continued to run around like this and Wind Following Sword’s health slowly whittled away. However, Wind Following Sword didn’t panic. He took out a health potion and downed it right in front of Soft Mist and looked at her as if he were the emperor.

How to fight in a prolonged battle was a course that every expert needed to take. Wind Following Sword clearly knew about this. At this moment, he had calmly drank a potion, and arrogantly too. He had naturally wanted Tang Rou to lose hope.

Wind Following Sword hadn’t been paying attention to the time. When he checked, he suddenly jumped up in fright. He had been messing around with Soft Mist for 20 minutes already!
Soft Mist had spent 20 minutes being chased by monsters, who were six to eight levels higher, while chasing him. This girl was a bit too fierce!

Wind Following Sword arrogantly drank another potion. As his opponent chased after him, she also drank a potion.

She didn’t waver and hadn’t admitted defeat yet. This type of person could be knocked down, beaten, and killed! However, it didn’t look as if it were possible to make her give up.

“You really do possess skill.” Wind Following Sword began speaking, “But, this truly is too boring!”

Tang Rou ignored him and continued to have Soft Mist rush forward. Wind Following Sword continued to dodge her attacks.

“Watch my sword!” Wind Following Sword suddenly shouted. Soft Mist immediately halted.

“Ha ha ha ha, I was just playing with you.” Wind Following Sword laughed, as if he was looking for some fun in something that was very boring.

After 20 minutes of playing like this, Tang Rou’s condition finally seemed to be declining. Her continuous charging forward without looking back momentum was affected and the monsters had caught up with her. It didn’t look as if she possessed the ability to deal with Wind Following Sword anymore.

“F*ck.” Wind Following Sword was finally able to stand still and relax.

“If you knew this was going to happen, why’d you have to dawdle around! Hurry up and die already. You’re wasting my time.” Wind Following Sword shouted at the struggling Soft Mist.

“Blade Masters really liked spouting nonsense!” Tang Rou, who had been silent the whole time, suddenly shouted.

Her voice sounds quite nice!

That was the first thought that appeared in Wind Following Sword’s mind. But, he could also hear the coldness and murderous intent in her voice. To be toyed around like this, it’d be weird if she wasn’t angry.

“Aren’t you bored of talking so much?” Accompanying this was a loud explosion. A lightning bolt crashed down from Sin City’s skies. The monsters that were surrounding Soft Mist were suddenly blown away. A Falling Flower Palm, along with a coincidental thunder boom, made the scene look extremely impressive. Wind Following Sword suddenly felt weird. Under the Level Suppression, why was her Falling Flower Palm able to have such an effect?

He didn’t have the time to think carefully because Soft Mist had already pounced forward towards him.

“You really are stubborn.” Wind Following Sword sounded a bit helpless, but his sword wasn’t. A Sword Draw sliced through the air. The girl had fought against the monsters for quite a while, so him doing some damage wouldn’t aggro the monsters.

Soft Mist jumped into the air and dodged the Sword Slash.

Dragon Tooth! Soft Mist immediately stabbed forward.

Wind Following Sword calmly jumped backwards.

Pow! He was hit!

“What?” Wind Following Sword was astonished. How did that attack hit? Did her attack speed increase?

He didn’t have the time to think about this problem. Wind Following Sword was suddenly in a Stunned state. He couldn’t help but notice that his health was dropping a bit too fast.

It was just a Dragon Tooth. How did it do so much damage?

Another scarlet light flashed.

What? Is it actually faster? Wind Following Sword thought as he was launched into the air.
The following two stabs directly pierced through him. Double Stab!

He flew outwards, but the third stab grabbed him in midair and swung him around.

“That can’t be right! Why is my health dropping so quickly?” Wind Following Sword began to panic.

Dragon Tooth. Sky Strike. Double Stab. These three moves had dropped his health bar to half.

As he was Circle Swung around in the air, Wind Following Sword glanced at Soft Mist’s body. A light, golden glow surrounded her body. He hadn’t noticed before because of the rain.

Wind Following Sword was immediately stunned. He, who was experienced, obviously recognized this skill.

It was the Battle Mage’s Level 50 Awakening Skill: Battle Spirit!

How could this skill appear now???

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