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Chapter 268 – Deviously Stealing Monsters

The players continued to work hastily at their task. As for the leaderboards, the majority of players looked at it with one third envy, one third jealousy and one third pain.

The players on the leaderboards were definitely earning more presents and rewards than the other players. In addition, whether it was due to skill or luck, these players would only continue to grow stronger with more presents, making others feel truly helpless at their situation.

The players who were on the leaderboards followed their placing carefully in order to maintain it or rise further. Only by doing this long-term would they gradually begin to guarantee their spots.

Being able to hunt Christmas thieves in Sin City was undoubtedly a reflection of a player’s skill. Tang Rou continued to work hard and her ranking began to gradually rise as a result.

Finally, when some of the luckier players, who had found Christmas thieves consecutively, began to run out of luck, they gradually started falling off as players, who relied on their skill, such as Tang Rou, steadily pushed ahead.





Every time Tang Rou killed a Christmas thief, the number of points she earned increased and her name would go up a few rankings. And just like this, Tang Rou continued advancing step by step, improving her spirit with each step. Her left hand tapped her keyboard, while her right hand held her mouse and her two eyes stared intently at the screen, unwilling to shift away for even a single second.

Leaderboards possessed this type of mysterious attractive force.

Another one!

Tang Rou was getting more and more used to Sin City’s atmosphere and was also getting better and better at finding targets while having a hazy field of vision. Out in the distance, amidst the rain and fog, a blurry figure could be seen. Tang Rou determined that it was a Christmas thief and immediately rushed towards it.

At the same time, another figure flashed out from the other side of the street, sprinting towards the same Christmas thief. In the figure’s hands was a bright lightsaber that stood out in the rain.

Tang Rou saw the figure and immediately understood the person’s intent. After being in Sin City for so long, she had seen many other players, but this was the first time she had set her eyes on the same target as another player.

Tang Rou obviously wouldn’t back down. She chose the shortest route to the Christmas thief and sprinted towards it. A Sin City resident that she had been planning to avoid was alerted. She didn’t have the time to bother being careful.

The Sin City resident naturally wouldn’t be nice to Tang Rou. Soft Mist’s figure dashed past his eyes as the resident pounced forward coldly with a knife in his hands.

The opposing Blade Master also noticed the incoming Battle Mage. The majority of the players who were currently in Sin City were veterans in Glory and were far more experienced than Tang Rou. Judging from the distance between the two to the Christmas thief, the Blade Master determined that he was one step faster than her. Just as he thought that he had won, he saw that the Battle Mage had alerted the monster, which made him feel even happier, reinforcing his confidence in snatching this Christmas thief.

When the resident closed in, Tang Rou didn’t hesitate. Her right hand swiped her mouse and Soft Mist sent a Sky Strike, launching the resident into the air. Soft Mist stepped sideways and then used a Falling Flower Palm. The force from the palm scattered the rain, creating a ripple. It all looked very tyrannical.

“Not good!” When the Blade Master saw the direction of the palm, he panicked. The Battle Mage had unexpectedly used the monster to profit from the disaster. She had originally been a bit slower, but now with the Falling Flower Palm, the resident had accurately crashed into the Christmas thief.

After the Christmas thief climbed up, the thief nimbly ran towards Soft Mist. The Blade Master quietly watched and could only curse out loud.

Tang Rou heard the player curse, but ignored him. Soft Mist went forward and met with the Christmas thief and that resident.

It was a 1v2, but Tang Rou wasn’t scared. She had killed quite a few Christmas thieves and residents already. Attacking two of them at the same time wasn’t too difficult for her, which was why she wasn’t afraid to alert the resident and use it to her advantage.

The Blade Master originally planned to get ready to leave. However, at this moment, the two players moved a bit closer to one another, allowing him to see the blurry ID that had been hidden by the mist and rain.

Soft Mist.

Seeing this ID, the Blade Master halted.

He put his sword next to him as the Blade Master quietly watched Soft Mist fight.

Level 31. The Blade Master looked up the ID and confirmed Soft Mist’s level. At this level, she would suffer from Level Suppression in Sin City. Yet, it looked as if the 1v2 was going smoothly, confirming Soft Mist’s strength. The Blade Master couldn’t deny that she deserved to be a member of Lord Grim’s dungeon team.

The Blade Master thought to himself for a bit and then quietly left.

Tang Rou had noticed the player watching her and was prepared for a fight.

But after seeing the player leave, she relaxed. She guessed that the player was thinking about whether or not she was able to deal with both a Christmas thief and a monster at the same time. If she wasn’t capable of doing so, then he would have picked up the scraps. But after seeing that the situation wasn’t going to happen, he naturally left. This type of thinking wasn’t anything noble, but it was at least better than directly killing the opposing player and forcefully stealing the monster.

Tang Rou clearly wasn’t having any trouble with the two monsters if she still had the ability to think about other things. After collecting her thoughts, she focused on the fighting. But to her surprise, the Blade Master returned not long after and was running like crazy, too. Behind him were ten or so Sin City residents.

With around ten people running along the wet ground, the footsteps were able to be heard clearly. Tang Rou heard the noise so turned her head to look and saw that the guy was running towards her with the mob of monsters.

Tang Rou stopped smiling. This guy was in the same situation as she was before! Even though she sympathized with him, Tang Rou couldn’t do anything to help. She was afraid of this, too.

In the blink of an eye, the person reached her. Tang Rou looked closer and was suddenly startled.

Wind Following Sword!

Wasn’t this ID the same as that Blade Master she had just seen? He had only just run off, so why did he suddenly gather so many monsters? That wasn’t normal, right?

Even if Tang Rou was inexperienced, she could still tell that something wasn’t right. Just as she brought up her guard, this time, Wind Following Sword wasn’t as nice and a sword wind sliced towards her.

A sword light flashed amidst the dusky rain and fog. The sword wind carried the rain, beautifully soaring towards Soft Mist.

It looked good, but it didn’t make her feel good.

Tang Rou immediately had Soft Mist dodge to the side, but the thief and resident didn’t care about her situation and continued to attack.

Sword light flashed once again. Wind Following Sword used a Sword Draw and then followed up with a Triple Slash to close in. In that instant, three opponents were attacking her, but Tang Rou didn’t panic. She dodged to the side and sent out a Sky Strike.

Wind Following Sword was a bit slow. He wasn’t able to dodge the attack in time and was launched into the air, not high up, but still knocked up. Tang Rou wasn’t polite in the slightest and followed up quickly with a Falling Flower Palm.

Palm hit!

Wind Following Sword was hit directly by the Falling Flower Palm and was sent flying backwards. Tang Rou suddenly cried out, “Oh, no!”

“Ha ha ha ha, girl, you really like using this trick!”

Wind Following Sword wasn’t acting like the loser and was unexpectedly laughing. His body flew and crashed into the giant mob of Sin City residents.

These residents had grouped together. His crash was even more thorough than Su Mucheng’s Laser Rifle. Every single resident was hit.

And their aggro counted towards Soft Mist.

Against a devious opponent, Tang Rou’s lack of experience had finally cost her.

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