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Chapter 267 – Christmas Hunting Leaderboards

“Hmph!” Chen Guo wasn’t as competitive as Tang Rou. It was only because the female character was playing the same class as she was, as well as her heroic entrance, which caught her eye, that she had jokingly asked such a question. In the end, Ye Xiu seemed certain that that female Launcher was better than she was, immediately making her depressed. She was completely capable of doing what that Launcher had done, too! Why was that Launcher better then?

“I think I’ll try again.” Tang Rou was clearly talking in-game.

Su Mucheng had just happened to pass by when she noticed that Tang Rou was in trouble. The trouble was now solved, but if Tang Rou continued, she would most likely fall into the same situation again. As a result, Su Mucheng had suggested that the two party up.

But Tang Rou wasn’t so soft. The only reason why the situation had occurred was because she hadn’t been prepared enough. She kept on aggroing them until she couldn’t deal with them anymore. But now that she had a fresh start, Tang Rou felt like if she paid a bit more attention, then the situation shouldn’t go as badly as before, which was why she had said to Su Mucheng that she wanted to try again by herself.

“Okay, that’s fine!” Su Mucheng said and sent a smiley face. Thus, the two split up and headed in opposite directions, one heading east and the other heading west.

Tang Rou had Soft Mist run a few steps forward and stop. She stretched her neck towards Ye Xiu’s screen to steal his techniques.

Ye Xiu’s progress was going smoothly. He quickly found another Christmas thief and, just like before, he aggroed it without disturbing any of the other residents. Ye Xiu saw Tang Rou out of the corner of his eyes. He attacked the thief, while saying: “There’s no point in looking. You won’t be able to learn how to do what I’m doing in an instant.”

“Why not?” Tang Rou was pondering over the method Ye Xiu had just used to avoid the monsters, when she heard Ye Xiu talk to her.

“Expert, you explain to her.” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

“…….” Chen Guo was speechless. Usually, when someone called her an expert, she’d become happy. But being called an expert by someone who was clearly better than she was made her feel as if she had been called a noob!

Chen Guo glared at Ye Xiu, while still giving Tang Rou an explanation. She told her that Ye Xiu’s methods didn’t involve any special techniques, but it relied on experience and intuition, which could only be gained through time. This was something only experienced players possessed.

Tang Rou heard this and could only nod her head. As a new player, she had no way of replicating that. Just how far apart were the monster and herself? Tang Rou looked a hundred times, but couldn’t tell!

Since she had no way of copying Ye Xiu, Tang Rou was forced to use her own clumsy method. If the monster seemed easy to avoid, then she’d simply go through without arousing the monster. If the monster didn’t seem easy to avoid, she wouldn’t risk it and would find somewhere else to go —– she was basically just wandering around the city randomly. If there was nowhere to hide and no way of easily getting through, then her only choice would be to force her way through.

Tang Rou relied on her own ability and struggled through Sin City. She found a few Christmas thieves on the way and killed them off conveniently. To her, fighting was a lot simpler than finding her way around the city.

In the end, the saddest person was Chen Guo.

She had luckily bumped into a Christmas thief at the beginning of the event, but ever since then, she hadn’t encountered any others afterwards. Whenever she saw one, it was always taken away by someone else first. Chen Guo could only admire Tang Rou and Ye Xiu as they killed Christmas thieves from time to time.

The new server truly was better! For there to actually be Christmas thieves that no one was scrambling for… As for the Heavenly Domain, which Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze resided in? There were crowds of players everywhere she went. The players’ enthusiasm was too scary.

If the Heavenly Domain was like this, then that meant that the older servers were also like this. In addition, the Heavenly Domain had its own server leaderboard. Points gained from the old server and points gained from the Heavenly Domain wouldn’t be combined. Chen Guo had already decided that she would stick with the Heavenly Domain server. She didn’t have the ambition to get onto the leaderboards. She just wanted to kill a few thieves and then earn some of the rewards. But one hour after the event began, poor Chen Guo was only able to kill three Christmas thieves.

However, the rewards from catching three Christmas thieves was better than the gains one normally made in an hour. When max-leveled players turned in the stolen gifts from the thieves they had killed to Santa, the experience they gained would automatically be turned into money, in addition to a whole bunch of other rewards.

But the ones who were truly excited were those on the system announcements.

In the global chat, there would be messages about some players earning a rare reward.

In order to get on TV, the rewards had to be a Purple or higher ranked equipment, an uncommon material, a hidden dungeon map, a BOSS summoning scroll, an equipment enhancement scroll, or even skill books…..

All of these rewards were things that everyone wanted. It didn’t even matter what the probability of getting those were; everyone rushed like ducks to try and grab one.

Messages of joy, sobbing, bragging and cursing appeared in the global chat. It didn’t matter since no one would give up on the event.

Seeing how a few players were grumbling in grief about how they hadn’t been able to kill a single thief, Chen Guo’s three thieves looked quite promising. At the very least, her hour hadn’t been wasted. But for these types of events, the scariest part about them was comparing your results with others.

Compared to those crying players, Chen Guo was very lucky. However, compared to the two people beside her, Chen Guo really wanted to punch them.

On her left, Tang Rou had killed nine Christmas thieves in an hour.

On her right, Ye Xiu was even crazier. He had killed fourteen Christmas thieves in an hour. Chen Guo wasn’t even close to them.

For her, every time she caught a Christmas thief, she would impatiently run to Santa and exchange it for a present. But them? Their inventory had lots of stolen gifts in them, but it seemed as if they wouldn’t go back until their inventories were full.

Chen Guo was extremely sad! Fill up her inventory? That was only a dream for her!

Ye Xiu and Tang Rou focused on searching for Christmas thieves and hadn’t paid any attention to the person that was between them, who had only killed three in an hour.

Aside from searching for Christmas thieves, they had also paid attention to the leaderboard.

The Christmas Hunting Leaderboards. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was 261st place after an hour. As for Tang Rou’s Soft Mist, she was quite far from Lord Grim, at 784th place. The two were also able see Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist, which was at 319th place, way ahead of Tang Rou and fairly close to Ye Xiu.

But the biggest difference was that, while Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist were still rising up in the leaderboard, Soft Mist was beginning to hover around the 800th mark. Clearly, at this ranking, she was killing off Christmas thieves at the same rate as those at the 800th mark. The competition was fierce but Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s skill levels truly were higher than everyone else’s by a whole level.

The leaderboards clearly showed their gap, but for Tang Rou, these rankings only fired up her spirit even up more. As soon as her name showed up on the leaderboards, she rushed up to the 800th mark. But after that, she was unable to move forward any further. This achievement hadn’t come easy. She had been running around Sin City like crazy. In that hour, she had killed nine Christmas thieves, but had also killed eighteen Sin City residents. Those battles had consumed a lot of her time.

The Level 31-35 Christmas Hunting Leaderboard caught their attention, but they didn’t pay too much attention to other leaderboards.

For example, the Hunting Leaderboard for guilds.

This leaderboard didn’t distinguish between the different skill levels. It looked at the total number of points from all the players in the guild. Without a doubt, guilds with more members and higher-leveled members would have the advantage, but it also could be argued that this was a representation of a guild’s strength.

At this moment, the guild that placed first on the tenth server’s Christmas Hunting Guild Leaderboard wasn’t Herb Garden, Blue Brook Guild or Tyrannical Ambition.

Excellent Dynasty!

Excellent Dynasty was impressively placed first by a large margin, too. The number two was Herb Garden, who was followed closely behind by Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition. In reality, the rankings between these three guilds were a messy battle. The placings between them constantly shifted.

For all of these big guilds, who had failed in the competition for the dungeon records, this Christmas event was a huge chance for them to prove themselves. This competition this time seemed to be unrelated to Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu glanced at it for a second and then stopped paying attention to it.

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