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Chapter 265- Sin City

Sin City. After entering the leveling area, the sky’s color changed. The sky was covered in dense, black clouds and thin rain drizzled down.

The entire city had a sinister and dark hue around it. Enveloped in both rain and fog, players had limited visibility. The rain’s dripping sound and the occasional thunder challenged the player’s hearing.

As soon as Lord Grim entered the city’s streets, thunder roared and lightning flashed down from the sky, illuminating the entire street in a deathly pale light in that instant. Ye Xiu suddenly moved his hands. His mouse shifted and Lord Grim stabbed towards his left with his Thousand Chance Umbrella.

The umbrella flipped inside out.

“Pu!” The Dragon Tooth connected with the target.

The lightning revealed his pale and mean face, dripping with rain. His hands held a cold dagger which stabbed towards Lord Grim, but he was hit first by Lord Grim’s attack.

This was a Sin City resident, one of the monsters in this leveling area. Glory’s drawings were extremely detailed. NPC monsters were randomly generated through character models. Their models were different from one another which made them appear realistic and vivid.

Sin City’s unique environment and weather made it troublesome for players. The residents here were also extremely hostile. Their faces looked like fiends and their sneak attacks were sudden. If Ye Xiu were a normal player, he would have most likely been hurt by the sneak attack.

Fortunately, Ye Xiu was Ye Xiu. His Dragon Tooth struck, followed by a Sky Strike.

Ye Xiu was a pro player. He had to be familiar with every type of map. Many of the maps used in Glory’s competitive matches were based on maps made in-game. After playing for so many years, how could he not be familiar with this type of environment?

Sin City?

When new players first arrive here, the reduced visibility and noisy background might make them feel repressed and the residents’ sudden attacks were likely to scare them. But for Ye Xiu, this was all too ordinary.

After using a Sky Strike, Lord Grim switched around with different forms and used different skills. But the high Level Suppression greatly weakened Lord Grim’s killing potential. Even though the fight was without any suspense, it still took him quite a while to kill off the resident.

Ye Xiu didn’t want to waste his time on this resident. After killing it, he began paying attention to the surroundings.

Residents were moving around in the 9 o’clock, 11 o’clock, and 1 o’clock direction. These residents’ aggro range had obviously been researched by players long ago. For Ye Xiu, he was good enough that he could estimate the distance with his eyes.

These three residents blocked the street he was on. No matter which way he went, he would inevitably enter their aggro range. Ye Xiu saw this, but his Lord Grim continued forward.

Charge forward!

After seeing the resident at the 9 o’clock direction step twice, Ye Xiu used the opportunity to make Lord Grim rush forward.

Leap back!

The resident in the 11 o’clock position suddenly stopped and turned back. Ye Xiu hastily had Lord Grim leap backwards twice, just beyond the edge of the resident’s aggro range.

To the right, 30 degrees!

After confirming the residents’ positions, Ye Xiu made his decision and rushed forward diagonally.

As he moved, his camera constantly moved, observing the three residents’ movements. He would immediately make any adjustments based on their movements. Finally, after twisting and turning, Lord Grim ran past them without being noticed.

The process had been somewhat complicated, but it saved him a lot of time.

“Are all of you here?” After getting past the blockade, Ye Xiu opened his friends list and asked Su Mucheng and Tang Rou.

“Here.” The two replied in succession.

The three didn’t form a party after meeting up. Even though the event rules allowed for the formation of parties, the Christmas thieves would be mutually shared, which meant that each person would receive a lot less points for each one. From Ye Xiu’s experience, parties were there to make the fights easier. If the individual was good enough, then going solo was more efficient than forming a party.

Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, and Tang Rou were without a doubt good enough to solo these monsters, so there was no need to party up.

After encouraging them, Ye Xiu told Tang Rou the places she had to be careful around in Sin City so that she didn’t make a blunder due to her lack of experience.

“You have to listen carefully. Even though there’s a lot of background noise, the monsters’ attacks won’t be completely covered up. You will have to get used to screening out the necessary sounds from all of the noise.” In Glory, lots of dangers behind the player could be found through experience and screening. It was an important game skill that had to be grasped.

“Got it.” Tang Rou replied.

Chen Guo glanced at Tang Rou’s screen and immediately gasped in surprise: “You’re going to Sin City at that level?” While looking towards Ye Xiu’s screen, she said: “You too!”

Not waiting for Ye Xiu’s answer, Chen Guo began to bubble with excitement. Her hand pointed towards Ye Xiu’s screen: “A thief!!!!”

“I see it!” Ye Xiu had no choice but to talk with her.

“Hurry up and attack it!”

“I don’t want to aggro the other monsters!” Ye Xiu said. He had seen the Christmas thief long ago, but the guy was standing next to two Sin City residents. If he attacked now, the two residents would be aggroed. Ye Xiu wanted to wait for an appropriate time.

Chen Guo understood what Ye Xiu meant. As a result, she ignored her own character and helped Ye Xiu watch the thief.

That Christmas thief crouched into a corner and stopped moving. The two Sin City residents incessantly paced back and forth.

“Oh, oh, oh! Hurry up and attack!” Chen Guo suddenly hit Ye Xiu.

“The right one is still off by one position!” Ye Xiu said.

“Really?” Chen Guo muttered, “If you’re going to keep wasting your time like this, then you might as well just kill them all, no? You’re good enough to do that, right?”

“Don’t rush me.” Ye Xiu didn’t move and looked as if this was his only option.

“Let’s see how long you’re going to wait!” Chen Guo said, when the two residents moved one step sideways. Right at this moment, Lord Grim lifted his weapon and fired.

The bullet moved extremely quickly. All Chen Guo saw was the blood that blossomed out when the bullet hit the Christmas thief’s head. The Christmas thief immediately leaped up and charged forward.

During this moment, the two residents turned around, but the attack had already ended and only the Christmas thief headed towards Lord Grim, which wasn’t something that they really cared about.

Ye Xiu had actually grasped that short window of opportunity. He had probably calculated the distance between them as well as the bullet’s speed and the timing. Was that something she could do as well?

Chen Guo realized long ago that Ye Xiu wasn’t any ordinary expert, but after witnessing this scene, Chen Guo weighed herself against him and suffered a blow to herself. As for how Ye Xiu was going to kill the Christmas thief, Chen Guo had no interest in watching. That was because Chen Guo wouldn’t be able to understand anything while directly watching Ye Xiu’s screen.

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