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Chapter 264 – Luck Is Very Important

Not long after Ye Xiu logged into the game, the clock hit twelve and the events began..

Players had naturally studied the event’s rules beforehand. Players didn’t need to accept any quests. They just needed to look for the Christmas thieves scattered around the map.

However, Christmas thieves had levels like normal monsters. The higher the level, the more points it would give. Besides this, there were also Elite Christmas thieves. They would score more points than normal thieves and would also give better quality presents.

“Ha ha, my luck is good. I’ve found one!” Ye Xiu heard Chen Guo laugh. He turned his head and saw Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze firing towards a Christmas thief. The thief immediately turned its head and pounced towards Chasing Haze. Meanwhile, nearby players also noticed this Christmas thief, but no matter how hard they attacked, the thief’s only target was Chasing Haze.

This was one of the special attributes of Christmas thieves: the first aggroed target was locked in. In order to prevent players from fighting amongst each other, whoever attacked the Christmas thief first had priority. Aggroed Christmas thieves would still be hurt by other players’ attacks, but no matter how much damage was dealt, it would only help the player who aggroed it first.

Seeing that Chasing Haze had already aggroed the Christmas thief, they stopped attacking and began searching again. The Christmas thief was nimble. It clearly wouldn’t be so easy to kill. Christmas thieves had different classes just like players did. They were called thieves, but it didn’t mean their class was that of a Thief. The monster that Chen Guo aggroed closed in on her and slashed at her; it was a Swordsman Class: Berserker.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze used an Aerial Fire, dodging and attacking the Christmas thief.

“Not bad!” Ye Xiu praised. Using Aerial Fire to widen the distance while attacking the target was a basic Launcher maneuver. He could see that Chen Guo was quite proficient in this area. Her movements had been very clean.

Chen Guo was absorbed in the killing. She was focused on her battle with the Christmas thief and hadn’t noticed Ye Xiu praising her.

Ye Xiu watched for a bit and then went back to his own game. His Lord Grim had logged off in the wild. At this moment, players were running around everywhere around him. As soon as a Christmas thief spawned, who knew how many attacks flew at it.

Ye Xiu stretched his neck and looked towards Tang Rou. Tang Rou’s situation was similar to his. Players were everywhere. Finding a thief to kill was quite difficult. In this event, luck was an extremely important factor.

As Ye Xiu maneuvered his Lord Grim, he opened a message and saw that it was from Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist.

“You’re on time!” Su Mucheng said.

“Why are you on, too?” Ye Xiu was surprised.

“There’s an event! Of course I’m going to participate.” Su Mucheng explained as if it were obvious.

"You've got nothing to do?" Ye Xiu said.

"I'm sick." Su Mucheng said.

"How did that happen?" Ye Xiu asked.

"There's an event today, so I'm sick." Su Mucheng said.

"Have some competitive integrity in you!" Ye Xiu replied.

"Everyone gets sick sometimes." Su Mucheng gave an excuse.

"Sick people can participate in events?"

"It's a mental sickness stemming from not being able to participate in events, so I need to participate in an event to cure it." Su Mucheng gave an unreasonable reply.

"Have you captured any thieves yet?” Ye Xiu helplessly asked.

“Not yet. There’s too many people. I’m going to go to Fire Forest to take a look.” Su Mucheng replied.

Due to the rules, there would be fewer players in higher-leveled maps. After all, higher leveled players could go to lower-leveled maps, but for lower-leveled players, it could be dangerous for them to go to higher-leveled maps.

“I think Fire Forest is probably the same.” Su Mucheng said.

“I think so, too.”

Other Level 30 players might not be as skilled as Ye Xiu’s group, but they could still wander around Fire Forest. It wasn’t that they were unable to kill the monsters in Fire Forest. It was just that it wasn’t as efficient for leveling purposes.

“Maybe we should try aiming higher? What do you think about Sin City?” Su Mucheng said.

Sin City was a Level 37-39 area.

The entire leveling area was a city. The layout of the map wasn’t too different from a main city, but the NPCs there weren’t friendly and their only form of communication towards players was to attack them.

“There might be people there too, but there shouldn’t be as many.” Ye Xiu said. Players who were confident about surviving in Sin City were all probably heading over there.

“Then let’s go take a look!”


Ye Xiu didn’t forget to call for Tang Rou. He checked his friends list and Steamed Bun Invasion was unexpectedly offline. As for the others, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon were online. But for them, going to such a high-leveled area was probably too dangerous, so Ye Xiu didn’t call for them.

On their way there, Ye Xiu picked up two Christmas thieves. Christmas thieves had a certain strength to them. Their classes indicated that they had those class’s skills. At the very least, they were much more difficult than normal monsters of the same level.

Ye Xiu was able to kill two Christmas thieves. But he had already seen five players die from the Christmas thieves.

Currently, he didn’t recognize most of the names on the leaderboards. It seemed like the experts weren’t having very good luck. No matter how skilled they were, if they didn’t see any Christmas thieves, then what was the point?

Though he did recognize one of the names.

Thousand Creations!

The guy had unexpectedly placed on the Level 31-35 leaderboards. He clearly hadn’t gotten the achievement through luck, but rather by kill stealing the monsters.

Due to Christmas thieves locking onto their first target, most kill steals were avoided, but it couldn’t entirely be avoided. Under this condition, it made kill stealing a lot more difficult. There might not be a way to kill steal the monster by attacking it, but you could kill off the player it was aggroed onto. That would cause the Christmas thief to turn neutral, which you could then attack in order to take it down.

But doing things like this would only make you into a street rat. Ye Xiu didn’t doubt that if Thousand Creations continued to stay on the leaderboards through this method, then today the world chat’s main topic would be towards attacking this shameless kill stealer.

Speaking of this, this guy should have already kill stolen quite a few. Were there no angry shouts at him? Ye Xiu looked at the world chat and saw that it was filled with complaints about the event being too difficult to kill Christmas thieves.

Seeing the world chat, Ye Xiu couldn’t help but think of Tyrannical Ambition’s plight yesterday night. Even though he didn’t care who held the dungeon record, Ye Xiu still checked it.

The leaderboards hadn’t changed. After Misty Castle had bought the guide, they had set the record after one or two hours. Ye Xiu didn’t think that Tyrannical Ambition would lose to them. But there was no trace of them on the leaderboards.

It was possible that Tyrannical Ambition didn’t have the suitable accounts, so they were waiting for tomorrow to set it.

“Tsk tsk, they’re probably hurting inside, while waiting for the day to go by.” Ye Xiu didn’t care and didn’t need to side with any guild.

And in front of him, Sin City finally appeared.

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