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Chapter 266 – Escaping Outside of the Aggro Range

Chen Guo stopped looking over at Ye Xiu’s screen. She then turned her head and glanced at Tang Rou’s screen. But the scene that she saw made her even more dumbstruck.

These two people’s circumstances were polar opposites.

On Ye Xiu’s side, he carefully planned and didn’t arouse even a single Sin City resident. But on Tang Rou’s side, now that was a commotion. Her Soft Mist ran like mad the entire way. Her character glanced around every few seconds and Chen Guo already saw that there were at least ten residents chasing after her already! Tang Rou’s movements were truly extraordinary.

In addition, she looked as if she would gather more. As she sprinted down the road, not a single resident that she passed by didn’t notice her and added itself to the growing number of troops.

Tang Rou didn’t want to provoke them, either. It was just that their aggro range was just too large and they were just too aggressive. If she were here to level up, then that wouldn’t be a bad thing and would actually be convenient for that purpose. But in her situation, avoiding these monsters’ aggro required experience and awareness. It didn’t matter how good her mechanics were.

Tang Rou clearly wasn’t at Ye Xiu’s level. She had only recently entered Sin City and she had already gathered up so many residents.

In the beginning, Tang Rou had killed them off. But after killing a few, she saw that she wasn’t getting much experience. It was a complete waste of time. As a result, she didn’t want to keep wasting her time. But in front of these Sin City residents, they weren’t going to just not fight you if you didn’t want to fight. It wasn’t that convenient.

Chen Guo watched for a bit and felt that Tang Rou was in a lot of danger. She hated how she wasn’t able to help her, so she hastily went to grab Ye Xiu.

“Hey, hey, don’t pull! Don’t pull!!” Ye Xiu was currently attacking a Christmas thief. He was unable to withstand the drag and made a slip-up. Lord Grim was hit by the thief’s blade, which also disrupted Lord Grim’s combo. This Christmas thief was an actual Thief class. After doing that, the thief rolled backwards and immediately began to wander off.

“Oh no”!” Chen Guo looked and also knew that the situation was bad. This was a commonly used tactic by Thieves. They would wander off and place traps everywhere, restricting your movements. It seemed like the AI for these Christmas thieves were different than in the past. They moved as if they were real, like actual players.

When a player accidentally set off an explosion, a spike, or a poison gas bomb, it was always a mood destroyer. A lot of players didn’t lose to Thieves in mechanics, but in their psychology. When affected players continued to fight in an imbalanced state of mind, their movements turned panicked and they would make more mistakes, causing them to lose.

For people like Chen Guo, who were easily instigated, this sort of strategy was something that they feared intensely. Who knew how many times they had lost to Thieves because of this? Seeing this situation, she accidentally put herself into the situation and panicked. She apologized for messing up Ye Xiu.

But….. it was a groundless fear.

The Christmas thief put down the first trap and then sidestepped, ready to put down a second. But before he could do so, three Anti-Tank Missiles fired at him. The Christmas thief had nowhere to run. The thief was hit directly and failed to set the trap. Lord Grim rushed forward with his Thousand Chance Umbrella in its battle lance form. He swung up with a Sky Strike, launching the thief into the air.

The battle instantly returned to the original scene. The Christmas thief was stuck in Lord Grim’s combo and was unable to get out. Ye Xiu continued to play, while asking : ”What is it?”

“Ah?” Chen Guo had been so worried that she had almost forgotten about Tang Rou’s situation. She turned around and saw that Tang Rou’s situation looked even worse now, so she replied hastily: “It’s about Little Tang. She’s being chased by a lot of monsters!”

Ye Xiu heard this and glanced over to Tang Rou’s side: “I’ve told her how to escape the monsters’ line of sight before!”

Ye Xiu didn’t have hopes that Tang Rou had the ability to not alarm any residents like he was doing now. As a result, he reminded her of how to quickly escape from the monsters’ aggro.

Escaping from their line of sight was one way to get rid of their aggro. Simply speaking, when you ran, you would turn more and wind around walls more. The aggro would quickly drop and the monsters would lose their line of sight and stop chasing. In Sin City’s streets, running away in this way was very easy.

“She was doing it, but……”

But what? Whenever she escaped from old residents, she would always bump into new ones, aggroing them. Tang Rou was stuck in this type of loop. In addition, now that she had pulled so many of these residents, it was too late to turn back and fight them all.

“What are her coordinates?” Ye Xiu asked Chen Guo. Tang Rou was very focused and didn’t know that the two of them were talking about her.

Chen Guo checked, when she suddenly saw a figure in front of Tang Rou’s character.

A figure appeared on one of the rooftops. Tang Rou immediately focused on her. Chen Guo immediately recognized the equipment on the character: a Launcher! It was the class she was most familiar with. It was a female Launcher too, so her familiarity increased by 100%.

The character’s class was the same and the equipment were ones that she recognized, but there was one thing that was very different. This female Launcher chose to have long hair that fluttered in the fine rain. The cannon in her hands lit up and flashed, shooting out a Laser. The female Launcher gently leaped backwards, utilizing the Laser Rifle’s recoil.

Tang Rou’s camera followed the Laser, which directly hit the dozen or so residents behind her. These monsters were only chasing her because she had entered their aggro range. Compared to that, an attack drew much more aggro from them. Simply speaking, the Launcher created an OT and most of the residents switched their targets to the female Launcher, except for the three or four that hadn’t been hit by the laser.

“Oh!” Chen Guo heard Tang Rou suddenly say. The female Launcher had probably said a few words to her.

Soon afterwards, more artillery shells were fired and those remaining residents were aggroed onto the female Launcher. The dozen residents stopped chasing Soft Mist and began chasing after the Launcher.

But the female Launcher had already disappeared. She had clearly jumped down onto a different street. She was escaping from the monsters’ line of sight. The residents climbed up the walls quickly though, which was something players couldn’t do. The group of residents climbed over and onto the other street. Not longer after, the Launcher jumped onto another rooftop and down onto a different street.

After a few rounds of this, their aggro was wiped clean. The dozen residents stayed on the streets and were no longer interested in their escaped target.

This type of method for getting rid of aggro was simple and effective. But unfortunately, Tang Rou was unable to use it. Mages didn’t have high jumps and weren’t able to jump onto the rooftops.

Those that could had to use speicla moves. For example, the Gunner had Aerial Fire. Witches could use their Brooms to fly up. Assassins could double jump, etc. Battle Mages could do it through equipment effects and skills, but currently, they weren’t able to, yet.

The Launcher returned to the original street and walked towards Soft Mist.

“Thanks.” Chen Guo heard Tang Rou say. She also saw the Launcher’s name: Cleansing Mist.

“You recognize her?” Seeing that Tang Rou was no longer in danger, Chen Guo went to ask her.

“Yeah. She’s Ye Xiu’s friend. She dungeons with us a lot.”

“She seems really good?”

“She is!” Tang Rou said.

“Is she better than me?” Chen Guo laughed.

“That…. uh……. uh……” Tang Rou wasn’t sure how to answer.


“You asked if she’s better. She says ‘uh’, which means that she’s better than you!” Ye Xiu couldn’t but explain to Chen Guo.

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