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Chapter 261 – You Have to Love the Game!

In the blink of an eye, the day had grown bright and Ye Xiu stretched his arms.

At this time, no one in his group was still playing.

Tang Rou had gone off the earliest. After running Desolate Land three times, she went to sleep. Ever since the day that where she and Chen Guo went shopping, she had changed her sleep schedule. She wouldn’t stay up all night until day came like Ye Xiu did. She would go to sleep earlier, but wake up earlier than Ye Xiu also. Whenever Ye Xiu woke up, he would always be able to see her and Chen Guo sitting together and playing Glory up until 3 o’clock in the afternoon, which was when Tang Rou had to take the shift.

After Tang Rou went offline, Concealed Light, finally, was unable to continue arguing bitterly with Steamed Bun Invasion and decided to duel Steamed Bun Invasion in the Arena. Ye Xiu was dragged along by Steamed Bun Invasion and forced to spectate the match.

Ye Xiu really didn’t need to watch to know the results. With Concealed Light’s skill level, there was no way he could fight against Steamed Bun Invasion. Concealed Light fought ten matches and lost ten matches. Nothing unexpected had arisen.

“Ha ha ha ha, now you know my strength! Being your senior is actually quite troublesome for me, not you.” After exiting the Arena, Steamed Bun Invasion was absolutely delighted, while Concealed Light was completely silent. For Steamed Bun Invasion, who could find fun during any moment, beating up a noob clearly didn’t make him feel bad in any way.

“Steamed Bun, don’t be too complacent.” Ye Xiu felt that he had to say a few words: “You started training earlier than he did. Bullying Concealed Light, who just started learning, isn’t something you should be too happy about.”

“Ha ha, I was prepared to teach him well, but this little boy refused to accept me, so I had to teach him a lesson. How about it, little Concealed Light? Am I good enough for you? Ha ha ha ha…….” Steamed Bun Invasion continued to be proud of himself. Who would believe that he actually wanted to teach someone? He was clearly feeling good about beating up a noob.

“Alright, that’s enough. You, go and play!” Ye Xiu shooed away Steamed Bun Invasion. He turned around and saw that Concealed Light was still standing there stupidly.

“Don’t be discouraged. You’ve only just begun.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, I know.”

“That’s good. Gimme a sec and I’ll send you some stuff.”


After that, he spent two hours searching, arranging, and categorizing. The materials he had gathered weren’t only useful to Concealed Light. Any other player who liked Glory would find them useful too, however, these types of specialized drills were extremely dull. Normal players wouldn’t be able to persist, and if you didn’t persist, no type training was effective.

The materials Ye Xiu had gathered were especially fitting for a beginner such as Concealed Light. Actually, these types of specialized drills were a bit difficult for beginners. However, in Ye Xiu’s eyes, for a beginner like Concealed Light to have such a solid grasp of theory meant that he was very tenacious and wanted to improve his own skill.

When Steamed Bun Invasion bullied the noob, Ye Xiu watched with one eye open and one eye closed. He wanted to see just how motivated Concealed Light was to improve.

After receiving the materials, Concealed Light thanked Ye Xiu, who reminded him about the important points. As for how to use them, Ye Xiu felt that it wasn’t necessary to tell someone who studied things so meticulously.

After sending Concealed Light his portion, Ye Xiu glanced at some more documents. While arranging the materials, he also found a few programs that could be specially used for Tang Rou’s and Steamed Bun Invasion’s training.

However……. when Ye Xiu thought of Steamed Bun Invasion’s misdeeds, Ye Xiu felt that these types of drills didn’t suit him.

Steamed Bun Invasion liked the game because the game brought him happiness. However, when this type of happiness stops existing, Ye Xiu wouldn’t know what type of attitude Steamed Bun Invasion would take.

The reason pro-players become pro-players, besides having talent, working hard, etc., was because they loved the game.

For example, for Ye Xiu, he had played the game for ten years, but his love for the game hadn’t died down. It wasn’t just him; every pro-player that struggled to be a part of the Alliance all did so because they loved the game.

As for normal players, some would play for two or three months and then switch to a different game. These types of players weren’t suitable to become pro-players. Even if their mechanics were good enough, if they didn’t have the passion, their performance would be vastly different from those that did and they wouldn’t be able to become anything great.

Steamed Bun Invasion found the game fun, which was why he was interested. New, in-game content would naturally interest him. However, how long would he stay interested? Ye Xiu felt that he didn’t understand Steamed Bun Invasion well enough. Normally, all he heard was the guy spouting random nonsense. He should have at least understood his previous gaming experiences. Ye Xiu had no idea where the guy got his mechanics from.

Regardless, he still wasn’t sure whether or not he should give specialized drills for Steamed Bun Invasion. He was afraid that it might cause him to lose interest towards the game and create conflicting feelings. Perhaps it was better to make him understand his own problems on his own right now and then for him to happily look for help later.

The other set of materials was for Tang Rou.

The reason this sis wanted to improve her mechanics so she could beat him. Ye Xiu originally didn’t believe that such a ridiculous reason would hold for much longer. However, from the looks of it, this sis’s stubbornness far exceeded that of normal people. Before she beat him, it really didn’t seem like she’d give up.

The good thing was that as she improved and as she continued to understand Glory, Tang Rou gained a greater understanding of just how far apart they were and would feel that the game wasn’t as “easy” as she had said before. This sis’s interest in Glory was slowly forming.

She would eventually be able to accept this type of practice.

Ye Xiu thought this way and checked the materials again. He decided that he would give it to Tang Rou tomorrow. As for Steamed Bun Invasion, he would put it off for now!

After tidying everything up, he closed the folder. There was still half an hour left until seven. Ye Xiu didn’t have anything else to do, so he logged into the game.

The game was the quietest at this time. No one was really talking on the world chat. The previous dispute between Tyrannical Ambition and the other players had died down awhile ago, so many had already seen their daily dose of drama for the day.

Those players, who had argued with Tyrannical Ambition, might not have any enmity towards Tyrannical Ambition. They just did it for the sake of roasting them. For example, the players that had written verses were only doing it in order to add fuel to the fire.

For an experienced player like Jiang You, he should have understood this very well. Unfortunately, his mood had been very bad, which was why he suddenly went off like that and almost became a new meme.

The world had finally quieted down. Ye Xiu conveniently checked the Line Canyon record. In first place was still Misty Castle and second place was still Tyrannical Ambition. Nothing had changed.

He checked his friends list and saw that the guild leaders were still on. Though among these, some of them were happy while others were worried.

Those that hadn’t set a record yet were a bit worried. As for the guild who was the most worried, that would have to be Tyrannical Ambition.

Ye Xiu obviously wouldn’t add fuel to the fire. He didn’t have any sort of enmity with the guilds. It was just that his interests conflicted with theirs. And had lost the game because Lord Grim was simply better than they were.

Ye Xiu was using the last of his shift to check in on the situation. He was just sitting there idly with nothing to do, when suddenly, he received a message from Tyrannical Ambition’s Cold Night.

“God!” Cold Night sent him an icon of cupped fists. He already knew of Lord Grim’s identity. But as a fan of Tyranny, there was no way he would truly worship their enemy, Team Excellent Era’s former ace player.

“Yes?” Ye Xiu replied.

“I want to know if you helped Misty Castle with their record.” Cold Night went straight to the point.

“Sure. I sold them a guide, which should have been of some help to them!”

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