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Chapter 260 – Returning to Desolate Land

Tyranny brawls. Tyranny falls. Tyranny’s record just got mauled.

Amidst the arguing, a poetic verse suddenly appeared. The attackers cheered and began to chant the verse over and over again. Quite a few players continued the poem and the world chat exploded into a poem competition with Tyrannical Ambition’s demise as the main topic. Traditional poems, rhyming poems, limericks… All sorts of poems were presented.

How could Tyrannical Ambition’s players not be angry? Jiang You couldn’t stay calm. He opened his messages and took note of the player who had written the starting verse.

“Spearless! Shut your mouth. If you have the guts, 1v1 me in the Arena or out in the wild. The loser eats his account card. Do you dare?”

Jiang You was the guild’s main leader so his words and actions represented the guild. He hadn’t acted independently in a long time. But since no one recognized him in this server, he stopped caring and went directly to the world chat to fight with the attackers. The loser eats his account card was a slang in Glory, which meant “delete your account” in the early days of gaming.

Not long after Jiang You issued the challenge, the player named Spearless replied: “Tyranny brawls. Tyranny falls. Tyranny’s record just got mauled.”

Jiang You wanted to pull out his hair, but his world chat messaging was still on cooldown, so he pushed someone off their computer and typed: “Do you dare 1v1 me? If you don’t dare, then shut your mouth!!!”

This time, the other side had his world chat messaging on cooldown, so he was quiet for a while. But once the cooldown came off, the other side immediately repeated: “Tyranny brawls. Tyranny falls. Tyranny’s record just got mauled.”

“F*ck!!!” Jiang You was about to go crazy. The people nearby saw that he was angry and didn’t dare utter a word. But in their eyes, Jiang You’s actions were quite childish. As the guild leader of one of the Three Great Guilds, he was actually arguing with some random noob. That was too shameful!

This random noob looked to be quite experienced as well. By repeating his annoying message over and over again, he succeeded in making Jiang You more and more furious.

“Guild leader! Calm down! If you get angry, it’ll be your loss!” Everyone finally surrounded and consoled him.

“Calm down? What’s the use in calming down? The record’s been stepped on again! What am I supposed to do?” Jiang You roared. The players, both inside and outside of the game, heard him. True! What were they supposed to do? They all looked at the attacks on the world chat as if they were eating a bitter fruit.

Right at this moment, Ye Xiu’s group finished their third run. Compared to others, they had used almost an hour more. Almost all of it was due to running and hiding.

When Misty Castle’s record was announced, Ye Xiu saw it and immediately received a message from Hazy Mist, asking Ye Xiu for Fire Forest’s guide.

“I’m still studying Fire Forest. There’s no rush. You should go to Fire Forest and gather some materials, or else, when I come out with the price, I won’t be able to help you.” Ye Xiu replied.

“What’s your asking price?” Hazy Mist asked.

“That depends on how things turn out.” Ye Xiu replied.

“How evil! Are you planning on revealing that our record was only achieved because we bought your guide and then having the other guilds scramble over it?”

“I don’t agree with you, saying that I’m evil. But the rest of it is true. It’s not a false advertisement.”

After a short moment of silence, Hazy Mist messaged again: “Then can we have priority?”

“I can give you a priority price!” Ye Xiu said.

During this time, the poem competition had begun and student Jiang You had already leapt up to fry the noobs. Tyrannical Ambition’s enemies took out their popcorn and watched in glee as the events unfolded. Steamed Bun Invasion read Spearless’s verse twice and laughed out loud.

As for Ye Xiu, he didn’t have any sort of reaction. As someone who was once in the pro-scene, he was used to being opponents with the players on-stage and being friends with the players off-stage. Of course, “friend” was more of a polite term. Some of these players were considered friends if they ever nodded their heads as a greeting. That meant that they wouldn’t bring their rivalries on-stage, outside the stage.

“What are we going to do next?” Tang Rou asked. After giving up on setting records, the girl deliberately ignored new of records. She was afraid that if she kept on looking at the records, she’d want to set one.

“We’ll go to Desolate Land’s dungeon!” Ye Xiu said.

“Desolate Land? Isn’t that place that’s inconvenient to go to?” Tang Rou doubted.

“It’s different now.” Ye Xiu smiled, “The previous Level 33 players have hit Level 34, which means that a lot of players, who were previously under Level 30, have now entered the Level 30 domain. That meant that there will be more players at Line Canyon, no?”

“If you say it like that…… then I guess so.” Tang Rou looked left and right, “So you’re saying that a lot of players from Desolate Land have now gone to Line Canyon, which means that Desolate Land is now empty?”

“It’s not empty, but the danger level has lessened, so we can go and take a look.” Ye Xiu said.

“We’ll be leaving then.” Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan prepared to leave.

Everyone said their goodbyes. Ye Xiu privately messaged Su Mucheng: “We’re not going to be setting records, so you don’t need to play so diligently.”

“I want to play though.” Su Mucheng replied.

“Okay! If you want to play, then go ahead.”

“I’ll be leaving then.”

“Go ahead!”

After the two went offline, the rest of the group cautiously exited Line Canyon. Outside the canyon, Ye Xiu called for Concealed Light. The four partied up and headed towards Desolate Land.

After setting the record for Desolate Land, Ye Xiu hadn’t partied up with Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon for quite a while. Even though they still talked with one another, after being involved with the big guilds’ pursuit, Ye Xiu didn’t want to call them over. He was afraid that they’d get caught up in it too.

While Level 33 players were reaching Level 34 and Level 29 players were reaching Level 30, Ye Xiu’s leveling speed had slowed down. They still hadn’t broken through so Concealed Light was actually winning in this regard. His Level 32 Summoner was the highest level among the four of them.

“We’ll dungeon as a party of four. Concealed Light, play with us for now and I’ll have you practice when I find an opportunity.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Concealed Light said.

“Who would have thought! You’d actually have the chance to get instructed by Senior! Senior, what qualifications does he have? I don’t see it.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“His theoretical knowledge is solid. Even though he lacks actual experience, if you have nothing better to do, you should carry him along.” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re really making things complicated for me but if Senior says so, then I’ll do it.” Steamed Bun Invasion reluctantly replied. He turned his head and majestically called: “Hey! Little Concealed Light, from now on, I’m your Senior. Come here and let me hear a ‘Senior’!”

“B*stard!” How could Concealed Light act kind to Steamed Bun Invasion?

“Oh my! The nerve! Do you dare 1v1 me? The loser eats his card.” Steamed Bun Invasion used the new knowledge he had just learned from reading the world chat.

“Tch……” Concealed Light obviously couldn’t agree and sent him a beneath-me face.

They continued to argue all the way until Desolate Land, where they entered a relatively quiet dungeon entrance.

When they entered the dungeon, Ye Xiu set up a plan for each of them. As a result, a weird scenario appeared. There were clearly four players running the dungeon, but it looked as if they were all doing their own thing. None of them were working together and one wasn’t even fighting monsters. He was just standing on the side shouting and directing.

This person was obviously Ye Xiu. At this moment, he was mostly worried about Concealed Light.

Teaching this guy was much harder than teaching Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion. After all, those two had solid mechanics. As soon as Ye Xiu taught them something, the two would immediately learn it after practicing it two or three times. But Concealed Light was very different.

Let alone, using summoned creatures to aggro monsters, block monsters, gather monsters together, surround monsters, etc… He wasn’t even able to move five summoned creatures in one direction.

Ye Xiu was patient though. He continued to teach him, but Concealed Light was somewhat disappointing. Not long after, he was forced to retreat after accidentally aggroing a few monsters, forcing Ye Xiu to help him out.

Starting from zero is truly difficult! Ye Xiu sighed.

“Concealed Light, do you seriously want to improve your mechanics?”

“Of course!”

“On the internet, there are a few programs that can help you train. Have you ever tried them before?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’ve downloaded a couple, but they’re all too hard! Isn’t it too early for me to do those?” Concealed Light said.

“No. I’ll send you some elementary ones. You should practice those slowly!” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah, really? Thanks, Senior!” Concealed Light had argued with Steamed Bun Invasion for a long time, so he learned what Steamed Bun Invasion called Ye Xiu.

“Hm? What’d you call me for?” Steamed Bun Invasion shamelessly joined in.

“You b*stard!” Concealed Light cursed.

“Thanks, God.” He didn’t forget to revise his previous address.

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