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Chapter 262 – Dungeon Tollbooth

Cold Night asked directly, so Ye Xiu replied the same way.

“So it really was you……”

“It was me.”

“It seems like you’re the only one who’s capable of making such a record.” Cold Night said.

“Don’t worry! I won’t be setting records personally anymore. I’ll only sell guides.” Ye Xiu said.

“You don’t even need to move to kill people. That sounds evil enough.”

“Don’t say it like that, everyone needs to eat. If you won’t let me set records, then I’ll sell guides. You won’t even let me sell guides? How do you want me to live?”

Cold Night didn’t know what to say. Since they weren’t able to beat Lord Grim, they allied together to kill him. In truth, there wasn’t anything honorable about this.

Even though he spoke this way, he didn’t have a bad impression of Lord Grim. However, if their guild were to develop, they would need the dungeon records. Methods such as pursuing and killing were methods that took place out in the open. However, there were even darker methods out there, which Cold Night had seen before. The game’s virtual reality brought out the darkness within people.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just didn’t want to believe that we’d lose so badly, so I wanted to confirm things with you. I understand now.” Cold Night replied.

“If you want to win, it’s not like there’s no chance.”

“What methods are there?” Cold Night replied extremely quickly.

“Buy my guide!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Sweat……” Cold Night had already realized that the buying and selling of guides might even be more terrifying than having Lord Grim personally subbing in or holding the records hostage. This was because the buying and selling of guides wasn’t only limited to in the game. This time, the guilds had no way of stopping it.

In Tyrannical Ambition’s current situation, directly taking back the record was the most effective way of coming back and would even give them a thrill that would definitely attract attention. As a result, Cold Night was very interested in these guides.

“What type of guide is it?” Cold Night asked.

“The guide that Misty Castle used to beat your record.”

“The same?”

“Of course.”

“Then how can you guarantee that we’ll beat their record?”

“I shouldn’t be able to guarantee anything, right? I only said that it was a chance.” Ye Xiu said.

“So you’re saying that since we’ll be using the same guide, everything else depends on how we perform?”


Cold Night immediately pictured a scene: from here on out, every guild that wanted to fight for the dungeon records would first have to buy a guide from Lord Grim. If not, then any guilds that didn’t buy it would have no chance…….

This guy! He’s no longer a kidnapper. He’s transformed into a tollbooth. From now on, his guides are the tickets needed to set records!

“Can I take a look at the guide first?” Cold Night asked.


“Why not…..”

“Because our relationship isn’t too good. I’m afraid that you won’t give me any materials after looking at it.” Ye Xiu said plainly.

“Then what happens if we were to give you the materials and you didn’t give us the guide?” Cold Night asked in return.

“Then you’d have lost big time.” Ye Xiu replied.

“You…..” Cold Night was speechless. He clearly needed the guide. If he wanted to buy the guide, then he would need to give materials to Lord Grim. There was no other option besides that.

Cold Night felt very gloomy. He didn’t like this sort of thing, but there was no way he could depend on his strength.

“I’m going to log off at seven. You have 15 minutes to consider it.” Ye Xiu messaged. “Of course, if you’re patient, then you can wait until I log in in the afternoon or even until next year. You can buy my guides at any time as long as you pay enough materials.”

“What materials?” Cold Night asked for the price.

Ye Xiu sent him the list.

“These…… are all Fire Forest materials.” Cold Night skimmed over them and said.

“We’ve only just started dungeoning in Fire Forest, so we don’t have these materials gathered up yet.” Cold Night didn’t object to the asking price. Ye Xiu had estimated it. It was similar to the deal between him and Misty Castle. He had changed the materials, but their value was still about the same. Cold Night knew that the price was lower than it would cost for Lord Grim to personally sub in, but in reality, since they had only just started running Fire Forest, they truly didn’t have the materials.

“Oh, but you should at least still have some of them, right? Maybe you can tell me what’s in your guild’s inventory and let me choose from it?” Ye Xiu said.

“One sec…….” Cold Night replied. He wasn’t sure.

After pondering it over for a few minutes, Cold Night felt that he should discuss it with his boss. However, he didn’t know if Jiang You had calmed down yet. If he suddenly told him that Lord Grim was still the holder of the tenth server records and that his situation was even more stable now, he was truly afraid that Jiang You would actually cough blood and have to be rescued by an ambulance.

“Wait just a bit longer!!” Cold Night hastily messaged Lord Grim and then hurriedly went to contact Jiang You. Simply speaking, he was anxious for Jiang You’s reply.

“So this guy actually had all this planned from the start? Was that reason why he decided to drag along four random cheerleaders and lose?”

Cold Night was startled. Now that Jiang You had said it, it did appear to be true.

“What do you say?” Cold Night felt that Jiang You had calmed down.

Jiang You went silent for a full minute before finally saying: “Give him the materials!”

“OK!” Cold Night decided. Their current plight was truly difficult. If they continued to fight with Lord Grim, Lord Grim wouldn’t care and they’d be the one losing out.

After receiving Jiang You’s reply, Cold Night contacted Lord Grim and said: “I agree!”

“What materials do you guys have?” Ye Xiu asked.

Cold Night checked the inventory and asked the guild for a materials list. After a while, he suddenly came up with a plan: to hide a few of the materials that Lord Grim wanted.

This trick was kind of pointless. With Lord Grim’s ability, it was just a matter of time before he got his hands on the materials that he wanted. But Cold Night wasn’t happy right now so if you want something, we don’t have it. We’ll give you something you don’t need!

Ye Xiu looked at Cold Night’s list and didn’t say anything. He picked a few materials and then replied back. Cold Night looked and saw that there wasn’t any problem. The materials were traded and Ye Xiu sent them the guide.

Cold Night opened up the document as if he was looking at a treasure. Just as he was about to say something else to Lord Grim, he found that Lord Grim had gone offline.

Cold Night suddenly panicked. What if they had been tricked? What if the guide was a fake? He hastily checked the guide and looked at the page count. Why was it so long?

He continued to read and discovered that it was different from normal guides. This guide was extremely detailed.

“F*ck, is he selling it based on the word count?” Cold Night disdained. But after looking at the highlighted portions and then reading them carefully, he immediately realized their significance.

“So it’s like this!” After reading a section, Cold Night suddenly understood.

“Did you get the guide?” On the other side, Jiang You was urging him.

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