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Chapter 257 – Appropriate Handling

Why am I setting records?

Tang Rou didn’t know the answer. The question stumped her! Wasn’t Ye Xiu the one who brought them over in order to set records? He had even made them undergo practice every day for each of the dungeons, yet he’s suddenly asking why she’s setting records?

“Why were you setting records?” Tang Rou asked back.

“I was doing it for uncommon materials. Everyone knows that. What about the rest of you?” Ye Xiu asked again.

“To learn from senior and improve.” Qiao Yifan replied without any hesitation.

“Ha ha ha, playing with senior’s more fun.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Ha ha.” Su Mucheng only laughed. She didn’t say anything.

“Mu Mu……” Tang Rou tried to win over a comrade-in-arms. The two were quite close with one another.

Su Mucheng could only say the truth: “I did it to help him get materials.”

The cruel reality was displayed in front of her eyes. No one on the team had really cared about the dungeon records.

“It’s still dungeoning. Even if we just casually set it, it’d be good too!” Tang Rou struggled.

“That’s true.” Ye Xiu said, “But in our current situation, if we continued to monopolize the records, then those others guilds won’t stop bothering us. It’s not worth it to get caught up with them.”

Ye Xiu brought the discussion to the main point. This was his true reason for not setting records.

With his experience and skill, he wasn’t scared of the threat from these guilds. If he was only playing the game for fun, he probably would have chosen to play around with the other guilds. But that wasn’t the case. Even if he killed all of the players from these guilds, what would be the point?

“There’s nothing wrong with setting dungeon records, but in our current state, the result from setting a record would just cause us to waste a great deal of our time. We aren’t scared of these guilds, but fighting with them isn’t our reason for playing the game.” Ye Xiu said.

“Senior! Senior! I find stealing their BOSSes to be quite fun.” Steamed Bun Invasion energetically said.

“Steamed Bun ah, this is only the new server. Stealing these low-leveled BOSSes is too unstylish! Let’s hurry up and level. When we get to the Heavenly Domain, there will be more BOSSes and more experts. The guilds over there will also be stronger so you tell me, doesn’t that sound more fun?”

“Hm…..” Steamed Bun Invasion replied and after thinking for five seconds, he yelled: “Let’s hurry and level up, everyone!”

Tang Rou was speechless. This Steamed Bun was a little bit too easy to sway.

“Yeah! Let’s hurry and go to the Heavenly Domain.” Ye Xiu said, while sending Tang Rou a personal message: “Our boss is waiting for you there!”

This guy!

Tang Rou was startled. Her treatment towards Chen Guo, due to playing like crazy, really was a secret worry of hers for these past few days. She wanted to play with Chen Guo, but the two were in different servers. Even if they sat together, they were still only playing on their own and couldn’t party up with each other.

Ye Xiu looked as if he was even more crazy about the game than she was, but he was still able to pay attention to all of this. The guy had been trying to reason with her at first and now he was trying to play the emotional route…..

However, it really was a good point! After hearing all this, Tang Rou discovered that her desire to level up grew stronger. Setting dungeon records or whatever had been pushed to the back of her mind.

Tang Rou thought for a bit and then replied: “Okay, then let’s hurry and level up!”

“Good! That’s what I wanted to hear!” Ye Xiu said.

“We’ve got to level up quickly. Everyone dungeon faster!!” Tang Rou yelled.

“Wha?” Ye Xiu stared stupidly. Leveling faster did mean that they should dungeon faster, but didn’t dungeoning faster mean that they would be trying to set dungeon records? He looked at the following message and saw an evil smiley face from Tang Rou. Ye Xiu knew that she was intentionally teasing him. He replied with a sweating face.

“Try hard. It doesn’t matter what your goal is.” Tang Rou replied again.

“You have to try harder. Your goal is to beat me, but the difficulty is too great.”

After some time, Ye Xiu received another message from Tang Rou: “I looked for a long time, but there’s no emoticon that describes what I’m feeling right now.”

“Ha ha.“ Ye Xiu laughed. He was finally able to get her to accept it and his opinion of her went up. This girl wasn’t someone who only acted on her own.

Tang Rou didn’t reply, but Ye Xiu was still busy typing. As he dungeoned, he continued to chat with two people.

One of them was Concealed Light. His newly issued Idiot’s Guide had been received quite well, but there were still quite a few criticisms. One of the commenters had even criticized him without even looking at the guide. Concealed Light looked at the comments the entire day. He would even argue with some of them and all that came out of it was concealed anger. He was now pouring out his grievances at Ye Xiu.

“There will always be people like this. You don’t need to worry about them. Your guides don’t have any mistakes in them and if they don’t believe that, then it’s their fault.” Ye Xiu replied.

“But some of them clearly hadn’t read it, yet they still criticized it.” Concealed Light gloomily said.

“If they didn’t even look at your guides, why are you even looking at their comments?” Ye Xiu said.

“I only found out after I finished reading their comments!” Concealed Light said.

Ye Xiu didn’t know what to say. Why was it that this kid so one-track minded like Steamed Bun Invasion?

“If they didn’t see your guide, then there’s no point taking note of their comments.” Ye Xiu plainly said.

“Sigh sigh sigh…….” Concealed Light sighed. God’s words had made him feel a bit better, but his anger wouldn’t go away so easily. Concealed Light told Ye Xiu that he agreed with him, but still couldn’t help looking at the comments.

“But it’s true that your guide hasn’t reached its limit.” Ye Xiu messaged again.


“It’s not your fault. With your circumstances, it’s already incredible that you’ve reached such a level. It’s very difficult to come up with something new only by watching videos and reading other guides. Coming up with something new requires actual experience and testing, which are two things you lack. I made a revised version of your guide that you should take a look at!”

“Ah? Your version?” Concealed Light asked.

“Yeah!” Ye Xiu said, while sending Concealed Light his version via QQ.

Concealed Light immediately received it and quickly looked at it. He then replied: “Ah! So you could do it like that! I should have thought about that!!”

“Of course you’ll suddenly see it now.” Ye Xiu said.

Concealed Light continued to look, while discussing with Ye Xiu.

“How do you usually level up?” Ye Xiu asked Concealed Light.


“You can’t find anyone to party with?” Ye Xiu asked. Summoners, especially new Summoners, have a hard time finding parties. When Summoners fought, if they summoned too few creatures, their damage would be too low; If they summoned too many however, their control over them would be poor, and then it’d only become a mess with the other team members, which was extremely irritating. As a result, fewer and fewer players liked Summoners. In the end, it caused so many Summoners to stand outside the dungeon entrance that they earned the nickname “Dungeon Guards”.

“Yeah……” Concealed Light replied, confirming Ye Xiu’s assumptions.

“Actually, for a five-player dungeon, Summoners have the ability to solo it. Even though it’ll definitely be a lot slower than it would be with five players, your experience gain will be a lot greater. If you get good, your experience gain speed won’t be any lower than one person in a five-man party.” Ye Xiu possessed the skill to solo a five-man dungeon with any class. But for a normal player, Summoners were good for soloing.

“Uh, I’ve…. tried it before.” Concealed Light replied. Most Summoners would research how to solo a dungeon. Some were able to persist while others failed. Concealed Light seemed to be in the latter category.

“In a bit, if you have time, I’ll bring you along for a run!” Ye Xiu said. With Concealed Light’s mechanics, Ye Xiu reckoned that soloing probably couldn’t be done.

“Ah, that’s great. Thanks, God.” Concealed Light was naturally very happy. He then asked: “God, are you planning on posting your version?”

“No, it’s for sale.”


“I’m selling it to those guilds who are setting records to earn some materials.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ha ha ha, too good.”

“So keep it a secret for now or else it won’t be valuable anymore.”

“I understand.” Concealed Light replied. He was able to understand the guide, so naturally he understood the guide’s value. Even though Ye Xiu had only changed the guide a little bit, it was clearly much better than it was before. If people wanted a guide for setting a record, then Ye Xiu’s was the real deal.

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