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Chapter 256 – The Purpose of a Game

If it was just Tyrannical Ambition setting a dungeon record, then no one would be amazed. After all, the big guilds were going all out at Line Canyon’s dungeon tonight. No guild would let this opportunity go by. And even though Tyrannical Ambition had suffered under a bit of mockery due to Lord Grim’s subbing in, it didn’t affect their fundamental strength. The fight for the dungeon records was as competitive as ever. Every guild understood this, so they weren’t surprised that Tyrannical Ambition’s name was up on TV.

But after seeing Tyrannical Ambition’s time, they couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.


In the past few days, Line Canyon’s dungeon record had occasionally changed, but it was always only by a few seconds. When the first place team’s record was only within five seconds of the fifth place team’s record, it indicated that the record had reached a certain limit.

Tyrannical Ambition’s record this time though gave the other big guilds a fright.

Compared to the previous record, their record had improved the time by a full two minutes.

Was this actually Tyrannical Ambition? Quite a few players had their doubts and checked the team’s roster on the leaderboards, searching hard for Lord Grim’s name. Everyone failed to find it, though. Tyrannical Ambition. It was the real Tyrannical Ambition. All of the big guilds had a spy network. They had information on the five Tyrannical Ambition names. They were true members of the guild.

However, with a sudden move, they actually improved the time by two minutes.

Normally, it was very rare for players to leave room for improvement for dungeon records. After all, these required perfect playing. A single small mistake could even cause them to restart. And this type of mistake wasn’t something that they could avoid. Everyone made mistakes. As a result, whenever it was time to set a record, every team would go at it their hardest. Whichever team could achieve the most perfect run would set the final record.

But Tyrannical Ambition’s record showed that they had the strength to beat the record by over two minutes, which they hadn’t shown until now. Two minutes was a lot. Making up for this time with a few less mistakes wasn’t easy. In Tyrannical Ambition’s run to achieve the record of 27 minutes, if they had made mistakes here and there, then they probably would have been in the 28-29 minute range.

But they didn’t. Previously, there hadn’t been any records under 29 minutes.

Tyrannical Ambition’s record was truly astonishing. Was it something they were always capable of doing or was it because they had run the dungeon perfectly? Even if they knew the answer to this, it was pointless. From now on, all the guilds would have to attempt to beat this record.

Two minutes after Tyrannical Ambition set their record, new records began showing up on the leaderboards. Two guilds had surpassed their previous records and one of them had even entered below the 30 minute mark.

But compared to 27:41:24, the two records were too far off. They obviously wouldn’t be shown on TV; they could only silently take the second and third place. No one could deny their efforts, but the greatest applause would be reserved for those who took first place. The second, third, and even the fourth and fifth places would increase a guild’s reputation a bit, but they couldn’t compete with those who took first place.

First place and second place were sometimes only off by a second. But the titles “first”and “second” made others feel that the distance between the two placers was miles apart.

The guilds had all done their research on how to run the dungeon. They all knew just how difficult it was to achieve 27:41:24.

When Tyrannical Ambition’s record came out, one third of the competitors immediately gave up. Another one third continued to run the dungeon as planned, but none of them knew if they could achieve such a record. They could only pray towards the heavens. Apart from this, the remaining one third clenched their teeth and continued to batter at the records. They felt that there was no reason they couldn’t achieve Tyrannical Ambition’s record.

Herb Garden, Excellent Dynasty, Samsara…… the guilds that had allied against Lord Grim didn’t give up. This wasn’t a coincidence. These guilds had clearly spent much effort chasing down Lord Grim for the benefit of all. Just by looking at how they joined in on such a movement showed their desire for the records. How could they give up now?

27 minutes! The elites from every guild stared at the number…..

“27:41 by Tyrannical Ambition. It looks pretty good!” Tang Rou noticed it the instant the announcement was made. She remembered most names of the guilds she had encountered. In the beginning, she hadn’t taken them seriously. But after chatting with Chen Guo, she discovered that these were all top-tier guilds in Glory. Chen Guo, who had been playing the game for a long time, was more clear on how strong each of the guilds was. All in all, Ye Xiu hadn’t played in the normal servers for a long time, so he was picking up a lot of new things as he played.

Tyrannical Ambition was extremely strong. Ye Xiu had never said this, but Chen Guo had talked a lot about them. Even though Tang Rou couldn’t see how Tyrannical Ambition was strong, since Chen Guo said so, she should just listen…….

“Eh, it’s okay.” Ye Xiu wasn’t too impressed with Tyrannical Ambition’s record.

“If it was us, how fast could we do it?” Tang Rou asked.

“25 minutes!” Ye Xiu said.

“Are we going to try now?” Tang Rou asked.

Midnight was the high point for running the dungeons, so it wasn’t convenient for them to cause a commotion at this time. There were guild members everywhere at this time. It was very likely that if they were found entering a dungeon, they’d be surrounded as soon as they exited. It had taken them ten minutes to arrive and some more due to caution. As a result, the guilds had already finished running the dungeon once and had just entered for their second try.

Seeing that Tyrannical Ambition had set a relatively impressive record and seeing that Ye Xiu hadn’t talked about the records, Tang Rou couldn’t help but ask.

“There’s no need for us to set records anymore!” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Tang Rou asked.

“Because competing for the dungeon records was never our goal! Think about why you play the game.” Ye Xiu said.

“Uh…….” The simple phrase had stumped Tang Rou.

Ye Xiu didn’t care if they weren’t going to set a record. Setting records was just a way for him to gather uncommon materials. He now had other ways of gathering materials, so he didn’t need to clash against the other guilds for the record. With his identity, if word came out that he was competing against these normal players for the dungeon record, then he’d become a laughingstock.

Ye Xiu didn’t care. Su Mucheng obviously didn’t care. Qiao Yifan’s motivation didn’t need to be spoken of either. He came to the new server for personal instruction from a God-level player. After playing with the God for a few days, he already felt he had made a lot of improvement. In the beginning, he wasn’t used to playing a Phantom Demon, but he was becoming more and more familiar with it now. Dungeon records? Qiao Yifan obviously didn’t care about these. He was still a pro-level player. His reason for coming here was to improve. Beating some normal players couldn’t be considered as any improvement in his eyes.

And consequently, only Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion cared a bit more about these records.

Steamed Bun Invasion was more pure. He liked to play the game and he played for fun. With his good attitude, he always found something fun about the game. Setting a record was one of them. But without it, there were still many other things to enjoy.

In the end, the only person who really cared about the records was Tang Rou. This girl was extremely competitive and liked the feeling of competing and surpassing other people. Just as expected, while the others were indifferent about Tyrannical Ambition’s record, Tang Rou asked more about it.


Ye Xiu’s question had made Tang Rou feel at a loss for words.

“To beat you.” After a few moments, Tang Rou blurted it out. It was the original reason she had played Glory, the game she hadn’t found interesting. The game had a lot of content, but Tang Rou’s original reason hadn’t changed. Whether it was in dungeoning or PK, she frequently paid attention to Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim, constantly comparing each other’s performance.

Even though she was getting more familiar with the game, she only felt how large the gap between them was. This didn’t make her dispirited, though.

She first had to figure out where their differences were and how great the differences were.

To her, it had only just begun. The ever impulsive and rash Tang Rou had already gotten rid of the idea of continuously challenging him until she beat him. She was now preparing a plan to surpass him.

She learned from Ye Xiu while watching the distance between them. She would then fix whatever she needed to fix. Tang Rou had her own plan in mind. She wasn’t like Steamed Bun Invasion who said this and that and stupidly laughed.

Tang Rou didn’t relax when she played, which was very different from Steamed Bun Invasion’s playing for fun.

However, for Tang Rou, this was what made her feel that the game was fun. If it was something that was just for her to relax, then she’d only feel bored.

After reminding Tang Rou her purpose for playing the game, Ye Xiu then casually said: “Then why are you setting records?”

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