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Chapter 258 – Guide Easter Egg

While Ye Xiu talked with Concealed Light, he was also privately chatting with someone else.

Misty Castle’s tenth server guild leader, Hazy Mist, immediately sent Ye Xiu a massage after seeing Tyrannical Ambition’s record: “Brother, can we beat 27:41?”

“The guide can, but can you?” Ye Xiu replied.

“It seems……. not too likely……” Hazy Mist was quite honest.

“You have to beat it. Right now, everyone’s watching the record. It’s your time to shine.” Ye Xiu said.

“If we don’t set it, can we return it?” Hazy Mist asked.

“I already said no……” Ye Xiu bluntly said.


“Stop bothering me, brother.”

“Aww. Tyrannical Ambition’s too fierce.” Hazy Mist condemned.

“If you still have time to be sad, then hurry up and gather some experts to practice what the guide says!”

“Where am I supposed to find people this late at night? And also, your guide uses a certain class setup. I still haven’t gotten the team together yet!”

“Impossible. You’re lying. I don’t believe you can’t form a team with such a large guild like yours.” Ye Xiu said.

“Alright, I was lying, but it really wasn’t easy to get them together. Is there anything else tricky about it?” Hazy Mist asked.

“None. There really isn’t any. It’s all in the guide.”

“There aren’t any focal points in the guide?”

Ye Xiu suddenly understood and replied: “So that was what you were asking about. Why didn’t you just say it!” Ye Xiu had been wondering what Hazy Mist wanted. He didn’t think that they would suddenly be so close after only talking with each other once.

“You’ve already seen through it? The guide has a few focal points. As long as you do those well, then you might not need to follow every step exactly. If you take those focal points and integrate it into your familiar strategy, then it should work, too. How many of these focal points have you found?” Ye Xiu followed up. For these top-tier players, they already had their own step-by-step method. They didn’t really need such a detailed guide.

“Uh, seven.” Hazy Mist said.

“Which seven?”

“I’ve highlighted them in the file. Can I send it to you to look at?”


Hazy Mist quickly sent it over. Ye Xiu opened it. The focal points Hazy Mist had found were all the new revisions Ye Xiu had done on Concealed Light’s guide. The ones Hazy Mist had highlighted were all correct. He had found the most important parts of the guide.

“These seven are correct.” Ye Xiu replied, “But there are still two more. I’ve highlighted them and sent it back to you. Go and take a look!”

“Okay, thank you.” Hazy Mist replied. This was the reason he had contacted Lord Grim. When he first looked at the guide, he had noticed a few different points. He then talked about it with the guild and found these seven focal points. But he was worried that they hadn’t found them all, so he ran to ask Lord Grim.

Hazy Mist received the file and then went silent. However, after a short while, Hazy Mist suddenly sent another message: “D*mn! A record came out!!”

“Where?” Ye Xiu didn’t see any announcements. He opened up the leaderboards and it was still Tyrannical Ambition at the top.

“In the seventh server! Holy sh*t!” Hazy Mist sent a going-crazy face.

“What’s the time?” Ye Xiu stifled a laugh as he replied. He obviously understood that Misty Castle wanted to practice using the guide and try it out, but they didn’t want to waste the tries in the tenth server, so they went to a different server to practice. It hadn’t been easy for Hazy Mist. To be able to gather up the people and borrow accounts in under an hour was a testament to his ability. However, they had only been practicing and they had already set a record. If they had known that it would happen like this, then they wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of practicing.


“Not bad! If you brought that over to this server, then you’d shake the server. Are there any reactions on the seventh server?” Ye Xiu asked.

“We earned the “Idling Headache” achievement.” Hazy Mist replied. In the old server, setting a low-leveled dungeon wouldn’t garner much attention.

“Come to the tenth server and run the dungeon!”

“Who knows if we’ll be able to do it this run?”

“I don’t think there will be any problems.” Ye Xiu said. The record they had just set couldn’t have been from following the guide step-by-step. There was no way they could follow and fully understand such a long and tedious guide in such a short amount of time. No one could do that. But the guide was fixed, while people were creative. By grasping the focal points of the guide and then applying it to their regular strategy, that was the most efficient method.

Misty Castle’s experts clearly understood this. They quickly grasped the focal points and combined Ye Xiu’s new guide with their usual strategy to break the record on the seventh server.

“I hope so!” Hazy Mist replied. He seemed very worried, but in reality, he wasn’t worried at all. After finding out how incredible the guide was, he was already full of confidence.

As he chatted, Ye Xiu continued to dungeon. They weren’t pursuing a record, so they weren’t so tense. Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion did their limited practice, while Qiao Yifan practiced fighting in different scenarios.

After Tyrannical Ambition’s record came out, a lot of discussion was brought up by normal players. Many guessed when Lord Grim would come out and stomp on the record. A lot of players were even betting on how much he would beat it by.

This run took them 33 minutes, which was very ordinary. But so far, Ye Xiu didn’t see any new announcements.

After a short while, Hazy Mist sent another message saying that they had failed the first run.

“You can do it.” Ye Xiu could only encourage them.

“It’ll definitely come out tonight!” Hazy Mist was extremely confident. Ye Xiu reckoned that the guy had gathered more than one team. They probably had six or nine tries.

The dungeoning continued. Ye Xiu calculated the time and guessed that the guilds should be done with their three runs. Ye Xiu checked the leaderboards. The second and third place spots had been changed, but Tyrannical Ambition was still in first.

Ye Xiu wasn’t surprised by this. The competition was fierce, but Jiang You’s group truly did stand out from everyone else.

News of the guilds began appearing in the world chat. After running the dungeon three times, a lot of the guilds had hit Level 34 and were currently congratulating or bragging to each other. And after this, they were going to compete for the Fire Forest first clear.

A first kill wasn’t as amazing as a dungeon record. But if they still had the chance, it was still worth going for. The members who had just reached Level 34 gathered together and left Line Canyon.

Jiang You’s group should have been part of this group. But unfortunately, after being killed by Lord Grim twice, their experience had decreased and they were still stuck at Level 33.

However, seeing that their record wasn’t even close to being beat, the five felt very happy.

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