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Chapter 254 – By Proxy

“Guide? What guide?’ Blue River was somewhat puzzled.

“A guide for setting the record.” Ye Xiu replied casually. The guide was based on Concealed Light’s version. After a few days of hard work, Concealed Light finally finished an accurate guide for how to set the record. Ye Xiu had checked it seriously and didn’t find any problems with it. It could be said that if you followed the guide step by step with a team without any equipment issues, then anyone could participate in the competition for the dungeon record. Afterwards, it just depended on who carried the guide out the best.

However, Concealed Light’s guide wasn’t anything out of the box. In other words, Concealed Light’s guide was detailed and precise, but it wasn’t anything new. It wasn’t that Blue River and the other experienced players didn’t understand the strategy the guide used. It was just that they hadn’t played a low-leveled dungeon in a long time, so they were unfamiliar with it. Concealed Light’s guide let them save time by researching the things they had forgotten or weren’t used to, allowing them to directly practice with a complete strategy.

But the guide Ye Xiu presented wasn’t the same as Concealed Light’s guide. He had made a few revisions on Concealed Light’s version.

These revisions were new strategies that had never been talked about before in Line Canyon. They were similar to the new strategy Ye Xiu had come up with for Boneyard. This type of new strategy wasn’t something that Concealed Light, who didn’t have any actual experience, could come up with.

“A guide for setting the record?” Blue River was still suspicious.

“Correct. As long as you follow it, then I can guarantee that you guys will stand on top of the record boards.” Ye Xiu was very confident.

“Really? Then, let me study it.” Blue River said.

“Bro, there’s a tuition fee.”

Blue River stared blankly. In that instant, he understood what was going on.

Thise God had changed his approach!

Currently, it was very difficult for him to continue substituting in and setting the record for the guild. This was because Lord Grim was too good and was too famous. Whenever a record came out with his name, he would be the only person the players would see, and thus, no one would recognize that record as a reflection of the guild’s strength.

Looking for Lord Grim to set the record for them wasn’t a viable route anymore. But the guilds still needed records and Lord Grim had become a large obstacle for them, which was why seven guilds had allied together to chase down Lord Grim. Blue River knew what had happened in the past few days. He was glad that Blue Brook Guild hadn’t participated. God had made the seven guilds suffer miserably.

However, Blue River understood that this God wouldn’t relax. No matter how skilled he was, he was still only a single person and had to divide some of his attention to avoiding the guilds’ pursuit. The battle wasn’t easy for either side.

In Blue River’s eyes, the battle would still be decided by the dungeon records.

If this God was still able to continue forcefully pressing on the dungeon records even while being chased, then the guilds would be forced to compromise. It was very possible that they would eventually have to pay him to not set the record.

Forcefully pressing down on the records wasn’t a problem for this God.

And dealing with the pursuers from the guilds didn’t seem to be much of a problem for this God either.

Using power to subdue the big guilds sounded ridiculous, but it was actually possible for him. That was what Blue River thought after knowing Lord Grim’s identity.

As the guild leader in the new server, he understood the progress of each of the guilds. At this moment, the elite teams were about to reach Level 34. Line Canyon’s final record would be set tonight.

And currently, it was very possible that the not yet Level 33 Lord Grim would level up later and then take down the record that would be set tonight. It was also possible that he would set another astonishing record right now at his current level.

Blue River hadn’t completely given up on setting new records. He had only given up on competing with this God. In other words, Blue River was prepared to pay him to not set new records. It was just that they had to take down the record first.

And amidst this, the God came to him to try and sell him some guide……

He deserved to be a God. His line of thinking was clear and he knew that the dungeon records were still the only solution to the current conflict. However, he hadn’t thought of forcefully subduing the guilds with his records and had instead chosen a different method to help the guilds set the record.

Lord Grim didn’t care about having his name on the records, but he needed the materials. As a result, he chose to sell his strategies.

Too smart! Blue River couldn’t help but praise him. By doing this, he would drop the guilds’ enmity while making a profit. His method was too beautiful.

Blue River completely understood what this God was trying to do. He also knew that this God wasn’t hiding anything from him.

“I understand.” Blue River replied.

Blue River didn’t doubt the reliability of the guide. This was because he knew Lord Grim’s identity. It would be an easy task for God Ye Qiu to make a guide. Before, everyone had been puzzled about how he had set those astonishing records. And now the answer was almost in front of them.

“Can I ask a question?” Blue River suddenly asked.

“What question?”

“Why did you choose Blue Brook Guild?” Blue River asked.

“Choose? That’s not right. I just picked a random guild to ask. If you don’t want it, then I’ll ask another one.” Ye Xiu replied.

“So it’s like that. I do want it.”

“Then let’s discuss the price.”

“But I can’t take it this time.” Blue River said again, “Before this, we made an agreement with Tyrannical Ambition that they wouldn’t touch Desolate Land’s dungeon record, while we wouldn’t touch Line Canyon’s record.”

“So it’s like that! Then you’ve lost a good opportunity. I’m very sorry.”

“Can I ask for the guide for the Fire Forest dungeon record in advance?” Blue River asked.

“Hmm……. let’s talk about it later!” Ye Xiu replied.

Blue River was sad. He was afraid of the words “let’s talk about it later”. Previously, when he was still looking for Lord Grim to set the record for them, he had gotten “let’s talk about it later” as replies. And every time, a different guild had taken the opportunity. If he knew that the situation would come to this, then he wouldn’t have made the agreement with Tyrannical Ambition.

“What a pity.” Ye Xiu felt sorry for Blue River and then chose a different target on his friends list.

These other guild leaders longed for the records. Sure enough, Ye Xiu messaged Misty Castle’s guild leader, who immediately replied back saying he was interested.

Knowing that there would be a price, the guild leader sent an emoticon with its cheeks streaming with tears and then asked for the price.

Ye Xiu’s asking price was very reasonable, so there was no haggling over the price. In any case, neither side would have budged.

After just a few words, they finished discussing about the price. But because it was their first time collaborating, both sides needed to communicate a bit more.

After all, this time, Ye Xiu wasn’t going to personally substitute in. If he was going to, then the record was guaranteed. As for buying the guide, Ye Xiu could only guarantee that there weren’t any problems with the guide; he couldn’t guarantee that Misty Castle’s players could completely follow the guide’s requirements. This wasn’t something he had control over.

Misty Castle’s guild leader wanted to pay the materials after they had successfully set the record. Ye Xiu continued to say that there were absolutely no problems with the guide and he would receive the pay as soon as he gave them the guide. As for whether or not they could set the record, that depended on themselves.

The two argued for a long time over this issue, yet no conclusion was made.

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