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Chapter 255 – What Does He Gain?

Misty Castle’s guild leader was indecisive. After pondering over it for a while, he still hadn’t come to a decision. Ye Xiu could only patiently explain to him his guide.

Before, when Ye Xiu went to look for Blue Brook Guild, he had said that he just picked a random guild. In reality, that was a lie. Selling the guide was different from personally setting the record for the guild. No matter what guild it was, as long as he subbed in, Ye Xiu would take down the record – guaranteed. But the guide was different.

The guide was only something on a piece of paper. Whether or not you could complete what was on the paper was a completely different matter.

Why were most of the records held by the Three Great Guilds? Strength! Even with the guide, the buyer still had to perform.

Top-tier guilds undoubtedly had the advantage when it came to the number of talents they possessed. For example, the group of five that Jiang You lead had good mechanics and were outstanding in their ability to implement a guide. With Ye Xiu’s guide, they would certainly be able to set an incredible record.

And what about the big guilds who had slightly fewer talents? They would be the same as Misty Castle. They would hesitate over whether they should buy the guide or not.

Misty Castle’s guild leader didn’t doubt that the guide was real. He was just worried that their guild’s players weren’t talented enough. If their guild acquired the guide, but weren’t able to take the record, then wouldn’t that be like drawing water with a sieve?

This was why he hoped that they could have the right to return the product. Even though Ye Xiu refused it, Ye Xiu understood what the other side was thinking. At this moment, if this was some other guild, then they would probably be the same. Misty Castle was already considered one of the stronger guilds.

“Don’t worry about the guide. There aren’t any complicated or unfamiliar maneuvers you have to do. If you find a few experts and practice, then there definitely won’t be a problem.” Ye Xiu tried to ease Misty Castle’s guild leader’s anxiety.

After another long pause, Misty Castle’s guild leader reluctantly replied with an “Alright then.”

Thus, Ye Xiu immediately asked the other side for his e-mail address and sent the revised version of Concealed Light’s guide to him.

Misty Castle’s guild leader impatiently opened it.

“So long!” He just saw the article’s page length and was already astonished. He then checked the detailed directions for the final BOSS. He didn’t see anything that was extremely difficult and it really was within their abilities. Only after checking this did he scroll up and take a look at the rest of the guide.

Misty Castle’s guild leader was an expert among the experienced players as well, so his vision was quite good. After quickly skimming through two pages, he didn’t find anything wrong with it.

“I’m going to keep reading.” Misty Castle’s guild leader tabbed back to the game and called out to Lord Grim.

“Take your time.” Ye Xiu wasn’t worried. The guide didn’t have any problems and Misty Castle was a guild backed by a Club who valued their image greatly, so they definitely wouldn’t go back on their word.

Afterwards, Misty Castle’s guild leader asked a few questions about parts he was uncertain about. Ye Xiu explained each one to him. After a few rounds, he finished looking at the guide.

Misty Castle’s guild leader didn’t find anything wrong with it, so he sent Ye Xiu the materials. After the trade was finished, Ye Xiu looked at the time. It was almost time to change shifts, so he logged out of the game. With a few minutes to spare, he randomly browsed around the internet.

On the forums, Concealed Light had already posted his Line Canyon guide.

It was even longer than the previous Idiot’s Guides, making many intimidated with their first glance at it. However, the amount of mocking lessened and many began to seriously comment on it.

Club Tyranny.

Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Bai Yanfei. After finishing their match in-game, they didn’t stay in their guild’s studio and went back to do their own business.

Without a doubt, the match had been utterly boring.

Zhang Xinjie’s and Bai Yanfei’s fight against the four cheerleaders didn’t need to be talked about.

Even though Han Wenqing fought against his old rival, Ye Qiu hadn’t been trying at all. If Ye Qiu had only fought like this previously, then Han Wenqing would have confirmed his status as fully retired. However, Ye Qiu clearly proved himself with the Receiving Throw, which Han Wenqing was unable to defend against. Ye Qiu just hadn’t been taking it seriously.

“Why?” Zhang Xinjie didn’t understand, “Looking at his performance today, he was clearly planning on losing.”

“He would never do something that had no purpose. This means that him losing was in his interests.” Han Wenqing said.

“That’s why I say that he had already decided to lose this match long ago.” Zhang Xinjie said.

“If he loses, then he won’t touch Tyrannical Ambition’s records. But at the same time, Tyrannical Ambition won’t make trouble for him, too. This might be what he wanted to achieve.” Han Wenqing said.

“What does he gain from this?”

“Time.” Han Wenqing answered bluntly.

Zhang Xinjie stared blankly, though he sort of understood.

“You don’t actually think that guy truly plans on retiring for good, do you?” Han Wenqing said, “In maybe another year, we might meet him in an official match.” Han Wenqing suddenly lowered his head and looked at his right hand, which then clenched into a fist.

When Han Wenqing and the two other pro-players left the studio, Jiang You mustered up his courage and asked who exactly Lord Grim was.

“Ye Qiu.” Han Wenqing threw down the name and left.

Jiang You and everyone else in the room were obviously dumbstruck. The thought that Lord Grim was such a person hadn’t come across their minds before.

But they didn’t revere Ye Qiu in any way. He was Tyranny’s archenemy. Of course, they completely understood their archenemy’s strength. After finally knowing who they had been up against, their hearts relaxed a little.

Losing to a God wasn’t shameful in any way. Plus, their team captain had helped take revenge for them.

But because of this, they still had to change some of their plans. Jiang You contacted Cold Night: “Maintain contact with Lord Grim, but there’s no need to rope him in.”


“Do you know who Lord Grim is?” After knowing that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu, Jiang You couldn’t imagine what type of conditions he’d have to give to rope in such a God.

“Who?” Cold Night asked.

“Ye Qiu.” Jiang You bluntly replied like Han Wenqing had. Saying the name in such a way was just as if he was the team captain. Jiang You wanted to copy him, but unfortunately, he could only type it out. He hoped that Cold Night would be able to see some of his demeanor from these words!

After a long while, Cold Night finally replied with a single word: D*mn.

“That’s why you don’t need to bother with roping him in!” Jiang You said.

“I understand.” Cold Night replied.

“Tonight will go just as planned. We’ll take down Line Canyon and then go back. The rest is up to you.” Jiang You made a great concluding speech.

“Don’t worry!” Cold Night was full of confidence. Without Lord Grim against them, he wasn’t worried about anyone else.

At midnight, Jiang You’s group gathered together at Line Canyon and headed towards the dungeon.

This was their last night in the tenth server. The five all felt a little nostalgic.

“Playing in the new server is quite fun, too.” The Blade Master said.

“The new server is pretty crazy this time.” The Striker added.

“I’m currently wondering that when Ye Qiu comes to the Heavenly Domain, what will happen then?” The Sharpshooter said.

Everyone fell silent. In their end, they all exposed a somewhat pained expression.

“F*ck. You just had to say that when we were all so happy.”

“My bad…..”

“Okay, let’s take down the record first. Let’s take it down!” Jiang You yelled.

“Understood!!” The four replied.

Even though Ye Qiu’s shadow made them surprised, the five were in high spirits.

After only one run, they broke the Line Canyon dungeon record.

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