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Chapter 253 – To Retreat By Advancing


This time, quite a few of the spectators shouted in astonishment.

In their eyes, Han Wenqing had been pressing forward extremely hard. It was already quite amazing that Lord Grim was able to endure for so long. Finally, when Lord Grim had been Eagle Stamped, they thought that victory was in hand. But just now, Han Wenqing’s Striker was suddenly hit by the opponent’s Dismantle.

The Receive and Throw’s damage couldn’t compare to Eagle Stamp’s, but receiving the opponent’s attack and then throwing him onto the ground looked much more devastating than Eagle Stamp’s movements.

Lord Grim didn’t throw the Striker out with his Receive and Throw. He instead kept the Striker near, not allowing him time to Quick Recover.

“If I don’t leave you with some black and blue to look at in the mirror then you’d be too arrogant.” Ye Xiu said after throwing Han Wenqing onto the ground.

“So it really is you.” Han Wenqing replied. He wasn’t surprised.

As rivals, they were really too familiar each other. After fighting for a bit, Ye Xiu was already completely certain that the Striker was Han Wenqing. And even though Ye Xiu wasn’t using his signature Battle Mage, his pathing, decision-making, and other battle habits had already been seen through by Han Wenqing, who was also certain that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu.

“Who? Who??” Jiang You and the other spectators began muttering amongst each other.

They couldn’t hear the opponent’s voice in-game, but they could hear what Han Wenqing said because he was in the same room as them.

Lord Grim is someone their God recognizes? Jiang You and the other spectators trembled.

Meanwhile, on the screen, Lord Grim didn’t follow up on the fallen Striker and instead waited for Han Wenqing’s Striker to get up.

Are they not going to fight? The spectators were puzzled.

From start to finish, they had been locked onto Han Wenqing’s and Lord Grim’s 1v1. And what about the other players? They hastily checked the rest of the fight, and they only had one thought in their hearts: disaster.

An utter disaster. Lord Grim’s four teammates had been flattened so badly they probably didn’t know which way north and west was anymore. The Sharpshooter and Blade Master even looked powerful and mighty in front of them, which made Jiang You quite jealous.

It wasn’t hard to see that Lord Grim’s four teammates were the same as the previous Zero Kills. They were easily cleaned up.

‘Who exactly is Lord Grim? What is he trying to do?” Jiang You wasn’t able to understand. When they looked back, Han Wenqing and Lord Grim were once again fighting. But so what? Once those four cheerleaders died, they would just gang up on him…….

“Why fight so seriously?” Ye Xiu chuckled.

Han Wenqing didn’t reply and kept on attacking ferociously.

After a few rounds, one of his strikes connected with Lord Grim again.

Jiang You and the other spectators’ hearts had leapt into their throats. But in the end, Lord Grim didn’t counter and was then beaten up by the Striker.

Seeing Lord Grim being beaten up so badly should have been something to celebrate. Jiang You didn’t know why, but currently he didn’t feel anything from it.

Han Wenqing comboed and then suddenly stopped mid-way.

Lord Grim’s body fell. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t even Quick Recover. He just lay there, not moving.

It was strange that an expert like Lord Grim wouldn’t move.

Was he already dead? But when they looked at his character’s health, Lord Grim was still far from dying!

The spectators were bewildered. They stealthily glanced at Han Wenqing and discovered that his face was like the calm before a storm. They held their breaths.

The spectators were trying to figure out what was going on, when Lord Grim finally jumped back up.

“Sorry, I had to leave for a sec. Huh, why aren’t I dead yet?” Ye Xiu said.

Han Wenqing didn’t say anything and then immediately pounced forward. He had felt it before, which is why he suddenly stopped.

At this moment, the other eight players’ battle had ended. How could some random players be an opponent for two pro-players and two in-game elites?

After the four cleaned up the cheerleaders, they rushed over and arrived at where the other two were dueling. But none of them moved to surround Lord Grim.

Should they move? Seeing that Zhang Xinjie and Bai Yanfei weren’t moving, the Sharpshooter and the Blade Master did the same and just watched in silence.

Since they were fighting next to their God, they weren’t negligent in the slightest against the cheerleaders. They had been completely focused on their battles and hadn’t been paying attention to the battle here.

The two prepared to enter the battle at any moment, but it didn’t seem like they needed to! Under Han Wenqing’s fierce attacks, Lord Grim looked to be struggling to stand up. It didn’t look like he had any chance of fighting back.

“That was to be expected! In front of Han Wenqing, what was Lord Grim?” the Sharpshooter and Blade Master thought simultaneously.

But Jiang You and the other spectators didn’t think like this. Their minds were still pondering over of that sudden Receive and Throw’s speed and accuracy. Except, after that, Lord Grim never really showed up again. He had been taking a beating the entire time. He even stopped moving for a bit. But after standing up, nothing changed.

It was just a matter of time before Lord Grim lost. But Jiang You still felt uneasy. He felt that the loss was too unusual. It seemed like he was losing on purpose.

Right before Lord Grim’s health bar ran out, Han Wenqing stopped his attack once again.

‘What are you doing? Just a bit more. Hurry up.” Ye Xiu said.

“What are you trying to do?” Han Wenqing asked.

“Old friend Han, your attitude is certainly deserved. But it’s just a small match…… Of course I know that you always like to go all out.” Ye Xiu continued, “It’s just that, at our age, we should slow down a bit. You’ve probably felt it.”

“Sorry, I only know how to go forward. I don’t understand what “slow down” means.” Han Wenqing said.

“Then, hurry up.” Ye Xiu had Lord Grim step forward into Han Wenqing’s attack range.

“If you’ve already recognized that you’ve lost, then leave the stage yourself!” Han Wenqing said.

“Leaving doesn’t mean I recognize that I’ve lost.” Ye Xiu laughed. Lord Grim left and the system proclaimed Tyrannical Ambition’s team as the victor.

Jiang You and the other spectators in the room as well as others who were watching in-game all felt a bit puzzled, but all in all, they won and their happiness instantly washed over their bit of doubt. Their biggest worry now was whether Lord Grim would do as he said he would.

“You’ve lost!” Cold Night immediately messaged.

“Yeah, in the future, I won’t touch your guild’s records.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ha ha ha, that’s good. Then, we’ll continue to be friends. If you ever need anything, then you can come talk to us.” Cold Night was incomparably happy.

Ye Xiu simply replied with a smiley face.

“What do you say we take Line Canyon’s record tonight?” Cold Night asked Jiang You.

“It’s finally over.” Jiang You let out a sigh of relief, “If the other guilds want to compete with Lord Grim, then let them. We’ve finished our matters. In the future, we’ll keep good relations with Lord Grim. This guy seems to have some sort of background. I’m going to ask the team captain about it in a bit.”

“Okay, that’s what I thought, too.” Cold Night said.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiu opened up his friends list and messaged someone.

“Are you interested in Line Canyon’s record?”

“Of course….. but we can only rely on ourselves, God. We can’t look to you for help anymore.” Blue River replied.

“I know. I won’t be moving. I have a guide with me here. Would you like to take a look?”

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