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Chapter 251 – Dismantle

Time gradually passed until it turned nine. This was the time that Tyrannical Ambition had agreed upon for the second match. Ye Xiu was sitting there and gaming in the smoking area as usual.

“Have you gathered all the materials yet?” Ye Xiu messaged Cold Night. He was controlling Lord Grim to head towards Bulls Town.

Cold Night almost replied with a “Ready”, when he suddenly realized, why was he acting so obediently?!

“You hurry up.” Cold Night bluntly replied.

At nine o’clock sharp, Lord Grim arrived at the Arena entrance. He entered the Arena, created a room, and then told Cold Night which room he was in.

After a brief moment, the other side entered. It was the same five characters from last time, but now, the players behind them were very different. The Striker had become the leader. The Cleric, next. And then the Elementalist, Blade Master, and Sharpshooter.

Ye Xiu smiled.

The Striker was undoubtedly Han Wenqing. The Cleric was obviously still Zhang Xinjie. The Elementalist, Crowd Lover, was probably Bai Yanfei, and the Sharpshooter was probably Wang Chixuan. How could Ye Xiu not know who was in Tyranny?

Though, out of these five characters, there were only three pro-players who were actually subbing in.

Han Wenqing’s Striker, Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric, and Bai Yanfei’s Elementalist. Ye Xiu had guessed these three correctly. However, the Blade Master and Sharpshooter weren’t Tyranny’s pro-players. These two accounts weren’t in Tyranny’s area, so how did those players get them so quickly?

Though, if they wanted to find other suitable accounts, it was possible, but Han Wenqing believed that the three of them would be more than enough.

“The whole pro team? Do you want us to lose even more face?” When Han Wenqing said it, no one else dared to answer back.

Right now, the three were in the studio. No one in the room dared to speak. Jiang You’s, Endless Night’s, and the Striker’s accounts were also being used. The other computers were being used by others, so they could only go spectate the match.

“What…… what’s the meaning of this?” When Jiang You looked, he was immediately startled by the arrangement of Lord Grim’s team.

The Blade Master, Flowing Tree? Not there.

The Launcher, Cleansing Mist? Not there.

The Battle Mage, Soft Mist? Not there.

The Brawler, Steamed Bun Invasion? Not there.

The Ghostblade, One Inch Ash? Not there either.

Not a single one of them was there. None of their classes matched the four other members in Lord Grim’s team and they didn’t recognize any of their usernames. Jiang You turned around in astonishment and saw Han Wenqing look at Zhang Xinjie: “Where are the players you were talking about?”

“The bet didn’t require them to be here…….” Zhang Xinjie said.

“Can we start?” Lord Grim asked.

“This guy……. did he find another team of hidden experts again?” Jiang You feared. He was absolutely confident in the pro-team, but the problem was that only half of the team came. The Sharpshooter and Blade Master weren’t going to hold them back right?

The Sharpshooter and Blade Master were even more nervous than Jiang You was. The two were originally somewhat nervous when they heard that they were going to play with the Gods. After seeing Lord Grim’s unexpected team arrangement, their hearts immediately tightened.

“Start.” Han Wenqing replied to Lord Grim.

Jiang You was too busy thinking. The screen he was looking at changed to spectator mode, and the match began. The random map that was chosen was the circular arena.

It was a very simple and plain map. The map was a bit bigger than the 1v1’s basic four-sided ring; it was round and flat. If this were a pro-match, they most certainly wouldn’t pick this type of map, where there was no advantage for either side.

“The map isn’t bad.” Han Wenqing said. With such a simple map, there weren’t any weird tricks or underhanded methods that could be used. Coordination and mechanics would be the only deciding factors for this match.

“You guys deal with those four. I’m going to meet with this Lord Grim and teach him a lesson.” Han Wenqing simply ordered.

Even though Zhang Xinjie possessed the title of Master Tactician, it didn’t mean he was always the shot-caller during a match. The person who made the decision the most was still undoubtedly the team leader. Of course, Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie had very good synergy with one another. They would switch roles depending on the situation and help one another adjust. Two shot-callers in a single team was usually taboo in team battles, but for Tyranny, their team was in extreme harmony. What happened if both their calls clashed? Up until now, such an occurrence had never occurred for them.

After Han Wenqing made the order, his Striker quickly rushed forward.

“Arrow Formation! Follow him.” Zhang Xinjie shouted and the four moved out.

Arrow Formation was a formation where one person led the way as the tip of the arrow. The remaining people would be on either the left or right and form a cone-shaped formation. It was very effective when charging in. However, the requirements needed for the person at the front was high. While charging, the person at the front would be the target of incoming attacks.

Tyranny was very familiar with this type of formation, and Han Wenqing was always at the front.

They began with their most used strategy. The Sharpshooter and the Blade Master felt their hearts surge. In game, they often copied this type of formation, but how could they have imagined they’d have the chance to do it with Han Wenqing in the lead?

The five maintained their formation and began observing their opponents.

The other side was in complete chaos. Zhang Xinjie had no idea what type of pathing they were taking.

Zhang Xinjie wasn’t panicked. He immediately thought of the cheerleader from the previous match, Zero Kills.

“No way, right?” Zhang Xinjie was astonished. Lord Grim had directly found four random strangers? He was being too confident, no? Or did he just directly give up on this match? However if that was his intent, then why’d he agree in the first place? Could he be…….

There was no time to think. The two sides clashed. In this type of simple map, the two sides didn’t need to waste their time closing in on each other. The battle began after only ten seconds.

Han Wenqing didn’t care if the other side was weak or strong. He focused on his own movements. He always went all out.

His right leg flew out, as he attacked with a “High Kick”, launching the player in front of him into the air. His right hand whistled forward with a “Collapsing Fist”, blowing away players on either side of him, while sending an attack towards his target.

The battle had only just begun, yet the other side had knocked back two players and knocked up another one. The spectators weren’t sure if it was because Han Wenqing was too good, or whether it was because the opponents were too bad.

Han Wenqing said he planned on encountering Lord Grim and completely ignore the players he knocked aside. His character continued forward and welcomed Lord Grim.

Han Wenqing attacked!

He initiated with a Dashing Jab, which Lord Grim leapt back to avoid. His Striker immediately switched from a punch to a kick. His Front Kick seemed to have borrowed the momentum from the Dashing Jab and tore through the air ferociously towards Lord Grim.

A light cloud of smoke dispersed. The Front Kick had only connected with Lord Grim’s Shadow Clone.

The spectating Jiang You almost shouted it out. He had seen the moment Lord Grim had used his Shadow Clone Technique and flashed behind the Striker.

Han Wenqing’s character passed through the light smoke and turned around. Lord Grim’s battle lance stabbed towards him like a viper.

In this type of situation, being able to dodge this attack would make you feel lucky, but Han Wenqing wasn’t normal. He didn’t dodge and instead, immediately stepped forward. He still planned on attacking.

His two hands crossed and pushed forward to block the incoming lance. Level 30 Striker Dismantle Skill: Empty-Handed Blade Block.

Dismantle skills were a type of special attack. The skill was split into two parts: using a parry against the opponent’s attack, and then a counter-attack.

When the Dismantle skill appeared, the Block and Counter were one. Once the player successfully blocked the opponent’s attack, the following part of the Dismantle would definately hit. In other words, as long as the first part of the skill succeeded, then there was a 100% chance to interrupt the incoming attack and make a counter-attack.

However, using a Dismantle skill wasn’t that easy to activate successfully.

First, the precondition was that the player had to Block the attack, so the Dismantle could only be used when the other player attacked. If the Block failed, there would be no second activation of the Dismantle. If the other side didn’t move, your Empty-Handed Strikes the Blade would be wasted.

Han Wenqing wouldn’t retreat and instead continued forward. He was planning on Dismantling Lord Grim and striking back with the greatest power he possessed.

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