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Chapter 252 – Strike First

Han Wenqing’s Striker put both his hands together. At this moment, Lord Grim’s lance stabbed forward and there didn’t seem to be enough time for him to draw it back. However, the lance suddenly swooshed and the umbrella canopy opened outwards. Lord Grim tugged backwards and the front half of the lance was withdrawn this way.

The Striker’s two hands connected with nothing but air. His “Empty-Handed Blade Block” had failed. Even an experienced expert like Han Wenqing wasn’t able to react in time to the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s sudden transformation.

The Thousand Chance Umbrella was lifted and the tip faced forward, exposing a black muzzle. A spark flew out and three Anti-Tank Missiles flew out.

Anti-Tank Missiles at this range would make most people feel hopeless, but Han Wenqing was someone who didn’t know the word hopeless. At this moment, his choice was the same as it was before, attack!

As the gun fired the Anti-Tank Missiles, his Striker moved forward.


The smoke and the fire from the explosions quickly dispersed, but Han Wenqing’s Striker hadn’t stopped or dodged. His Striker tore through the smoke and continued to rush towards Lord Grim. The three Anti-Tank Missiles had been struck down by his punches.

The Anti-Tank Missiles’ explosions should have caused a slight knock-back and a brief stun effect. The reason Han Wenqing’s Striker was able to continue pushing forward was because of a certain Striker skill.

Striker Level 15 skill: Reinforced Iron Bones.

The skill lasted twenty seconds and during those twenty seconds, the character’s physical defense would greatly increase and the character would enter a Super Armored state.

Correct. the Super Armor state made the character immune to knockbacks and stuns. This was the reason why his Striker wasn’t affected by the Anti-Tank Missiles crowd control effect. However, Super Armor wasn’t an invincible state. The increased physical defense would only reduce the damage slightly. Yet, even then, Han Wenqing didn’t hesitate to use Reinforced Iron Bones.

What he needed was not to retreat, but to advance forward!

His tough attitude made Jiang You and the other spectators go into a frenzy. They had tried their hardest to resist shouting, but they were all hating how they couldn’t fight alongside Han Wenqing.

They were filled with hope and hoped that his punch would teach Lord Grim a lesson.

In the end, Lord Grim had anticipated Han Wenqing’s punch. When he used the Anti-Tank Missiles, his character jumped slightly and flew back slightly, using the recoil to gain momentum. The Striker’s fists had missed.

While the spectators sighed in regret, Han Wenqing didn’t seem to notice. His character continued to rush forward. It looked as if he wouldn’t be able to catch up to the flying Lord Grim, but then his hands suddenly shot forward and threw out a Sand Toss.

Sand Toss was a Brawler skill. Both the Brawler and the Striker were of the Fighter class. Any skill that was learned before changing classes could be kept. However, because the number of skill points was limited. Players had no way of learning all the skills. Since they couldn’t even max all of their own class’s specialized skills, which skills, Level 20 and below, to learn was under constant debate. Which ones to learn, which ones not to learn, and which level was good enough were all common issues.

This Striker had chosen to learn Sand Toss and for Lord Grim, it wasn’t going to be easy to dodge. The damage from this skill wasn’t high, but the troublesome part was the bonus Blind effect. Even though the opponent could turn his camera to avoid it, in a battle between experts, turning away for even a split second wasn’t any different than a short Blind.

Ye Xiu obviously didn’t want to give Han Wenqing this type of opportunity. His Thousand Chance Umbrella opened up and the Sand Toss only hit his umbrella. When he looked again, Han Wenqing’s Striker pushed his hands forward and a Qi Bullet flew out.


Qi Bullet was a Qi Master skill. Sand Toss was probably learned because of its Blind effect, but Qi Bullet was just a normal flying projectile. The damage itself wasn’t bad, but the problem was that it did magic damage. Qi Master is a class that mainly dealt magic damage, and since Strikers relied on physical attacks, they couldn’t use the skill to its full potential. Such an uncommon skill was completely out of Ye Xiu’s expectations.

The Qi Bullet was shot out quickly, but its movement speed wasn’t too fast, so Ye Xiu was able to dodge it, but the Striker used this opportunity of time to close in and continued with his plan of taking the first strike.

He initiated with a Front Kick, which Lord Grim sidestepped to dodge, but unexpectedly, the Striker immediately turned his hand over and followed up with a palm strike.

Ye Xiu hastily leaped backward and just barely dodged the palm.

Slap was a low-leveled Brawler skill and most other classes wouldn’t choose to learn it, however, this Striker did.

The Slap missed but the Striker shot forward with a Dashing Jab, following closely behind Lord Grim. Han Wenqing deserved to be called a God. His kick, slap, and punch, three skills, were linked together perfectly without any pauses in between.

Lord Grim’s movements weren’t slow either. A normal step, a small hop backwards, and then a side roll. These were three movements done perfectly to avoid the three attacks.

Jiang You and the other spectators stared at each other. It was becoming more and more evident just how skilled Lord Grim was.

Even though Lord Grim was currently being pressed on by the God Han Wenqing, he hadn’t taken any significant damage yet. Speaking of this, how many players wouldn’t feel pressed when fighting against Han Wenqing? Han Wenqing was an extremely aggressive player. Using Reinforced Iron Bones to take the hit and continue forward was his style.

Lord Grim rolled back up but Han Wenqing’s Striker had already closed the gap. Han Wenqing jumped forward, just barely off the ground, and kicked.

This was the Striker’s Eagle Stamp. The effect was similar to Huang Shaotian’s Falling Light Blade. The two had both used their respective skills as soon as their characters left the ground to execute the skill extremely quickly.

Lord Grim had only just gotten up and was finally unable to dodge. The Eagle Stamp connected with his head and he was quickly kicked twice soon after.

Eagle Stamp’s damage wasn’t bad, but if the consecutive stamps weren’t done quickly or accurately enough, the opponent could escape from it. Han Wenqing obviously wouldn’t make such a mistake. When Han Wenqing or a God-level player did such actions, such difficult aerial maneuvers could be done perfectly.

Han Wenqing continued with his fierce attacks. As soon as his Eagle Stamp finished, he immediately used a Collapsing Fist since Eagle Stamp couldn’t cause the opponent to become dizzy. As soon as Lord Grim saw the fist fly towards him, his Thousand Chance Umbrella immediately split into Tonfas. His right hand shot out and reached out towards the Striker’s fist.

The Striker was grabbed, lifted onto Lord Grim’s shoulder, and then thrown backwards onto the ground.

Grappler Level 20 Dismantle skill: Receiving Throw.

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