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Chapter 250 – The Situation Isn’t Clear

The guilds decided on this plan and then dispersed. The majority of them headed towards Line Canyon.

At Line Canyon, Ye Xiu easily found Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan and proceeded to dungeon as well. The players from those seven guilds wanted to bump into Ye Xiu’s group, but the only time that would happen was during the moment they exited and re-entered the dungeon. Some luck would be needed.

The guilds now had a new plan. They only needed to watch out for any signs of Lord Grim. The night passed by gently and there wasn’t much pressure on them.

As for Ye Xiu’s side, they didn’t know that their opponents’ plans had changed. They continued with their careful and roundabout routes. Tang Rou hoped that they would meet a few players that they could kill, but she was left disappointed that night. Every time they left the dungeon, nothing ever happened, and even after going around in a circle to switch entrances, nothing happened and they easily re-entered the dungeon.

Backlight Bomb’s prediction had been correct. Under this type of situation, as long as they kept up the pressure on Ye Xiu, Ye Xiu would waste time taking detours. The amount of time would add up and their leveling speed would slow down. After finishing their three runs, they had spent around an hour more than they normally would have spent. Su Mucheng and Qiao Yifan logged off, while Ye Xiu, Tang Rou, and Steamed Bun Invasion continued on with their detours. No one followed them and no BOSSes appeared.

After learning about the advantages of the Heavy Metal mouse, the number of matches Chen Guo won grew higher and higher. She was currently violating her rules of work and rest and refused to leave the computer. The only thing that made her unhappy was the fact that there would sometimes be people who would ask her for advice because they thought she was that great expert from before.

It was getting late and Chen Guo wasn’t able to continue. She had yawned countless times and after almost falling asleep in one match, she finally decided to stop and go to sleep. She put away her new keyboard and mouse and temporarily stowed them away at the front desk.

“Since your advice wasn’t bad, i’ll gift you this mouse!” After stowing them away, she handed her extra “Seventh Edition Light Wind” to Ye Xiu. She waved good night a few times and then went over to her room to sleep.

“What are we going to do now?” Ye Xiu heard Tang Rou ask.

“Level up! Let’s hurry and level up. That’s the most effective way of fighting back against these guilds.” Ye Xiu said. Fighting back and forth wasn’t very exciting for Ye Xiu’s group and didn’t benefit them in any way. On the contrary, these types of fights wasted a lot of their time. He didn’t want to fall for such a mistake.

This reasoning was similar to what Liu Hao had realized after wasting his time fighting with Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu wouldn’t be troubled so easily. After teaching the big guilds a lesson, he wouldn’t continue to tangle with them.

‘Then are we going to Desolate Land?” Tang Rou asked.

In terms of efficiency, running dungeons was much faster than killing monsters in leveling areas. However, Desolate Land couldn’t compare to Line Canyon. There would be a lot of players over there, so it wouldn’t be convenient to go there right now. In the end, the three left Line Canyon and ran to Fire Forest.

The day passed by like this. Ye Xiu gradually began to realize that the guilds had changed their strategy. They had suffered sneak attacks three times, but it looked like the attack had been made on the spot. Two of them had been towards Lord Grim, which Ye Xiu easily escaped from, while the other attack was against Steamed Bun Invasion, in which they succeeded and sent Steamed Bun Invasion back to the city. Fortunately, they had changed their respawn points to Bulls Town. If not, then it would have been troublesome to leave Congee City again.

Hearing of the news, Ye Xiu could only comfort Steamed Bun Invasion.

Steamed Bun Invasion said that he had been through a lot worse. Dying once or twice was just a small matter and not worth mentioning.

Not worth mentioning? Then who had been the one to immediately report his death when he came online?

That’s what I was worried about! Ye Xiu didn’t say it, but he silently sighed in his heart.

The other side was no longer intent on chasing them down forever, but they would continue to put pressure on them. Ye Xiu had no way of knowing when the other side would suddenly surround and kill them, so their only choice was to stay on the safer side. At this moment, the other side was safely leveling up, but Ye Xiu’s group didn’t have that sort of luxury.

The other guilds could put in 20% of the effort into chasing them, but Ye Xiu had to stay on alert 100% of the time. If not, then they’d end up like Steamed Bun Invasion and be killed off.

“What do you think of killing them every time we see one of them?” Steamed Bun Invasion suggested.

“If we got experience from killing them, then I’d have strongly recommended it already.” Ye Xiu replied.

“We should set another record to take revenge!” Tang Rou proposed.

Ye Xiu didn’t agree.

Right now, everyone else was at a roadblock in Line Canyon. The Level 33 players were about to hit Level 34 and there still wasn’t any final result in Line Canyon. Records were still being set, but it would only be improved by a miniscule amount each time.

Even though they currently held the record, the other guilds were very close. Lord Grim’s team was only faster than the second place, Tyrannical Ambition, by two seconds. The third place, Herb Garden, was only four seconds behind. Their record could be overtaken at any time. All the guilds, who were watching the rankings, knew this. What was Lord Grim’s group waiting for this time? Were the records going to keep on going back and forth like this? Or were they waiting for a guild to declare themselves as the winner and then completely crush them?

This type of situation had given Tyrannical Ambition some time to win back some face. Players could at least see that they could compete with Lord Grim.

After last week’s match, Boss Chen had been very happy. Today, when Ye Xiu got up, he saw Chen Guo directly open up three stations for personal use. Her reasoning was that the Internet Cafe would never be full enough that only three stations would be left.

“Three stations? You’re not planning on giving one to me right?” Ye Xiu suspicously asked.

“Don’t worry. You can say you’re happy.” Chen Guo said.

“I don’t need it. I stay at the front desk during the night.”


“I also have to smoke during the day. Would you be able to stand me sitting next to you?”


“But that’s good too. I’ll have a seat to sit in whenever I come over to teach you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why don’t you go die!?” Chen Guo glared and immediately called someone over to shutdown the computer meant for Ye Xiu.

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