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Chapter 249 – Leave It To Nature

It wasn’t easy for Tyrannical Ambition to take down the Fire Witch. None of the other guilds would let up and they were all afraid of others taking the prize away. If not for the other guilds, killing off the Fire Witch would have been easy.

In the beginning, no one had a huge advantage. Tyrannical Ambition was actually on the worse end. However, when backup arrived, Tyrannical Ambition’s superiority emerged.

Jiang You’s group were upper-tier in mechanics and had vast amounts of experience. In comparison to non-pro players, they were the elite of the elites. Don’t look at how they were nothing in Lord Grim’s eyes. Against normal players, the five players’ confidence reignited.

After a long and bitter battle, Tyrannical Ambition relied on these five to come out victorious. For Tyrannical Ambition, which had endured so much for the past few days, this victory could have made them feel much better. But right as they were celebrating, Lord Grim shamelessly approached them.

Change the list? Did he believe that they killed the BOSS for him? Cold Night was very unhappy.

“Absolutely not!” Cold Night hated how he wasn’t sharp enough.

“Really? Then, that’s too bad.” Lord Grim casually replied and then went silent. Cold Night scratched the walls. What was with this guy’s train of thought? He couldn’t understand him.

After killing the BOSS, the guild took a list of their casualties. They checked to see which opponents had taken them down and recorded their names.

Many years of fighting with one another had made the guilds act less impulsively and more rationally. In situations where they had the absolute advantage, they absolutely wouldn’t negotiate with you. However, in situations where their strengths were equal, they would find ways to get revenge in the future. Day after day, their list of enemies to enemies was in a mess. Today, I’ll kill your people. Tomorrow, your people will kill my people. The cycle will never end.

Right now, the guilds were calm, or at least, they appeared calm on the outside. For example, Samsara’s tenth server guild leader, Lonely Drink, went on to congratulate Cold Night, who replied with his own show of respect. In reality, the two had just finished their casualties list and many of their players had died by the other side’s hands. This was the old players’ way of conducting business. Only new players would become hostile and begin enacting revenge at this moment.

Chen Yehui had rushed back after dying. They hadn’t gotten the BOSS and were feeling very gloomy right now. However, after seeing that the atmosphere wasn’t too bad, he immediately reminded them of Lord Grim.

As a result, the other guilds gathered up again like nothing had happened and began discussing how they would conduct the movement.

“Where’s Lord Grim right now? He’s gone again.”

“The dungeons have reset. Maybe he went to Line Canyon to dungeon?”

“How about this.” The delighted Cold Night made a suggestion: “Always chasing Lord Grim with so many people is too wasteful of our resources. Why don’t we all just go and do our own thing for now. As soon as any one of us find him, we’ll send each other messages and we’ll gather again.”

Cold Night was trying to work half-heartedly. Their pro team was about to come out. How were they unable to take down Lord Grim? This was why he was too lazy to participate. He just wanted to find a reason to leave.

As for the other guilds, Cold Night’s suggestion was pleasant to hear. Whether it was guarding the Line Canyon entrances or guarding the city entrances, it was incredibly tiring. It wasn’t fun to play like this.

They had originally thought that stalling Lord Grim would have been a small matter. Who would have imagined that, even with so many people after him, there would be such miniscule results to show for it. Their own progress had taken a hit. It had been an unsuccessful plan and it wasn’t worth continuing.

When Cold Night’s suggestion came out, the crowd all applauded and immediately showed their support. However, there were two voices of opposition.

One was Chen Yehui. He had other motives. How could he let the guilds reduce the amount of resources they were putting into this!

The other was, unexpectedly, Herb Garden’s Plantago Seed.

Herb Garden’s attitude had been unorganized and easygoing the entire time. Chen Yehui felt that his current actions were a bit suspicious. Seeing Herb Garden’s attitude, it was very possible that Herb Garden was thinking the same thing he was. They hoped that Lord Grim would make both sides suffer.

However, from this point of view, how could they know that both sides would suffer? This meant that Herb Garden must know that Lord Grim was the God-level player, Ye Qiu!

“How could he have known this?” Chen Yehui wasn’t sure.

“Everyone, Lord Grim is our biggest enemy right now! Putting in our resources to fight him is just a temporary movement. After all this, our development in the tenth server will go unobstructed.” Plantago Seed was trying to persuade the people.

“Ha ha, you’re correct, brother. We’re not backing out. We’re only slightly changing our means of doing things. Right now, we’re placing too much importance on Lord Grim. He’s been leading us by the nose. Lord Grim exposed himself just recently, but we still weren’t able to catch him. The guards at the entrance have found him, but what was the use of that? So from the looks of it, we should just let nature take its course for now. With our eyes everywhere, we just need to gather together from time to time to give some trouble to Lord Grim. It’ll be enough to stop him from going to places with too many players and he’ll have to duck and hide every time he hunts down monsters, does quests, or goes dungeoning. Most of his time will be wasted from doing this. The time will add up and our goal will have been reached.” The one who spoke with confidence was Blossom Valley’s guild leader, Backlight Bomb, who perfectly supplemented Cold Night’s random excuse.

The ones who had been supporting Cold Night were doing so mostly because they wanted to escape as well. But after Backlight Bomb made such an assuring argument, many players nodded their heads and reaffirmed their positions.

“Sounds good!” Even Lonely Drink nodded his head. These guild leaders weren’t only doing this to have fun. Most of them had to consider what was good for their guild’s interests. This was work and their performance was important.

And thus, Cold Night and Plantago Seed had no way of persuading the masses. They looked at one another and had no other choice but to oblige.

In game, their characters couldn’t really make direct eye contact, but the two were able to read each other’s attitudes. Chen Yehui couldn’t figure out how Plantago Seed had gotten knowledge of Lord Grim’s identity, but Plantago Seed didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary from Chen Yehui. Ye Qiu was from Excellent Era. How could Excellent Dynasty be unaware?

After Ye Qiu retired, no one knew where he went to. Club Excellent Era also said they didn’t know. Ordinarily, it should have been very easy for a God like Ye Qiu to find game-related work after retiring. Had Ye Qiu specially run to the game to make trouble and prepare to lead Excellent Dynasty?

Plantago Seed had made many guesses after knowing Lord Grim’s identity. He thought that this was the most likely case.

“Okay, then from now on, we’ll be a bit more natural with carrying out our measures against Lord Grim.” Backlight Bomb continued, “It’s very likely that Lord Grim is in Line Canyon right now and a lot of us will be heading to dungeon too, so we’ll go see if we can find Lord Grim’s whereabouts. If we find him, then we’ll immediately report it.”

“That’s the way it should be.” Someone replied.

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