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Chapter 248 – Guidance

“Who’s the noob?!” Chen Guo yelled impolitely and slammed the keyboard to go for another match.

“So heartless! You’re going to hit it if it can’t help you?” Ye Xiu mumbled to himself.

Angry and anxious, Chen Guo lost for a third time. She felt like pushing the table away and leaving, but she didn’t want to be taunted by Ye Xiu again, so she clenched her teeth and went in for round four.

Tang Rou finished carrying the bags over to her room. After tidying up a bit, she came down with her new keyboard and mouse. She also wanted to try them out, when she saw Chen Guo furiously tapping on her keyboard.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Rou was astonished. In yesterday night’s game, Team Excellent Era had swept their opponents away and once again won almost every round. Chen Guo’s mood today had been extremely good. Why’d she suddenly get so heated up after only such a short while?

“She lost six times in a row.” Ye Xiu said.

“Mind your own business! If you don’t handle the bills correctly, I’ll nail your head to the wall!” Chen Guo roared.

“You got her angry again!” Tang Rou was helpless and more or less figured out the root of Chen Guo’s anger. Today, she had just heard Chen Guo say how amazing she’d be with a new high-end keyboard and mouse. But when she returned, she was losing like this.

She silently walked to Chen Guo’s side and watched her play as she installed her new keyboard and mouse. Tang Rou had the mechanics down now, but her observational skills still weren’t too great. She could only tell that, judging from the differences between their two health bars, Chen Guo was undoubtedly going to lose.

“Calm down. What are you so impatient for?” Ye Xiu’s voice drifted by again.

“Huh? Why’s this guy so noisy? Should we go find somewhere more quiet?” Chen Guo said to Tang Rou.

“I thought you liked the noise, no?” Tang Rou laughed.

If they really wanted to go somewhere quiet, then they’d just go to the VIP rooms on the second floor. But as the Internet Cafe’s owner, Chen Guo wanted to stay on the first floor because she liked the atmosphere around here. She had grown up in this type of environment her entire life.

Chen Guo kept on tapping her keyboard and mouse as if she were nailing Ye Xiu’s head to the wall. This time, her playing went pretty well and the tides seemed to have turned.

Tang Rou was currently logging into the game, when she suddenly heard Chen Guo say “Woah!” She turned her head and looked. Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze had been launched into the air and was currently being trampled on.

“Just use an Aerial Fire to get out!” Ye Xiu said.

“I don’t need you to say it!” Chen Guo began firing. However, her angle was messed up and she fired up into the air. The recoil knocked her down and she crashed into the ground.

“Tsk tsk, you went a bit overboard, no?” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey hey hey, how can you see from so far away?!” Chen Guo decided that she’d stop playing. She got up furiously and stomped over to find Ye Xiu.

At this time, Ye Xiu didn’t have any customers and was clear. He laughed: “You can’t be an expert without good eyes!”

“If you’re an expert, then teach me something! You’re always making stupid, sarcastic remarks!”

“How’d I not teach you? I told you to not randomly hit your keyboard. I told you to stay calm. I told you to play slower, but you just had to ignore it and yell at me. I told you to use an Aerial Fire to get out, but you shot it towards the sky………”

“I can’t make a mistake?” Chen Guo interrupted.

“But you can avoid this kind of mistake. Look, I had warned you that the Heavy Metal suits you, but you just had to use the Seventh Edition Light Wind. It’s too light for you!” Ye Xiu said.

“I…….” Chen Guo couldn’t say anything. Had Ye Xiu really been helping me the entire time? But he still makes me too angry! Chen Guo felt like that kicking him once or twice would make her feel calmer and make her play better.

“Switch to a “Heavy Metal” and try it out!” Ye Xiu handed her the Heavy Metal mouse. Chen Guo stared in doubt at this extremely stupid and heavy mouse and hesitated on whether she should take it or not.

“You might not be used to it in the beginning, but don’t be impatient and slowly try it out! Also, your recent opponents might be better than normal..” Ye Xiu said.


“You’re famous. Everyone wants to challenge you.”

Chen Guo immediately understood and almost died from anger: “And that’s your fault! I won’t let you borrow my account next time!”

After Ye Xiu borrowed her account to instantly kill off Poplar Beach, Chasing Haze’s name became extremely famous. Outsiders saw it as the main account of a great expert and went over to admire her. Players from all over came to pull her in, ask to be students, challenge her, or try to make friends with her.

Chen Guo felt extremely sad. She didn’t feel famous at all. That guy just slapped his butt and ran while leaving her with this mess. How annoying!

“Uh, I was a bit inconsiderate at that time and I feel like I should have played a bit more modestly, so you wouldn’t be so troubled.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah…… it wasn’t too much trouble……” Chen Guo had a hard time accepting Ye Xiu’s apology.

“But if you keep playing like this in the Arena, then everyone will know the truth, right?” Ye Xiu continued.

“Go die!” Chen Guo grabbed the Heavy Metal mouse and left. She had been too naive to think that he had any sort of confession to make.

“I’ll continue teaching you from afar!” Ye Xiu yelled from behind Chen Guo. Tang Rou had been laughing on the side the entire time.

“So talkative!”

Chen Guo switched mice. She took the Heavy Metal and moved it twice. It was very heavy and would take some time to get used to. Even so, she started a new match.

This time, she was more calm. Now that she was more focused, Chen Guo wasn’t so bad. She wasn’t top-tier by any means, but she was at least at the skill level of Seven Fields’s group. Plus, she had had this account for several years, so her equips were quite good, giving her the advantage in most cases.

During the match, Chen Guo discovered the Heavy Metal mouse’s advantages. Compared to the Seventh Edition Light Wind, the heavy mouse was much easier to control. It was a bit heavy, but saying that moving the mouse was too tiring was clearly an exaggeration.

“Is that guy lying or telling the truth……” Chen Guo muttered. She was already quite satisfied with this mouse. The more she used it, the better her playing flowed. She finally won this round.

“Hmph, let’s see what you have to say now.” Chen Guo was delighted. She turned her head to look at the front desk and immediately turned furious. She had finally won a match, but that guy wasn’t there. He was busy playing on his own computer.

Chen Guo was sad. She couldn’t just grab him and tell him to watch. She angrily entered to play another match. She glanced at Tang Rou’s screen and saw that she was in the game, too.

“What are you guys doing?” Chen Guo asked Tang Rou.

“We played all day yesterday and our equipment’s running out of durability. I’m going to get mine fixed.” Tang Rou said.

“You’re still being chased?”

“I guess so. Ye Xiu told me to be careful.”

“Where is he?” Chen Guo asked.

“He just got online. We’ll be dungeoning in a bit.” Tang Rou said.

“Oh….” Chen Guo replied and continued playing in the Arena.

Ye Xiu had gone offline for about half an hour. After coming back online, Cleansing Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion were no longer by his side. It still wasn’t convenient for them to stay in one place for too long.

“Have they killed the Fire Witch yet?” Ye Xiu sent a message to Su Mucheng.

“No news yet.” Su Mucheng replied.

“So slow!” Ye Xiu sighed. “We’ll dungeon and then you can go rest early!”

“Everyone’s here!” Su Mucheng saw that Tang Rou’s Soft Mist and Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash were on.

“They need to fix their equipment.” Ye Xiu replied.

“I hope they’ll be able to finish doing that before they kill the BOSS and return.” Su Mucheng said.

“Fire Forest isn’t that far, but a lot of people will be coming from Congee City after dying.” Ye Xiu said.

The three killed a few nearby monsters in Line Canyon while they waited for Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan to come. Finally, after a long time, a system announcement popped up. Fire Forest’s Fire Witch Cashew had been killed by Tyrannical Ambition.

“Oh oh, not bad!” Ye Xiu sent to Cold Night: “What’d it drop?”

“What? Why should you care?” Cold Night replied.

“Depending on your pace, I want to give you a new updated list for the bet.”

“Hell no!” Cold Night refused.

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