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Chapter 246 – Seems Like We Don’t Need To

The expressions of Parade’s players immediately changed. Where did all these hungry wolves come from? Why were there so many of them?

The eight players continued to fight the Fire Witch, but also split some of their attention to observe the incoming players. None of them wore their guild tags. However, aside from large guilds, who else could gather so many players at one spot? They were able to quickly figure out the answer from this: they were those guild members who were chasing Lord Grim.

The other side had an advantage in numbers and all of their guilds were more powerful than their Parade. The eight players immediately felt a wave of depression wash over them. It hadn’t been easy being the first group to find the BOSS, but they had been discovered too quickly.

“They’re from Parade!” The one hundred players, that had gathered together, began talking with one another. When Parade’s name was mentioned, most of them carried a hint of disdain. Whether it was in the Alliance or in the game, Parade wasn’t considered a strong opponent to them.

“Ha ha, this BOSS……” Some were talking with the players next to them, when suddenly, they realized that something wasn’t quite right. There was a change in the one hundred players there. They quickly began moving into formation and split into seven groups.

Seven groups. Seven guilds.

Currently, these seven guilds were no longer an Alliance, but were now opponents. No one gave the orders to do so, but everyone instantly made the decision to leave the party that they were in. Each of the guilds made their own respective parties and kept their distance from the other guilds. They began calculating their opponents’ strength as well.

Every time they fought over a wild BOSS, the damage dealt by other players was far greater than the damage the BOSS would deal. This was an indisputable reality.

In the old server, wild BOSSes were only killed by max-level characters. A Level 36 Fire Witch Cashew versus Level 70 players wouldn’t even be considered a fight. However, even then, there would always be large amounts of casualties. The killers were all players from other guilds.

In the Heavenly Domain, those extremely difficult wild BOSSes were originally created as a challenge for players. In addition to this, there would also be the fights between guilds. In these types of battles, many of the players would even die several times. Even though only max-level players would enter the Heavenly Domain, there were still leveling areas, monsters to gain experience from, and quests for experience too. These places were never empty, either. This was because there were more intense battles in the Heavenly Domain, so there were more deaths and more experience losses.

After quickly measuring one another’s strength, they found that the two guilds that were relatively weaker were unexpectedly Tyrannical Ambition and Herb Garden of the Three Great Guilds! These two guilds had the fewest number of players!

Everyone was turning their heads non-stop, sizing up one another. The chats in each of the guilds were bustling with noise.

Should they move out or not?

Right now they understood one another’s strengths well, but every guild would send out a message to their members asking for help. Help would arrive at different times and the tides could change depending on how much help came.

Chen Yehui was thinking a bit differently though. He had a weird feeling. Even though he also wanted to steal the BOSS, he didn’t want to have a fight with these guilds right now.

Someone was already thinking of moving out, but Excellent Dynasty’s Chen Yehui suddenly said first: “Everyone, for us to so coincidentally meet a wild BOSS, it means that the BOSS will definitely be killed, but if the battle is too fierce, then continuing our future alliance will be a bit difficult, no? What I’m saying is that this time, would it be possible for us to do things more peacefully? We’ll only attack the BOSS and, as according to the system, whichever side does the most damage, will get the BOSS.”

This wasn’t the first time such an event had occurred in the history of the game. In the past, there were successes, but there were also failures. However, the proposal that Chen Yehui put out this time was sincere. Under their special alliance, he truly didn’t want the seven guilds to fight with one another.

The other guilds hadn’t yet responded, when Parade’s eight players took the initiative.

They weren’t stupid. They knew that the Fire Witch wouldn’t fall under their hands, so why bother fighting her? The obvious choice was to run. They no longer cared if the BOSS lived or died.

The eight players decided quickly and their movements were swift. They turned around and directly fled. If they continued running like this, they would quickly leave the battle, but the BOSS would still chase after them initially. How could these one hundred players let the BOSS just leave?

The one hundred players immediately surrounded her. The battle began and all sorts of attacks flew towards the Fire Witch.

But the BOSS only had so much space around her and not every hit would successfully connect. As a result, the first thing that had to be done when stealing a BOSS was to first fight for a good position.

Who didn’t know of this? The melee classes rushed towards the Fire Witch. The long-range classes found advantageous DPS positions and the support classes tried their hardest to stick with their allies to provide support.

In this instant, the Fire Witch was fully surrounded. Even though no one had clearly accepted Chen Yehui’s suggestion, from the looks of it, it seemed like everyone had tacitly agreed to it. When they were fighting for positioning, none of them fought with each other.

However, in the end, they had rushed too much. Their positionings were all over the place and it was still a bit of a mess.

“Whichever guild’s Elementalist, can you please stop using Blizzard?” Some of the melee classes were shouting. Clearly, if an Elementalist used Blizzard, other players would be caught up in it as well.

“Who fired that Anti-Tank Missile?” Someone else cursed. AoE spells couldn’t be controlled, but a Gunner’s firing could be.

There were countless mistakes and countless shouts. The majority of the players were grouped around the Fire Witch. However, no matter how hard Chen Yehui tried to organize them, his voice couldn’t be heard amidst the commotion.

The Fire Witch’s two arms suddenly opened and a fiery light glowed around her.

“Meteor Shower, hurry and interrupt her!!” someone hastily shouted.

“Let me in!” When the Fire Witch was in her Super Armor state, only Grabs could interrupt her. But the Grapplers were currently stuck on the outside of the circle.

A Battle Mage quickly stabbed forward, piercing the Fire Witch’s waist. The light was still there, but the Fire Witch was thrown up with a Circle Swing.

The Meteor Shower was interrupted, but no one was content.

“NO!!” Countless players cursed. When the Battle Mage threw the Fire Witch, the Battle Mage threw the BOSS into the crowd of players.

Even worse, he had brought the Fire Witch into a different position. The players, who had originally been surrounding the Fire Witch, were suddenly on the sidelines.

One of the players, who was flung to the sidelines, used a Sword Draw in rage and slashed at the Battle Mage’s back.

“D*MN IT!” The Battle Mage stumbled and then returned with a Dragon Tooth, which connected with a different player.

“YOU NOOB!” The person who was stabbed was a Striker, who attacked back with a Collapsing Fist, sending the Battle Mage flying. While flying, the Battle Mage unfortunately crashed into a line of players.

Curses resounded throughout the forest. The battlefield was already uncontrollable. Chen Yehui wanted to completely start over, but he had also been one of the players who was hit and was on the ground eating mud!

All sorts of skills whistled around. Players who hadn’t been able to hit the BOSS were all attacking now. Aside from their own guild members, everyone was an enemy.

“STOP! EVERYONE, STOP! STAY CALM!!!” Chen Yehui shouted. As soon as he stood up, someone dropped down from the sky and smooshed him back down to the ground.

“I’M TELLING YOU ALL TO STOP!!” Chen Yehui’s mood was terrible. He was lying on the ground telling the leaders from the other guilds.

“That one. Excellent Dynasty’s guild leader. Kill him first!” Chen Yehui heard from somewhere and immediately felt hopeless.

Lord Grim, who had been watching from the sides, had a grenade ready in his hands long ago.

“Looks like I won’t need to.” Ye Xiu said, while having his Lord Grim cancel the Grenade.

“No wonder we went to Fire Forest.” Su Mucheng mumbled to herself.

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