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Chapter 247 – Keyboard and Mouse

The chaos ensued.

The seven big guilds, that had originally been chasing after Lord Grim, were only focused on the Fire Witch Cashew now.

The players that were near the BOSS were ferociously attacking the BOSS, while the players behind them were ferociously fighting for a good spot. None of them had guild tags on them, so no one knew which guild the players closest to them were. As a result, no one bothered to check and just attacked whoever!

Stealing BOSSes was a frequent occurrence, but it was rare for it to be as chaotic as it currently was.

It had come so suddenly, but no one had expected things to turn out this way. It wasn’t as if these guilds didn’t want to stabilize the situation, but rather it was just that the situation had already gone out of control. If you didn’t attack others, someone else would attack you. Not a single person dared to back down and stop attacking.

Strategy? Leading? None of these could be used. The players were only relying on their instincts.

People who wanted to lead, like Chen Yehui, had already been killed or knocked out on the ground, unable to get up. Currently, whoever talked the most or whoever instigated things the most would become everyone’s primary target. In order to catch the bandits, one has to first catch the bandits’ ringleaders. The players there still held this sort of common sense.

No one could predict the outcome of this battle. Even Ye Xiu couldn’t. In such a chaotic battle, even if a God were thrown in there, he’d still be put to the test.

However, as players continuously fell, the number of players decreased, making the battle more and more clear. Those who were still alive probably weren’t extremely skilled. Most of them were either lucky or kept a low profile. The enthusiastic ones, who went all out, died quite explosively.

With fewer of these people in the fight, the field calmed down a bit. With a calmer scene, the distribution of the field could be seen more clearly. The members from the seven guilds had separated from each other.

At the same time, the BOSS Fire Witch Cashew’s movements could be seen more clearly as well.

Cashew waved her magic staff and a giant Fireball smashed towards a player.

This Fireball could be considered a disaster. Although, this was not in the sense of how much damage it did, it pointed to which group the Fire Witch was aggroed onto.

Whichever group had the highest aggro would become the BOSS’s first target, and how could this group not be the other guilds’ targets?

A disaster was imminent.

One of the groups was instantly eliminated. Ye Xiu’s group, which was on the sidelines watching, couldn’t even tell which guild’s troops had died.

The fight that ensued was no longer as chaotic and returned to the guilds’ usual tempo. They were no longer going all out attacking the BOSS, but rather, they were whittling her health down slowly. After many years of doing this, the guilds had become careful and patient.

In this type of situation, the number of players would gradually increase instead of decrease. The backup from the big guilds would continue to arrive and the guild leaders would try to outwit each other.

“We should go.” Ye Xiu whispered.

“What?” Steamed Bun Invasion wasn’t sure what he meant.

“Let them kill!” Ye Xiu said. He had not planned on taking the BOSS for himself because after the complete chaos in the beginning, the guilds would try to reduce their casualties and the battle would eventually stabilize itself.

“We’re not going to kill?” The innocent Steamed Bun Invasion had wanted to massacre all of them, which would then leave them with the BOSS.

“They have too many people. We can’t kill.” Ye Xiu said.

Steamed Bun Invasion looked around and saw that there really were a lot of people. Right now, they were all circling around the BOSS. The scene in his mind, where everyone else was lying on the ground dead, didn’t seem too realistic.

“It’d be better to use this time to do our own business.” Ye Xiu said.

As a result, the three left Fire Forest. They didn’t know how the battle would develop, but the result would eventually be announced.

Sure enough, the three had temporarily been forgotten. When they arrived at Line Canyon, there weren’t even any guards watching over the entrances.

It was already 11. Ye Xiu temporarily logged out of the game to start his shift. At this moment, Chen Guo and Tang Rou finally returned with a bunch of shopping bags.

“Come here and help us!” Chen Guo called for Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu hastily went over to help them. He looked at the items stacked up in Chen Guo’s arms and his eyes brightened: “Woah, Blue Classic.”

“Oh? You know what’s what!” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu smiled. Blue Classic was a type of professional gaming keyboard. It was the keyboard Ye Xiu had commonly used in the past. The keyboard and mouse that Chen Guo provided in the Internet Cafe weren’t bad, but when compared to the Blue Classic, they couldn’t be compared.

“Seeing that you already know what’s good, I’ll give you one!” Chen Guo indicated Ye Xiu to take one of the keyboards between her arms.

“So nice?” Ye Xiu saw that the two had brought a total of three keyboards back.

“There was a discount if you bought three, so it was convenient to get one for you too.” Chen Guo said.

“So it was like that.” Ye Xiu took the keyboard.

“There’s a mouse too.” Chen Guo took out a box from her bag and handed it to Ye Xiu.

“Woah, this……”

“What is it?”

“I’m not too used to this one.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean you’re not too used to it?”

“It’s too heavy. Using it is too tiring.” The mouse Chen Guo had bought for him was called “Heavy Metal”. It was big enough, heavy enough, and very sensitive. It was a type of mouse that many players liked.

“How lazy can you be?” Chen Guo said.

“Thank you, though.” Ye Xiu still took the mouse.

“Then what mouse are you used to using?” Chen Guo asked.

“Seventh Edition Light Wind.” Ye Xiu said.

“That one? Isn’t that one meant for girls?” Chen Guo also knew of the model. It was just like she had said; that mouse was small and delicate, lightweight and portable. It really was something that girls preferred.

“As long as it suits you, there’s no difference between genders.”

And at this moment, Chen Guo took out another mouse. It just so happened to be a Seventh Edition Light Wind.

‘Wow! What a coincidence! Let me switch with you.” Ye Xiu took the “Heavy Metal” mouse and handed it over.

“Get lost. Who’s going to switch with you?!”

“This one suits you more.” Ye Xiu recommended the “Heavy Metal” mouse to Chen Guo. “For players like you, whose mechanics aren’t that good, this type of heavy mouse will help you increase your accuracy.”

“You just keep on making things up.” Chen Guo didn’t believe him.

“If you don’t believe me, you can just try it yourself.” Ye Xiu tried putting the “Heavy Metal” into Chen Guo’s hands again.

“Can I just plug the keyboard into the computer on the front desk?” Ye Xiu waved the “Blue Classic” keyboard in his hands.

“Go ahead!” Chen Guo approved.

“Then what about you?” Ye Xiu switched the keyboards and turned around to ask Chen Guo.

“Uh…… that’s a good question.” Chen Guo said. Even though there were a lot of computers in the Internet Cafe, they didn’t have any computer specifically for them. Switching their mouse and keyboards every time was too troublesome.

“Think about it!” Ye Xiu had finished plugging in his “Blue Classic”. He touched the surface and instantly felt a wave of familiarity. He had used this model for a good five years.

“I’ll think about it later. First, let’s find a spot to try it out on.” Chen Guo was impatient and found a computer to sit at.

Tang Rou had a lot more to be praised about. She knew to first put away the bags they had just brought in. She wasn’t like Chen Guo, who just threw her bags onto the Cafe’s counter. When the two girls went shopping, of course they hadn’t only bought keyboards and mice, but also they had bought several bags of clothes and make-up. She had to make two trips before she managed to completely put everything into the second-floor room.

Ye Xiu had help the customers who came and left during this time. Once Chen Guo installed the keyboards, she immediately began using one of them. She immediately entered the game and quickly went to the Arena, feeling that she would be invincible with her new epic keyboard and mouse. However, she was crushed in her first match and then wrecked even harder in the second match.

Chen Guo sat dumbly at her computer as if she had been splashed with ice-cold water.

“I say. Did you think that switching to a better keyboard and mouse would suddenly make you a lot better?” Ye Xiu saw this while finding change for a customer. He continued speaking: “Your own skill is the most important point. If you want to improve, switching your keyboard and mouse won’t even be as useful as playing with that whack-a-mole I gave you!”

“Who are you talking to?” A customer wasn’t sure.

“To that noob over there.”

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