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Chapter 245 – A Hidden Agenda

The several guilds held hesitation and doubt in their hearts, they still continued with their actions. Over a hundred players had already stormed into Fire Forest.

Maps in Glory were huge. A hundred players sounded like a lot, but such an amount wouldn’t nearly be enough to cover the entire leveling area.

They didn’t dare to underestimate Lord Grim’s group. When the more than one hundred players rushed in, they formed parties of three to five, keeping close to each other. If they met Lord Grim, they could easily group together. Only after forming this type of arrangement did they feel safe enough to begin looking around Fire Forest for movements.

None of them were new to the game! All of the players that had been leveling in Fire Forest originally were undoubtedly the tenth server’s top players. These type of characters were practically raised by the guilds.

Seeing that these other players were focused on leveling, the pursuers bitterly looked at them in envy. At the same time, they were very unhappy that these guild members were just sitting there and enjoying the fruits of their hard work.

“Where’s Lord Grim?” The pursuers hadn’t found Lord Grim’s whereabouts and were grumbling left and right at their teammates.

“We haven’t found him, but at least that means that he’s trying to hide from us and doesn’t feel safe leveling. Our goal has been reached in the end, no?” Chen Yehui said to pacify everyone’s worried feelings. He himself wasn’t worried at all. This was the type of situation that he wanted to see. He even had thoughts of singing a song to honor the scene in front of him.

The big guilds all suffered some damage and Ye Qiu’s progress had been slowed. These two wins were too perfect for him.

“There isn’t even a place for him to level safely. What is he trying to accomplish by staying online? He might as well just log out.” someone said. If Lord Grim went offline, they wouldn’t have to work as hard and could happily level up. But this guy refused to leave, forcing them to keep on searching and asking for his whereabouts.

“Let’s not waste our time. We should fight monsters while looking!” someone suggested. As a result, the over one hundred soldiers hunted down Goblins together in Fire Forest. However, with so many players, each player only got a handful of experience.

And as for Ye Xiu’s group? They were still in Fire Forest. Fire Forest’s terrain was perfect for hiding and Ye Xiu had been thinking of using the terrain to hunt down these over one hundred players, but after seeing their formation, he knew that hunting them down was too unrealistic.

They were still a group of veterans. Now that they understood his skill level, they wouldn’t leave an opening for him to use.

“Should we leave?” Su Mucheng asked.

“There’s no hurry.” Ye Xiu said, while attacking nearby monsters. With only three players in their party, the amount of experience gained from killing monsters was normal, so their efficiency was much higher than that of the hundred-player army.

The three fought while moving. They were neither too far, nor too close to the army; they were maintaining a distance that wouldn’t expose them, but also let them observe their advances from time to time. After seeing the enemies out of the corner of his eyes, figuring out how much time it would take for the enemies to notice them wasn’t difficult for Ye Xiu. This was also the reason why he was so good at escaping from pursuers.

And, just like this, they toured around Fire Forest. The army however forced them to take a detour at times.

“Do you have some sort of plan in mind?” Su Mucheng asked Ye Xiu.

“I want to see if the Fire Witch is here.”

“It shouldn’t be up yet, no?”

“Yeah, but it should be soon.” Ye Xiu said.

Wild BOSS kills could be looked up on the leaderboards. Currently, the Fire Witch had last been killed by them a few days ago. The current elites of the big guilds entered the Level 33 range and were already coming to the Fire Forest to level. A second kill hadn’t been recorded yet, which meant that the Fire Witch Cashew hadn’t respawned since her last death.

BOSSes spawned three times every week. It was possible that one wouldn’t spawn for four or five days, but it was relatively rare. However, as long as the BOSS hadn’t been killed three times in a week, it would definitely respawn. This meant that today, on the last day of the week, even if it was on the last second, it had to spawn for its second or third time. Of course, if it hadn’t been killed before, then another one wouldn’t just spawn.

At this moment, it was already nighttime on Sunday. Since the Fire Witch Cashew hadn’t spawned for so many days, it would have to spawn sometime soon.

The three continued to level while looking around. Besides this, Ye Xiu paid close attention to those other players who were leveling as well.

Their efforts hadn’t been wasted. Ye Xiu finally noticed something.

“Over here!” Ye Xiu suddenly turned.

“What is it?”

“Follow those two players.” Ye Xiu said.

Su Mucheng and Steamed Bun Invasion moved forward and looked. They saw the “two players” Ye Xiu was talking about and saw that the two players had the same guild tag. They weren’t leveling in the same spot, but they were both heading in the same direction.

“The BOSS spawned!” Su Mucheng realized. These guilds probably discovered the Fire Witch and were currently sending players over there.

“Most likely.” Ye Xiu said. The three stopped attacking monsters and followed closely behind those two players.

Finally, when they had reached the depths of Fire Forest, Ye Xiu’s group saw a great blaze up ahead. A total of six players were surrounding the Fire Witch Cashew. They were players from the guild Parade. Among them were those two players that they had been following.

Parade was also one of the Clubs in the Glory Alliance. They were an extremely mediocre team and had a guild that they backed, just like every other Club there. Even though they couldn’t compare to the Three Great Guilds, they were still much better than the non-backed casual guilds. After all, every team had a loyal fanbase. When these fans chose a guild, many of them chose the Club that they supported. Normal guilds didn’t have this type of advantage.

Steamed Bun Invasion looked and felt somewhat familiar with this type of situation. He immediately began chattering: “I know. When they’re about to kill the BOSS, we jump out, kill them, and then the BOSS will be ours. Ha ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha, you learn so quickly!” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course.” Steamed Bun Invasion gleefully commented.

“But we won’t be doing that this time.”


“This time, we’ll be true spectators.” Ye Xiu said.


“You two go and hide well. I’m going to take a look around.” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim left them. Not long after, they heard shouts from within the woods: “It’s Lord Grim, he’s over here!!”

The forest began to liven up as more and more sounds of footsteps crushing leaves and branches could be heard. Lord Grim’s figure quickly appeared in front of Su Mucheng and Steamed Bun Invasion’s line of sight.

“Hurry! Hide!” Ye Xiu ordered.

The team, who was fighting the BOSS, had already increased to eight players now. However, they had noticed the situation. The sounds of footsteps meant that there were a lot of players heading towards them.

The eight players immediately began panicking. They had only just started attacking the BOSS! How’d they get found so easily? It was already too late to drive the BOSS away. Not long after, players began popping up.

When these players arrived, they looked on in astonishment.

“The Fire Witch!!!”

Countless cries, that were filled with astonishment, were shouted out. It had been too unexpected. Everyone’s attention turned to here. Where’d Lord Grim go? No one cared.

Troops continued to arrive. They had originally planned on surrounding Lord Grim, but now they switched their targets to the Fire Witch Cashew as well as those eight Parade guild members, who were attacking her.

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