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Chapter 244 – Destroying Their Confidence

The guild members thought that they had Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist under control as their encirclement was going smoothly, but at this moment, Ye Xiu received Steamed Bun Invasion’s report of his successful exit out of the city.

“Let’s go.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Su Mucheng replied. Her Cleansing Mist flipped her hands and used an Aerial Fire, flying backwards along the flat ground. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim used a Shadow Clone Technique. His real body was in front, waiting for her to arrive.

The guild members attacked from two sides and were currently forming a pocket. Sword auras flashed, bullets flew, and magic danced in the air in an attempt to block them.

“Ha ha, if you hadn’t gone and grouped up, then it’d have been better.” Ye Xiu said. The incoming missiles flew past the two of them. The occasional hits didn’t affect their movements too much.

As a result…….. the missiles flew from the left side to the right side and from the right side to the left side.

“Bang!!” Su Mucheng dubbed the sounds for them.

In the end…… the scene that they had been waiting for never arrived. The guild members were unorganized, spreading out like scattered sand last night and all of them learned about the importance of being a group now. Even though they wouldn’t obey each other’s orders, they were at least working together. After partying up, allies wouldn’t take damage, so even if magic and explosions enveloped both sides, none of them would take damage.

“Lame……” Su Mucheng mumbled. She turned her cannon and fired towards the players who attempted to block her.

Because they were trying to block two of them, the three players who had come forward to face them, ducked to avoid the attack. However, Lord Grim rushed forward and blasted them away with a Falling Flower Palm.

The players on the left and right had been planning on doing a pincer attack, but one of them was grabbed and flung back with a Back Throw. The grabbed player was thrown down onto the ground, and by the time they returned to their positions, Lord Grim was already gone.

There was a flash and Cleansing Mist chased after him with an Aerial Fire. Their Aerial Fires connected, and the two flew back some distance.

To chase or not to chase? The guild members immediately began thinking.

Should they silently return back to the city in shame, or should they clench their teeth and chase them non-stop?

The orders quickly came.

The final decision was to dispatch a few players to watch where they were going. Thus, a few players jumped out from the main army and chased after Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist.

They wouldn’t chase too closely. They weren’t planning on fighting because they knew that fighting them would only result in their deaths.

Find out where they were. That was the order their guilds had given them.

They often knew where they were, but what was the point? The two showed up on their own. They came and then left, but their orders were still to pinpoint their locations.

The players there didn’t know how to describe their current feelings. Doing something over and over again was scary. Doing something that they didn’t know if there would be any gain was even scarier. The guild members wished that it would end soon, but in reality, their wishes didn’t come true.

The players, who went to “understand their whereabouts”, followed Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist to a small village outside of Congee City. Here, they saw the two meet up with Steamed Bun Invasion. They immediately reported the news and the guilds would revise their strategy according to the news, but before they were able to come up with a plan, Lord Grim’s group took the initiative.

In the small village, the players were killed by an evil trick while searching for Lord Grim. Ye Xiu’s group had hidden themselves and then ambushed them when they got into their range.

Lord Grim’s whereabouts were once again unknown.

Reports of their whereabouts had been sent many times, but there was no progress among the guilds. This truly did make them unhappy and exhausted.

Reports from Line Canyon said that Lord Grim’s group had appeared. The guards at the entrances had been killed.

‘They’re going to Line Canyon now? It’s not 12 yet. Are they going to train there for a bit first? Or are they preparing to receive the two members who aren’t on yet?” someone said.

As a result, they began a great search in Line Canyon.

Another message came; a player in Fire Forest had been killed.

The guild players were about to go crazy……

Currently, their elites were Level 33, so of course they would begin looking out for the wild BOSS Fire Witch Cashew. Besides running the dungeons, a portion of the elites would come here to level and also look to see if the wild BOSS had spawned.

They really had found a BOSS. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Fire Witch BOSS, but the Lord Grim BOSS.

The Lord Grim BOSS was very mighty. He could frontal assault, sneak attack, and flank. His aggro range was also extremely large and could wander around anywhere. He would automatically find players and then start attacking them.

Finding wild BOSSes were activities guilds did on their own. They wouldn’t work together and wouldn’t share the rewards. Only when their own guild members split up and looked, would they have the greatest probability of finding a BOSS!

After the various small groups in Fire Forest received the news, they immediately contacted each other and began to party up.

This made it easier for Lord Grim.

After only a short while, new reports came in. It was no longer two or three players dying; an entire party had been killed.

At that time, the team had been heading towards a place in the forest to converge. Unfortunately, they coincidentally bumped into Lord Grim and were immediately sent to converge at the city.

Fire Forest had already turned into a terror forest filled with death and misery. In this type of place, fleeing is the best option.

The elites began to evacuate from the forest. They were the future of their guilds and were delicate flowers that their guilds had worked hard to cultivate. They couldn’t let themselves be ravaged by Lord Grim. The big guilds dispatched their troops in preparation for storming Fire Forest.

In all of their gaming experiences, they had never encountered an opponent like Lord Grim.

As guilds, they would often say “If we see you, you’re dead.” to threaten others.

But for their current opponents, they were the ones dying.

Headaches. Besides headaches, there were only more headaches.

From yesterday until now, they had killed Soft Mist twice and Steamed Bun Invasion once, which comforted them a little, but compared to the sacrifices of their elites, their achievements were unable to close their injuries.

If these casualties hadn’t happened, then they wouldn’t have been so bitter. They might even be happy: “Look, even though we haven’t killed Lord Grim, our running around has controlled their movements and their leveling speed has slowed. Our goal has been achieved.”

This was true to a certain extent. The leveling speed of Ye Xiu’s group couldn’t compare to their previous speed. Their movements were being limited. What usually took them ten minutes, now took them twenty or maybe even more time.

This was why Ye Xiu chose to actively hunt them down. They couldn’t kill everyone, but they could hurt these guilds’ confidence and determination.

Because, in reality, all the guilds were still each other’s enemies. Those who hadn’t provoked him wouldn’t be touched. Ye Xiu would only attack the ones who were causing trouble. These elites would be dropping in levels, while the other guilds were still leveling up because they hadn’t participated in this movement.

These guilds’ casualties made them feel very unhappy about those other guilds who weren’t participating. Because of this, these guilds would begin to worry about their own development. Could they continue chasing after them like this with confidence?

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