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Chapter 227 – The Greatest DPS


This shout held feelings of anger and uneasiness……

Lord Grim actually appeared now of all times…….

Seeing their IDs, Jiang You instantly understood what they were trying to do, though he didn’t know the details.

#2, #5? What is he talking about?

Jiang You set his eyes on Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion and took full precautions, but Lord Grim was the first to act. His Thousand Chance Umbrella flipped to show the tip, exposing a black muzzle. “Bang bang bang.”t Three Anti-Tank Missiles shot out, but these three missiles didn’t hit anyone and instead exploded on Cliff Ronin Alpine, immediately making him a part of the battle.

Right after the explosion, Steamed Bun Invasion threw a Brick, which flew like an immortal from the skies, towards the Cleric’s head.

The Dizzy didn’t take effect, but he was able to interrupt the Cleric’s casting. This was an action Ye Xiu had predicted the Cleric would do, which was why he told Steamed Bun Invasion to attack him.

The Cleric had seen the three unwanted guests appear, but his hands still instinctively tried to Heal the Guarding Blade Master. In the strategy they had been using for the past hour, whenever the Blade Master Guarded, he would immediately recover his health. From how the process played out, it appeared as if Steamed Bun Invasion had thrown the Brick first and then the Cleric tried to Heal in order to interrupt it.

Tang Rou’s Battle Mage didn’t have any long-range skills or any Chasers on her. Her target was Blade Master #2, who was some distance away from her, but Tang Rou wasn’t inflexible. She brushed past the Cliff Ronin and used a Falling Flower Palm on the BOSS.

In its Red Blood state, the Cliff Ronin was extremely resistant. The Falling Flower Palm’s Blow Away effect was also reduced and only made the Cliff Ronin stagger a bit. Tang Rou’s goal of having the BOSS fly into her target hadn’t been achieved yet, but at least she was able to produce a Fire Chaser. Tang Rou didn’t hesitate and immediately fired her Chaser. The Fire Chaser exploded on the Cliff Ronin and Soft Mist’s arms began to glow red. The Fire Chaser had buffed her Strength.

Tang Rou hadn’t forgotten about her target and continued to rush towards the Blade Master.

Seeing Soft Mist pounce over, the Blade Master appeared extremely cold. With the blade in the sheath, he quickly drew his sword. This attack headed towards both targets in order to block Soft Mist’s charge as well as to add damage to the BOSS.

“Swoosh!” The Blade Master suddenly saw a giant umbrella shield open up, blocking the sword light.

The player with the shield was knocked back, but at this moment, the umbrella retracted and a sword light flashed, sending a Sword Draw back at him.

This slash was the same as the Blade Master’s; one attack with two targets. The Sword Draw headed towards the Blade Master as well as the Striker, who was not far from the Blade Master.

With the Blade Master and Striker’s positions, the Sword Draw shouldn’t have been long enough to reach both, but Ye Xiu had utilized the knockback effect to use Sword Draw while moving backwards, causing the angle to change, allowing the sword aura to reach the Striker.

Tyrannical Ambition’s experts hadn’t anticipated this type of precise movement. The Striker was hit by the sword aura and he slid back.

The Blade Master immediately raised his Guard and blocked the attack. Just as he felt pleased, a scarlet flash swept past his eyes and his character flew into the sky. Soft Mist had used this opportunity to execute a Sky Strike.

Lord Grim followed up and jumped back. His Thousand Chance Umbrella swung down turning into the Gun form. Gatling Gun was employed and the bullets flew like rain. The brief Stun from each hit made it so the opponent wasn’t able to close in.

While the bullets rained, Steamed Bun Invasion dashed towards his target #5. This Cleric had once been bullied by Steamed Bun Invasion already. Seeing him run over, he immediately turned around and ran.

Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t give up. No one else mattered, only the Cleric. This was the task Ye Xiu had assigned him.

Tang Rou chased after the mid-air Blade Master and began a barrage of attacks. The Blade Master had no way of escaping as his health dropped rapidly. The Cleric was supposed to heal him, but all he saw was the Cleric running from Steamed Bun Invasion like a dog.

The Blade Master didn’t dare to be careless and immediately drank a potion. In this instant, his health shot up. This was an extremely precious potion that recovered his health in an instant. This type of potion was Purple-lettered. Jiang You and his party had brought the best quality potions with them to hunt this wild BOSS.

Normal potions healed over 10 seconds with a 1 minute cooldown. As for the instant heal potion, the cooldown increased to 2.5 minutes, but both potions shared the same amount healed. After consuming the instant health potion, he wouldn’t be able to drink another potion for 2.5 minutes.

Relying on the potion, the Blade Master survived. After rolling onto the ground, he raised his hands and used an “Upward Slash”.

“Don’t dodge it!” Ye Xiu shouted as the Blade Master used “Upward Slash”. Tang Rou had planned on jumping back to dodge it, but was startled by Ye Xiu’s shout. By the time she recovered, there wasn’t enough time to dodge. The Blade Master’s sword hit and Soft Mist was launched into the air.

“Were you talking to me?” Tang Rou was still confused. Being caught in mid-air wasn’t a good situation.

The Blade Master chased after her to follow up, but a sudden sword aura brushed past him. The Blade Master wasn’t able to Guard or dodge in time and was hit by the sword aura, causing him to fly back. As for Soft Mist, because she had been launched into the air, she was able to dodge the sword aura.

A shadow brushed past Soft Mist in mid-air. An extremely quick sword penetrated through and stabbed the Blade Master. That shadow never stopped moving and continued to slaughter his way through. The, still-alive, Blade Master was nailed against the mountain.

Berserker skill: Colliding Stab.

With an abnormally large range, the Cliff Ronin Alpine had used this skill. After eating two consecutive BOSS skills, the Blade Master’s health instantly dropped, his death was near.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim mercilessly added damage. Anti-Tank Missiles fired towards the nailed Blade Master while grinning towards Tang Rou: “I was talking to you! There’s no need to work so hard. The person with the greatest DPS is over there!”

Three Anti-Tank Missiles exploded, cleaning out the Blade Master’s little remaining health and his corpse smoothly slid down the cliff wall.

Soft Mist dropped down from the sky and stood up with a Quick Recover, startled by the already-dead Blade Master.

The Cleric was still running from Steamed Bun Invasion.

Jiang You and the others had been suppressed by Lord Grim and had only just gotten up, but in that short instant, their Blade Master unexpectedly died.

The Blade Master’s ghost stayed with his cheeks streaming with tears. Lord Grim had actually borrowed the BOSS to kill him. How much more shameless can you be?

The answer was already known.

After the Blade Master was nailed to the wall, the Cliff Ronin turned around and headed towards the Tyrannical Ambition’s players……

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