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Chapter 228 – Forming a Party with the BOSS

Seeing the Cliff Ronin Alpine turn around and charge towards them, Jiang You’s party immediately froze. What stealing the BOSS? This was clearly using the BOSS as a helper.

Lord Grim’s group was absolutely last on the BOSS’s aggro list. As long as they didn’t run into the Cliff Ronin’s blade and dodge some of the BOSS’s AoE attacks, they wouldn’t be in too much danger. On the other hand, Jiang You’s group was Cliff Ronin’s main targets.

The Red Blood status Cliff Ronin was extremely terrifying. Under normal circumstances, he would be able to clean up three players with ease. However, Lord Grim’s strength wasn’t normal. Jiang You didn’t doubt that they were going to first clean them up and then kill the low-health BOSS.

KS? Run around? Retreat?

Numerous thoughts circled through Jiang You’s head. He didn’t have time to think too carefully. The Ronin’s sword aura was flying towards them.

The Cliff Ronin Alpine was swinging his sword with both hands from the ground up. This was the Spellblade skill Earthquake Sword. In the BOSS’s hands, the shockwave and attack was increased significantly. A crack in the ground would climb up from whichever direction the sword pointed to and as if an earthquake were happening, chunks of earth flew towards Crowd Lover.

After the Blade Master died, Crowd Lover was next on the Cliff Ronin’s target list. He was only wearing Cloth Armor. It was highly possible that he could die from even a single hit.

Jiang You hastily acted. Crowd Lover ran and rolled. Just as he was about to exit the sword aura’s range, a silhouette suddenly fell in front of him. Blocked, the two were hit by the earthen storm. Jiang You didn’t know if that player was dead or alive. All he knew was that his health almost dropped to zero.

He didn’t yet have time to drink his potion when Lord Grim appeared in front of him. Not waiting for him to get up, Lord Grim fired several times and sent Crowd Lover back to the city.

“F*CK!!” Jiang You slammed the table. His foot kicked a nearby chair.

As the manager of the guild for the club, Jiang You had his own specialized studio for him. Beside him were several other guild members. In the quiet of the night, these Tyrannical Ambition workers looked in alarm at their boss.

Jiang You glared at the screen. He had tried to drink a potion, but Lord Grim was quicker and he was killed off. His attempt to drink a potion became “click accept to revive” and he was already back in the city.

He stood there angrily for two seconds and then sprinted over to another person in the room.

During his extreme fit of rage, only one person didn’t look up from his computer to see what was going on. This was Jiang You’s teammate —- the Striker, who had been fighting beside him in Line Canyon. As for the other teammates, they weren’t in the same city.

Sweat could be seen on the Striker’s forehead. His heart was racing even faster. At this moment, he was under attack from Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Cliff Ronin Alpine, a very difficult situation.

Jiang You glanced at the party list on the side of the screen. Of the originally six members, there were only three left. The player, who had crashed into his Crowd Lover, was that Berserker who had found the BOSS. From the looks of it, his name was already faded, which meant that he had died.

Left roll, right step, leap up, sprint to flee……

The Striker’s two hands furiously tapped the keyboard and mouse. The concentrated raps showed his current complex playing.

But no matter how he tried to dodge, his health continued to slowly be chipped away. He hadn’t been able to escape.

Lord Grim’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him. He had used a Shadow Clone Technique to block his path and then used a Falling Flower Palm. The Striker had no choice but to leap back, when he heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. The Cliff Ronin’s fiery sword aura finally found its mark on the Striker’s body.

Cursing, the Striker watched as his corpse fell to the ground. He also slammed the table and jumped up from his chair, swearing continuously: “F*ck! Coordinating with the BOSS? What’s wrong with him???”

Everyone else in the room buried their heads. They were too scared to look or even ask. They knew what these two Heavenly Domain experts had come to the tenth server for, but……. it looked like the new server proved to be an extremely difficult task as even the top experts of their guild were crumbling.

They were Tyrannical Ambition. The fierce finger-pointing, and scolding style of Tyranny’s team captain Han Wenqing was often imitated by managers in the guild, except they didn’t learn it correctly. Han Wenqing only scolded them when the other side made a mistake, but these people only seemed to have learned the angry part. If they were in a bad mood or unhappy, they would find some reason to vent their anger. The people in the room didn’t want to be the ones to be vented out on.

Jiang You and the Striker looked at each other. They couldn’t scold each other, no? In the end, their gazes fell onto the screen. At this moment, the Striker’s ghost camera watched as Lord Grim’s group and the Cliff Ronin Alpine pounced towards the remaining two survivors.

“Shameless! How could anyone be so shameless!”

“Right, too shameless!”

Jiang You and the Striker pointed at the screen and furiously cursed, but the battle quickly reached outside of the ghost’s view and they were no longer able to see anything.

The Cliff Ronin dealt matchless damage like this along with the help of Lord Grim’s matchless shamelessness. At this point, what was the point in watching any longer? Even if they asked the entire guild to come over, it’d be too late!

Thinking of this, Jiang You immediately dashed back to his computer. The chat box on his screen flashed and flashed. He clicked on it and saw that it was Cold Night. Clearly, he had already found out a little bit about the situation from the dead Blade Master and was now asking Jiang You for what to do next.

“The BOSS will probably be stolen away by Lord Grim. Hurry up and gather people to stop that bastard. There’s only three of them and the BOSS doesn’t have much health left, but it’ll still take them some time.” Jiang You hastily replied.

“Got it.” Cold Night didn’t say too much. He immediately told everyone that they had found Lord Grim’s position. The troops promptly moved out.

At this moment, Jiang You received another message. It was from the Sharpshooter in his team. Clearly, no miracle had occurred.

“F*CK! These b*stards are too evil!!”

“So shameless!” The Cleric had also died.

“They were definitely watching us from the very beginning!”

“That b*tch probably announced those fake coordinates on purpose!”

The teammates continued to talk, cursing Lord Grim’s name numerous times.

“How much health did the BOSS have in the end?” Jiang You asked the other two.

“I wasn’t paying attention. The only thing I was paying attention to was how much health I had left…..” The two replied bitterly.

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