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Chapter 226 – Wait Until the Arrow is at the End of its Flight

Not long after, Tang Rou carried her cup over and passed by Ye Xiu, who had his two legs crossed and a cigarette in his mouth, a very relaxed look.

When she returned to her seat, she put on her headphones and heard Ye Xiu discussing with Steamed Bun Invasion how awesome it’d be to fight with someone outside of Line Canyon and then push the opponent to his death.

“Yeah, I’ve done it before. It’s probably been ten years since then…….”

“Ten years ago? Senior, you’re not exaggerating are you?” Steamed Bun Invasion interrupted.

“It’s true. It’s definitely been ten years. It’s a story that took place in the first server.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh oh, please tell it…….” Steamed Bun Invasion wouldn’t interrupt him. Tang Rou didn’t interject either and listened to Ye Xiu tell of a battle at Line Canyon that happened ten years ago.

At that time, Glory hadn’t been open for very long, so a large amount of players had just recently entered a new world. Everyone was fighting over BOSSes, fighting over equipment, fighting over materials…… Ye Xiu and his friend had joined in on the mess as well.

“It’s a game, right? So the sword flies here and the sword flies there. The sword flies wherever, it’s a battle.” Ye Xiu said casually.

“We were only two, but our opponents were an entire guild, who were chasing us because we stole the drops from a BOSS. Even though we were good enough to wipe them out, there was no way our mana would last. So at that time, we fought while running, but those guys refused to give up and we eventually ran to here. At this point, a bright idea suddenly popped up in our heads and we began to use all sorts of ways to push those guys off the cliff. A Falling Flower Palm would blow away three, who would instantly die from the fall. It was so cheap. However, some classes wouldn’t die from the fall. For example, Gunners use Aerial Fire to avoid falling to their deaths, but it didn’t matter because even if they didn’t die, they wouldn’t be able to jump back up. Their only choice was to circle around…….” Ye Xiu explained.

“Then were you two able to push all of them off?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked excitedly, “How many did you push off?”

“I hadn’t counted, but we were able to push off nearly everyone in the guild! The remaining ones saw that they weren’t able to run, so they jumped off by themselves.”

“No way……” Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t believe him.

‘Yeah….. actually, since the game hadn’t been open for long, there weren’t that many players in a guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“How many?” Steamed Bun Invasion asked.

“20?” Ye Xiu recalled.

“Tch…..” Steamed Bun Invasion disdained. The story had sounded so incredible, but it had just been a small battle against 20 players.

“Ha ha.” Ye Xiu could only laugh. He couldn’t forget their main mission, so he peeked out. Tyrannical Ambition’s players were really careful. They were worried they would be discovered, so they continued to bring the BOSS farther into the depths of the dead-end.

“We just have to close in slowly.” Ye Xiu said.

Under Ye Xiu’s lead, they would switch hiding places from time to time, never exposing themselves. On the world chat, quite a few players were now questioning what Lord Grim had said. Ye Xiu didn’t care. However, the players guarding Line Canyon’s entrances all thought that Lord Grim would take the chance to escape. They had been waiting for about an hour, but there was still no sign of him.

“Lord Grim’s evil schemes have been seen through. He doesn’t dare come.” Everyone confidently concluded as if they had won a battle.

On Lord Grim’s side, it was finally time.

“Okay, it’s about time now.” Ye Xiu said to the team. The three were hiding behind a small dirt mound. Lord Grim was peeking his head out more and more.

The battle was already extremely intense. The Cliff Ronin Alpine was now at Red Blood and released a mighty aura. Tyrannical Ambition responded in the same way. Seeing their character’s’ movements, Ye Xiu was able to see that Crowd Lover was the leader.

“Their teamwork is very good. They really do have enough strength to take down the BOSS.” Ye Xiu commented.

“When are we going to go?” Tang Rou asked again and again.

“Don’t be impatient. We’ll wait until the arrow is at the end of its flight, then we’ll take them down in one move. Remember, first kill the players, then the BOSS. We’ll set the targets now. I’ll give them numbers. That Elementalist Crowd Lover is #1, Blade Master #2, Sharpshooter #3, Striker #4, Cleric #5, Berserker #6, don’t forget.” Ye Xiu messaged.

“Got it!”

“Okay, wait for my orders.” Ye Xiu continued to spectate the battle.

Raging Flames!

Outside of the mound, Jiang You’s Crowd Lover waved his hands and cast a spell. A column of fire burst from the ground enveloped the Cliff Ronin Alpine, but the Cliff Ronin was currently in an Enraged state, so Raging Flames wouldn’t launch him into the air.

The Cliff Ronin slashed in a large 270-degree arc, but it was just a Sword Draw and nothing more. In his hands, such a normal skill became something incredible.

Jiang You and the others had expected it. Three of the players were behind the BOSS, inside the 90 degrees where the circular arc wouldn’t reach. Crowd Lover and the Sharpshooter were both outside of the range. Up front, the Blade Master stood directly in front and used a precise Guard to block the Sword Draw.

Guard only blocked a portion of the damage. Even when Guarded against, the BOSS’s skill still did a large chunk of damage. However, the Cleric was already ready and healed him. The Blade Master hit back with his own Sword Draw, slashing out a streak of blood across the Cliff Ronin’s body. The Cliff Ronin roared angrily. He stabbed his sword into the ground: the Berserker skill “Earth Shattering Slash” activated.

This move caused dozens of shattered rocks in the surroundings shoot up. A player’s Earth Shattering Slash wouldn’t have such an effect. It was clearly a buffed skill due to the BOSS’s Enraged state.

“Look at this skill.” Ye Xiu immediately called for Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion’s attention.

“This skill is extremely difficult to interrupt. The scattered rocks are also random, so they’re difficult to defend against. But…… right before the rocks shoot up, the ground will stick up for a short instant. If you pay careful attention to it, you’ll be able to see it. If you react fast enough, you can even dodge them. Look, that Striker over there dodged them well.”

The skill took a heavy toll on Tyrannical Ambition’s team. They also knew how to dodge them, but they weren’t able to guarantee that they could perform such difficult actions precisely when needed. Among the six players, four were in range and three were hit by the rocks. Only that Striker had been able to avoid the rocks.

Tyrannical Ambition’s players didn’t panic though. The two long-range classes continued to attack, while the Cleric hurriedly healed the Blade Master. The Striker immediately used a “Dashing Jab” to close in and followed up with a Grappler’s Back Throw to interrupt the Cliff Ronin’s attack to give everyone some time to recover. From this bout, it could be seen that the Berserker, the player who had discovered the BOSS, wasn’t at the same level as the other five players. His playing wasn’t with the team.

The Blade Master leapt up into the air to avoid the BOSS’s shockwave from getting up and then followed with a Falling Light Blade. The Cliff Ronin Alpine was hit, but knock-back wouldn’t affect an Enraged BOSS. The Cliff Ronin countered with a slash, which the Blade Master Guarded and returned with a Sword Draw again.

Jiang You grew excited. They had been fighting for so long and the BOSS was finally about to be taken down. A Wild BOSS. The strongest of the BOSSes. The drops were also of the greatest value. Even these experts from the Heavenly Domain were excited.

“Almost there! Again!” Jiang You shouted. The others could also see that victory was almost theirs. Their morale was at a peak and once again went for another round of attacks. When the Cliff Ronin Alpine countered, the Blade Master was ready to Guard again.

But just at that moment, three shadows suddenly jumped out from behind a small dirt mound.

“Soft Mist #2, Steamed Bun #5!!”

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