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Chapter 221 – Forceful Control

Of course Steamed Bun Invasion would be the one to Sand Toss Jiang You’s Crowd Lover.

Ever since Blossom Valley’s two unfortunate players were sent flying into Tyrannical Ambition’s group by Lord Grim, they had become human meat bullets. Their remaining member, their guild leader Backlight Bomb, didn’t have any helpers and was unable to beat Steamed Bun Invasion in close combat.

Once Backlight Bomb fell, Crowd Lover was sent over, making Steamed Bun Invasion very happy.

In reality, in terms of skill level, Jiang You was better than Steamed Bun Invasion. But before he was able to adjust his camera after being sent flying, he was Blinded by a Sand Toss.

Elementalists were even worse than Spitfires in close combat. Jiang You was experienced though and immediately cast an Electric Ring. This skill came out extremely quickly and created a lightning ring around his body.

Jiang You wanted to use this skill to make Steamed Bun Invasion hesitate. But a Brawler was a Brawler. Steamed Bun didn’t care about a bit of damage and continue to fight like usual. As soon as Jiang You made the control to make his character stand up, he was punched and then clawed by Steamed Bun Invasion. When Crowd Lover’s blind wore off, he saw the Brawler locking onto his throat and his health rapidly dropping.

At this moment, concentrated fire came. Su Mucheng’s Anti-Tank Missiles and Laser Rifle shot over. Lord Grim also sent over a few presents.

It’s over…….

Jiang You understood very clearly. His Elementalist had low-defense Cloth Armor and low health. There was no way he could last long in this situation.

What about his teammates? Jiang You’s camera swiveled over. He would rather get Blinded again than watch anymore!

Circle Swing, Back Throw, Wave Wheel Slasher, BBQ…… no class at Level 30 had so many Grab techniques, even Grapplers. All of Lord Grim’s skills were these short-cooldown low-leveled skills. After using them all, the cooldowns would be back up and he could continuously confuse his opponent.

Jiang You watched as his teammates were grabbed by Lord Grim one after the other and were all thrown until they had no idea what they were doing anymore.

“F*ck……” Crowd Lover’s health finally dropped to zero. When he fell, he saw Lord Grim throw another person over, his team’s Cleric. Steamed Bun Invasion jumped over and punched the Cleric. At least, there was no more talking from him, Jiang You could no longer hear anymore.

“Where are you guys!!” Jiang You revived back to the city and swiftly sent Cold Night a message. In all of his years at gaming, he had been stepped on like this in the new server of all places. How could he accept this?

“Almost there! How are you guys holding up?” Cold Night replied.

“Dead!” Jiang You angrily replied.

“Ah…..” Cold Night didn’t know what to say. The guild leader was already very mad.

“How have you guys arranged it? That place is an intersection. Don’t let them escape.”

“Yeah, the dungeon entrance has our people from our side. If they catch up, then we should be able to surround them from every direction.” Cold Night said.

“Should???” Jiang You dug out the word.

“We didn’t have time to research the map……” Cold Night said.

“Then hurry up.” Jiang You was extremely annoyed. He wanted to know his teammate’s situations, but they definitely didn’t have the time to reply.

Tyrannical Ambition’s four experts were still hanging on. However, Void Walk’s three players were already unable to hold out and turned into corpses one after the other. Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan had killed them off.

Ye Xiu was currently 2v5ing with Su Mucheng. The five players looked as if they were being extremely badly, but in reality, their life wasn’t dropping very fast. In order to control the field, Ye Xiu had to give up on a lot of opportunities to inflict heavy damage on an opponent. Many skills weren’t able to be used.

He had the ability to kill off one or two of the players, but if he did that, then the others might escape. Ye Xiu didn’t want players to interrupt in the other two battles. As a result, he had forcefully controlled his opponents.

At this moment, Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan finally arrived and joined in on Ye Xiu’s battle. With support, Ye Xiu immediately erupted and turned to combo an opponent next to him.

“Hurry!” Ye Xiu shouted.

Qiao Yifan’s Sword Boundary was released and Tang Rou began fighting within it. Su Mucheng’s entire offensive was concentrated here. Steamed Bun Invasion was only dealing with a Cleric, so he didn’t need any help.

Blossom Valley’s players fell first. Only Tyrannical Ambition’s experts remained.

Among the normal player base, they were definitely top-tier experts. Unfortunately, they were trying to fight with a top-tier God among the pro-scene. Lord Grim was even able to bully Tiny Herb’s pro-players. Such a one-sided battle already hurt their confidence.

“More players are coming!” Tang Rou suddenly called as she continued to dish out damage.

Ye Xiu’s heart couldn’t help but drop. There was no way they could continue fighting like this. Ignoring all else, they didn’t have enough mana! If Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t learned about how to conserve mana during battle, then they probably would have run out already.

Besides being unable to continue battling, Ye Xiu was also worried about reinforcement arriving. The reason he didn’t let a single person go before was because he thought that there was enough time to kill off everyone.

But if another dungeon team came…..

Ye Xiu looked, but discovered that the players coming might not be a hindrance.

“Hey, you just finished dungeoning?” Ye Xiu greeted this team. The team’s players slowed down.

“Cough…… you’re killing?” The other side slowly said. Blue River was speaking. This team was from Blue Brook Guild. Ye Xiu had met with the others, Bound Boat, Thundering Light, Returning Cloud, etc. long ago. The people behind the computers were all staring forward with grotesque faces.

“Yup!” Ye Xiu replied while sending an opponent flying.

Blue River and the others watched as the player flew up and then fell. They were completely silent. They had no intent on joining the battle and also didn’t seem to want to leave either.

“Blue Bridge, you coward! A few dungeon records and you’re scared?” Someone suddenly cursed.

Only Heavenly Domain players who knew him would call Blue River, Blue Bridge. Could he be an expert from Tyrannical Ambition’s headquarters? Blue River was startled. He took another look at them……. Even though he wasn’t able to tell who it was from his voice, he already figured out who they were by looking at their classes. Blue River suddenly felt quite good.

“Sigh, today’s my birthday, so I’ll be going off early. I’ll be on my way then, have fun, everyone!” Blue River said. He didn’t look on any further and led his team away.

“Do you know any shame, Blue Bridge……” Tyrannical Ambition was still talking to him.

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