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Chapter 222 – Searching for Tracks

Even though Tyrannical Ambition’s top experts hadn’t participated in the pursuit for Lord Grim, they understood their situation in the tenth server. Blue Brook Guild should be feeling more pressed to suppress Lord Grim than they were.

But after Blue Brook Guild was stepped on in Desolate Land, they seemed to have stayed outside of matters.

Were they scared? Or had they reached an agreement with Lord Grim? Or did they have some other scheme up their sleeves? No one knew.

Their current movement would have benefited every guild in the tenth server that was competing for dungeon records. Even though Blue Brook Guild was currently in the worst state, who would look down on Blue Brook Guild’s strength? As soon as Lord Grim was suppressed, Blue Brook Guild would jump back as one of the strongest contenders for the dungeon records, especially since they wouldn’t have sacrificed anyone to suppress Lord Grim…….

How could the other guilds just let Blue Brook Guild take advantage of their hard-earned win like that?

Originally, competing for dungeon records was up to the player and facing against other opponents was also up to the player.

But because of one another’s interests, such simple rules no longer belonged. As a result, everyone created a hidden set of rules that everyone had to uphold.

Those who hadn’t participated in the elimination of Lord Grim would not have the qualifications to fight for the dungeon records. This was what the seven guilds who had participated were thinking.

In their eyes, Blue Brook Guild wasn’t upholding the rules.

Seeing how Blue River wasn’t going to help them, they could clearly see his attitude towards this subject.

This was why Tyrannical Ambition’s expert was extremely spiteful and was loudly looking down upon them. However, this wouldn’t change Blue River’s decision; it wouldn’t change their current plight.

Three players quickly became two players.

Two players quickly became one player.

When the last player fell, Steamed Bun Invasion also finished up with his Cleric. Currently, they could hear footsteps closing in from a distance.

“They’re here. Run.” Ye Xiu said.

But only after running a bit, he suddenly stopped. After waiting for the others to catch up, he suddenly headed towards the left fork: “This way. Stick close to the side.”

“This is?”

“To avoid the dead player’s eyes?” Qiao Yifan noticed that that Blade Master’s corpse was still there. However, he didn’t know how large his ghost camera was.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim led the way, while the others followed closely behind in a line.

“Pay attention to any players you see.” Ye Xiu said again.


“In order to find where we were, besides blocking the entrances to Line Canyon, they also sent players over to keep watch at the various dungeon entrances. Right now, they know where we are, so players from the dungeon will be heading over there.” Ye Xiu said.

“How come they still know where we are!” Su Mucheng exclaimed.

“It’s just a possibility!” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean?”

“Turn this way!” Ye Xiu changed directions again.

“Don’t tell me you want to find a route where we’ll avoid everyone?” Su Mucheng said.

“It’s not that complicated.” Ye Xiu smiled, “We just have to take a long detour to stay as far away as possible from them. Here, this way.” Ye Xiu continued to lead the way.

Less than a minute after Ye Xiu’s group left, at the place where a great battle recently took place, the troops from the seven guilds finally arrived.

On the way, they bumped into Blue Brook Guild’s group. Blue River was still as calm as ever and he, along with Bound Boat and the others, were looked down on as they passed by each other.

Four of the seven guilds began to burn with anger after seeing the tragedy. Some of the vestiges of battle hadn’t yet disappeared yet.

Blood, smoke, sword scars……

In just a few short minutes, the elite teams of each of the four guilds had been wiped out. Tyrannical Ambition lost the most. Two of their teams had been wiped out, including their team that the guild leader’s personally led.

“Just how strong is Lord Grim?” Cold Night thought as he looked at the rage messages sent by Jiang You.

With the situation being like this, the news about the elite teams from each of their four guilds had already been spread. The other three guilds expressed their sympathies, but they knew that they were laughing at them on the inside.

Only Chen Yehui wasn’t surprised by the outcome. He was the only one understood just how strong their opponents were.

He had once used numbers to try and bully the few, and the result? How could these elite experts compare to their Excellent Dynasty’s players?

Though unfortunately, Herb Garden and Royal Heritage hadn’t been touched in all of this.

Chen Yehui thought as he looked at the players from these two guilds. He felt that their half-heartedness was a little suspicious, especially Herb Garden. They were one of the Three Great Guilds, but among all of them, Herb Garden had sent the fewest number of players and their movements were also the slowest. Chen Yehui suspected that Herb Garden had other plans just like them.

“Lord Grim went this way.” After the Blade Master revived, he sent a message to Cold Night, telling him the direction they went towards.

“Directions from another corpse?” Lonely Drink had experience scouting out as a corpse.


“Then it might not be accurate.” Lonely Drink said. At that time in Congee Forest, Lonely Drink’s directions had been wrong.

“So we should exclude this direction?”

“That…..” Lonely Drink wasn’t confident.

Right now, three forks were in front of them. The information the corpse had provided was ignored.

Split the troops three ways? They didn’t dare…… Even though the terrain here was completely different from Congee Forest’s, the 32 players wipe out was still fresh in their minds.

“Players that come here from the dungeons will have seen them.” Someone said.

“There’s no way they can stop them. It’d be too late by the time we get there.”

“What if they used this opening to slip out of Line Canyon?”

Everyone immediately froze.

“Maybe it’d be best to get back to the Line Canyon entrances?”

“Looks like that’s our only option.” The guilds discussed and in the end, that was their final decision.

Their discussion didn’t go on for very long this time. After admiring the vestiges of battle for a short moment, they quickly returned to guard duty.

The players from the dungeon entrances that had rushed over reported back.

No, no, no…….. no one had found them.

“F*ck! They really ran off?” Someone cursed.

“Maybe or maybe they’ve temporarily hidden themselves?” Another guessed.

Both possibilities made them want to go crazy, but they had no way of verifying. All one hundred players coughed blood and then went to guard the entrances. The players who had been guarding the dungeon entrances were given another order: to scout around the leveling area and search for traces of Lord Grim’s group without exposing their identity.

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