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Chapter 220 – Screen Cannon

Jiang You was the only one on his team who hadn’t been hit by Lord Grim yet. Right when it looked like he was going to be hit, he immediately cast magic and Raging Flames roared up in an attempt to attack and defend at the same time.

But the attack missed. Did Lord Grim not rush forward? He then heard a whistling sound growing louder and louder. By the time Jiang You reacted, Crowd Lover was already in a huge cloud of smoke. The Launcher on the side had suddenly fired at him.

Quick Recover!

Jiang You obviously didn’t want to be hit onto the ground by the explosion, so he rolled forward. When he got up, he heard someone say in his ears “Long time no see.” A battle lance arced up and his Crowd Lover was thrown into the sky.

“Clang!” A cold light flashed.

Jiang You had only just been launched, when Lord Grim suddenly slashed an incredibly quick Sword Draw. It was so quick that it seemed as if the combo had been done by two players instead of one.

Just as the Blade Master on the side climbed up, Crowd Lover flew right in front of him. No one knew if he had gone stupid from falling, but the Blade Master wasn’t able to dodge in time and the two crashed into each other.


Jiang You and the others were all fairly big names in the game. With their main accounts, they were on the same level as Changing Spring and Blue Bridge Spring Snow in the Heavenly Domain.

No one dared to say they were undefeatable in PvP, but for Jiang You and his team’s skill level, it really was the first time they had been beaten up so badly.

When Jiang You and the Blade Master climbed back up, their other two teammates, the Sharpshooter and Striker, were now on the ground. As for their Cleric, he was standing there foolishly, unsure of what to do.

“Steady!” Jiang You saw that everyone had been beaten senseless. Usually, they weren’t this bad. The others weren’t ordinary players after all. With Jiang You’s status, he was often in contact with pro-players. It wasn’t that he had never played with Tyrannical Ambition’s pro-players before; it was just that he had never been beaten this badly.

Ultimately, it was an issue with their attitudes. Lord Grim’s strength was far greater than they had imagined and as soon as they began fighting, he disrupted their formation. They had lost their tempo and were having trouble finding it again.

“Just stall for time!” During this moment, Jiang You immediately lowered everyone’s requirements.

Shortly after, he heard the Cleric shout “Careful!” Jiang You didn’t ask anything and rolled to the side as he saw a bright laser brush past him. He was one of the faster ones while the other teammate, who had been in the laser’s path, was directly hit flying.


From this, Jiang You saw Lord Grim’s treachery.

He rushed up to fight them in order to force them out of their position. Their cameras were all on Lord Grim of course. As a result, the Launcher was able to fire behind them over and over again.

Jiang You had just been hit by a missile and if the Cleric hadn’t warned him, he would have been hit again.

Jiang You moved his camera. Cleansing Mist’s cannon was no longer directed at them, but instead was directed towards Steamed Bun Invasion’s side. Jiang You discovered that it appeared as if Lord Grim’s group had split up and found their own targets to battle with, but with this Launcher at their center assisting them, they formed a single body.

This type of strategy…… Jiang You suddenly felt that it seemed a bit familiar. At this moment, he heard a teammate yell another “Careful!” Jiang You hastily rolled to the side to dodge the attack behind him, but this time, he crashed into his teammates and coughed blood. Why did things turn out this way as soon as he looked away?

Could it be a dead angle strategy?

Jiang You finally thought of the strategy’s name.

Dead angle strategy. It utilized the opponent’s dead angles to move and attack.

This type of strategy was effective, but was not fun to watch, especially when it was from a bird’s-eye view. You would only see the people being attacked while running and dodging stupidly against obvious attacks.

At this moment, Lord Grim and Cleansing Mist seemed to be using this type of strategy. Whenever his back was faced towards Cleansing Mist, she would attack and whenever he faced towards Cleansing Mist, Lord Grim would attack.

Against this dead angle strategy, you either had to move in a way such that both sides could be seen or use terrain to protect your dead angle.

“Everyone…….” As soon as he shouted this out, he discovered that his teammates were charging towards Lord Grim. Their backs were towards him, which meant that their backs were also facing the Launcher.

“Careful!!” Jiang You shouted. And just as expected, the Launcher used this opportunity to shoot out three Anti-Tank Missiles and one of them was even headed towards him.

Jiang You had already dodged when he shouted out. He had dodged the bullet, but the four players in front were standing in a line, which made it difficult for them to dodge left or right so the artillery shell Jiang You dodged exploded on them.

“I’m right, it’s a dead angle strategy!” Jiang You confirmed. It wasn’t a coincidence but rather, it was a strategy that was being employed. Lord Grim had intentionally set up this scenario.

Apart from the dead angle strategy, Jiang You also remembered the Launcher’s strategy of using firepower to protect her teammates. This type of coordination was called a Screen strategy. It was a support type strategy that long-range classes used. Because Launchers had the highest range in the game, their ability and range to support was the best, so this strategy gradually began being called “Screen Cannon”.

After recognizing these two points, Jiang You at least knew that Lord Grim’s team weren’t just random players. Only those who truly understood Glory would be able to utilize these types of strategy at the correct time.

Being able to see through Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s coordination could be seen as an indication that Jiang You also understood Glory well. Many ordinary players knew a lot about theory, let alone Jiang You who has played Glory for so many years as well being Tyrannical Ambition’s guild leader. At this point, the game has already become a career for him.

Dead angle strategy as well as Screen Cannon. In order to break through, they had to head towards the Launcher.

Jiang You instantly cleared his thoughts. He wouldn’t entangle himself with Lord Grim and help his teammates. Instead, he turned his head and charged towards Cleansing Mist.

Flame Explosion!

Frost Ball!

Jiang You quickly moved and Crowd Lover chained two spells. Flame Explosion headed directly towards her, while Frost Ball predicted where she would move to. Sure enough, Cleansing Mist had to deal with it. After dodging the Flame Explosion, she lifted her cannon and accurately fired at the Frost Ball.

How precise……..

Jiang You was shocked, however, he had already planned what he would do next. His Raging Flames was almost finished casting and it would explode and certainly hit her.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Three explosions rang through Jiang You’s ears. He saw Crowd Lover’s casting get interrupted while black smoke permeated the air around him and he was forced stumbling.

“What happened?” Jiang You stared blankly.

He raised his camera and saw Cleansing Mist’s cannon fire a Cannonball.


The Cannonball hit Crowd Lover’s body and he was sent flying away. As the viewpoints kept changing, the sky seemed to spin. It was almost as if he was watching a cartoon as he saw Lord Grim fling a player such that they would crash into his teammates.

Jiang You understood what had happened. The Anti-Tank Missiles didn’t come from Cleansing Mist; They came from Lord Grim. That guy was an unspecialized, so he could use Launcher’s skills as well.

This “Screen Cannon” strategy had two supports as the center.

Crowd Lover fell to the ground. Just as he was about to roll away, everything in front of him turned black. His character once again drilled into the ground.

“Woah! I just killed one and another came! Our synergy is so amazing!!” Jiang You wasn’t able to see anything. All he could hear was someone yelling into his ears.

“F*ck! That Sand Toss was too shameless!” Jiang You figured out what happened.

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