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Chapter 209 – Whoever Kills the Fewest is the Loser


During the battle, Huang Shaotian suddenly changed to the largest and boldest font to write “KILL” seven times.

Under the dense word bubbles, Flowing Tree’s attacks seemed to have become sharper.

Qiao Yifan became more and more convinced of his assumption. That Flowing Tree’s attacks never stopped and even while maintaining such a high tempo, he still had the ability to type words. With such a high hand speed, if this person wasn’t Huang Shaotian, who else could he be?

However, even with these sharp attacks, the first of the eighteen guild players to fall wasn’t killed under Flowing Tree’s sword. His level was too low and his skills didn’t do much damage. The damage reduction under the six Level Suppression couldn’t be ignored either. Of the eighteen players on the field, the first to fall was under Soft Mist’s Battle Lance.

This sister had died twice today and had been trapped in the city for a long time. Who knew how much pent up anger she had? The only thing people saw was her non-stop battling.

Ever since she arrived at the field, she hadn’t said a single word. The only thing she did was fight. If Huang Shaotian’s seven “KILLs were written by her, it couldn’t have fit her any better.

The white movement speed buff surrounding her feet, the Fire-attribute Strength buff surrounding her arms, and the light blue defense buff surrounding her body all displayed this Battle Master’s strong battle spirit.

She wasn’t attacking those on the edge, but instead, had directly rushed into the enemy’s ranks. But the opponents had no way of dealing with her, on of them had even gotten killed.

Not even Huang Shaotian had this type of courageous spirit. Huang Shaotian was pretty much fighting with players, who were in his eyes — noobs. He definitely held the initiative, but his opportunistic style couldn’t be changed. His style was to hide and then kill in one hit. He wasn’t the type to sweep away everything in his path and charge forward blindly. Every player had their own style; play style, habits, decision-making, these all reflected a player’s temperament.

Tang Rou’s actions made even Huang Shaotian a bit surprised or perhaps it was because he had only seen her fight in PvE before. Against systematic and monotonous NPCs, everyone had a certain set playing style. But in PvP, the situation was much more complicated and required much more from the player. A player’s style would appear more prominently here. Right now, Huang Shaotian was able to see Tang Rou’s style. Even though her skills weren’t perfect, her style could clearly be seen.

Lonely Drink and his brothers, however, still dared to slash once or twice towards Flowing Tree, but towards Tang Rou’s Soft Mist, their only feeling was to run away in fear.

“She’s talented!” Huang Shaotian finally witnessed Tang Rou’s strength. Before, in the dungeon, he hadn’t cared too much.

“Bang!” Soft Mist once again used a Falling Flower Palm to blast several players away. A sudden flash suddenly used this opportunity to dash in. With an arc of a sword, ice drifted down from the tip of the sword and a blue Ghost Boundary formed. Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash had rushed in to throw down an Ice Boundary.

Lonely Drink and the others wanted to interrupt him, but they weren’t fast enough. One Inch Ash finished casting and rolled away, just barely dodging their attacks.

“Beautiful! In just an instant, you were able to clearly see where everyone was and determined their positions and possible attacks to choose a path that would let you complete your Ice Boundary without any interruptions. Amazing, really amazing! That wasn’t blind luck was it?” Huang Shaotian praised and even explained everything that had happened. When he finished, the numerous players were all frozen like ice cubes.

“Ah…… it wasn’t that good……” Qiao Yifan was flustered by the God’s praise. After saying “Ah…”, he wasn’t sure what to say. But at this moment, Huang Shaotian was already back to trash talk and equipped with his word bubbles, he continued to attack.

A Laser Rifle suddenly fired. The eighteen, no, already seventeen players were once again brutally ripped apart. On the other side, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim also used a Falling Flower Palm to create an opening. Steamed Bun Invasion dashed over and used Sand Toss, immediately Blinding two players.

The two, whose screens turned black, didn’t know what their situation was so they randomly attacked and fired off skills.

When their Blind wore off, one stared in a daze as he discovered that the world had already turned grey. His character had already fallen and next to him was his friend who had also been blinded. Lord Grim’s sword tip sliced across his friend’s neck. The liquid that spurted out seemed to be blood. It was just that in a dead person’s point of view, even the blood was grey.

It was only a Blind and the effect should have lasted at maximum six seconds, yet both of them had been killed in this time. They didn’t know what attacks their opponents had done. They could only look at the system log to check who had killed them: Lord Grim.

This person was originally their most terrifying opponent, but amidst the chaos, they had carelessly neglected him.

Lord Grim had been here all along!

Lord Grim is still the strongest!

But by the time they had realized this, the two had already fallen.

Lord Grim continued to battle. His tyrannical oppression wasn’t any weaker than Tang Rou’s when he used his Battle Lance. But when he changed weapons, his style immediately changed…….

The players were still trying to run away in fear, while that Flowing Tree continued to talk non-stop: “Ah! You’re not trying hard enough! You’re not fully utilizing an unspecialized player’s style. You’re always using the battle lance. Do you think you’re a Battle Mage?”

“Does it matter?” Ye Xiu laughed. Lord Grim’s lance stabbed forward and with a Circle Swing, another player died.

“You’re going to lose.” Ye Xiu said.


“I’ve already killed 11.” Ye Xiu said.

“D*mn it! You were keeping track?” Huang Shaotian shouted. He had completely forgotten about the game. Now that he thought about it, he had only killed 9 players. In the beginning, they had the same. This difference between two players had appeared amongst this big mess.

“What are you competing for?” Tang Rou finally said something.

“Whoever kills the least loses.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha ha ha.” Steamed Bun Invasion laughed out loud, grabbing everyone’s attention. Afterwards, he calmly turned to Concealed Light and said in an official voice: “You lost.”

Concealed Light was still focused on controlling his creatures. His summoned creatures had been blocking the eighteen heroes. Those that were killed off were killed, those that ran out of time had run out of time. He had now, already, summoned a new wave.

This time, he succeeded.

Concealed Light was able to accurately throw a Mark onto one of the players that had been turned into ice cubes by One Inch Ash’s Ice Boundary. One Goblin, two Thunder Spirits, and two Fire Spirits rushed forward and surrounded the ice cube.

The Fire Spirit’s fire attack immediately broke the Freeze effect, but with five creatures surrounding him, running away wouldn’t be easy. Even though Concealed Light’s mechanics were poor, summoned creatures automatically attacked.

The pitiful player was bombarded on all sides and was actually killed off this way.

“Ah! Ah! I killed one!” A wave of excitement washed over Concealed Light. He saw the message that he had killed some player on his log. The happiness on his face made it seem as if he had gone on TV.

“D*mn!” Steamed Bun Invasion said angrily. Concealed Light had unexpectedly killed off someone. If things kept continuing like this, wouldn’t that put the two of them at the same level?

“How many have you killed?” Steamed Bun Invasion immediately asked Qiao Yifan.

“Two.” Qiao Yifan said.

4, 3, 2, 2……. At this moment, everyone began reporting their numbers. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had killed 4. Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had killed 3. Su Mucheng and Huang Shaotian had both killed 2.

“F*ck!” Steamed Bun Invasion didn’t want to lose the game. But right now, only three remained of those original eighteen heroes. Lonely Drink was helpless. Even worse, no one planned on showing them any mercy. They all wanted them for points.

Who knew how many weapons and skills landed on their bodies. Blood and light flew everywhere and the three were instantly turned into corpses. Among these three players was Lonely Drink. With his guild leader status and strength, he was undoubtedly the strongest of the eighteen heroes, but even so, his fate hadn’t changed.

The moment his health bar emptied out, his world turned grey. The last sounds he heard came from two different people: “Ha ha ha ha, I KSed one.”

F*ck! Are we monsters?

Lonely Drink fell gloomy, but couldn’t tell who had been laughing. The penalties for dying wasn’t too bad. A bit of money and 10% of their EXP.

But, wiped out…… this word struck Lonely Drink hard. Under his lead, their group of 32 pursuers had been wiped out?

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