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Chapter 210 – A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Congee Forest. 32 corpses lay in this quiet forest.

Of course, most of the corpses were no long there. Almost everyone had already chosen to revive and return to the city. Only Lonely Drink, the last one to fall, was still there.

A huge crowd of guild players had pursued them here. But sadly, their 32 member army was completely wiped out. Currently, no one knew where Lord Grim and his group’s position was. Lonely Drink didn’t hurry and revive because the battle wasn’t over yet. He wanted to see where they would head towards next.

Lonely Drink floated around like a ghost, looking over his corpse and over the nearby seven players in the forest.

“Ha ha ha, I killed one. You lose!” Steamed Bun Invasion laughed madly, talking to Concealed Light while admiring his system log.

“Huh?” Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly asked a question. His gaze fell onto a corpse —- Lonely Drink, the player he had just killed.

“Why hasn’t this guy revived yet? Is he not completely dead?” Steamed Bun Invasion began being a noob again. His character stepped on Lonely Drink’s corpse and even kicked him twice.

Lonely Drink couldn’t hear what Steamed Bun Invasion was saying, but seeing him kick his corpse made him want to cough up blood.

“Too excessive!!” Lonely Drink angrily took note of Steamed Bun Invasion’s name.

Just at this moment, Lonely Drink suddenly saw Lord Grim lift his head.

When a character moved his camera up, the movement would like as if he was lifting his head in other players’ eyes.

Lonely Drink knew that the system gave him a camera, but there no ghost actually existed. But when Lord Grim lifted his head and stared directly at him, Lonely Drink felt as if he was looking at him face to face in person.

“He knows I’m here……” Lonely Drink thought. Soon after, Lord Grim and the others ran towards a direction and quickly left his view.

The ghost camera after death was centered on the corpse. The player had no way of adjusting it. In the beginning, he had planned on determining where they were heading to next, but after seeing Lord Grim lift his head, he wasn’t sure what to do.

If Lord Grim knew he was there and knew his intent, is this direction he’s heading towards a trick?

Lonely Drink kept his death camera for a while, but Lord Grim’s group never showed up again.

Lord Grim’s group had already left.

“Follow me.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim was at the front.

‘Where are we going?” Su Mucheng asked.

“The other side definitely has more people coming to find us. The moment you guys showed up, pursuers from every direction began heading towards Congee Forest.” Ye Xiu said.

“The route we’re taking lets us avoid encountering these people.” Concealed Light added.

“What are we hiding for? Let’s attack them head on.” Tang Rou said.

“Against those numbers, we had the advantage.” Ye Xiu laughed, “However, there’s no end to them, even if we kill them again and again, in the end, they’ll have won.”

“Why? What’s their goal?” Tang Rou asked.

“To stop us from training and slow down our leveling speed. Right now, it seems like experts from the big guilds are chasing us, but I’m sure that each guild also has two or three elite teams that are still continuing to power level. And us? All of our time will be wasted on dealing with these guys. To these big guilds, they don’t care if these players die. They have the manpower and plenty of accounts. But we don’t have that luxury.” Ye Xiu was quite detailed. He knew a new player like Tang Rou wouldn’t understand these types of guild politics.

“Then what do we do now?” Tang Rou asked.

“Dungeons, still dungeons. They’re scared of us taking down dungeon records……” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey hey hey. Dungeons again? Didn’t you say we’d spar! Everyone in your team is quite good! This Ghostblade lil’ bro that I’ve never seen before seems pretty strong too. Go go go. Let’s spar.” Huang Shaotian shouted.

Qiao Yifan felt extremely excited, hearing a God praise him. It looks like playing as a Phantom Demon was correct. His previous class didn’t fit him, so it limited his ability.

Qiao Yifan’s morale was boosted. But he was thinking a bit too much.

The only reason Huang Shaotian praised him was because they were in a game and he was regarding him as a normal player. Such a display by a normal player was more than enough for praise. If Huang Shaotian knew that he was a pro-player, then his criteria would be much higher. Ye Xiu’s and Su Mucheng’s display had been amazing, but Huang Shaotian didn’t praise them.

“Thank you senior for you praise.” Qiao Yifan’s tone carried a sense of joy. It was a misunderstanding. But even so, this beautiful misunderstanding boosted his confidence by quite a lot.

“Senior? What Senior? Who are you calling a Senior? Who are you?” Huang Shaotian was surprised.

“My name is…… Qiao Yifan……” Qiao Yifan was frightened and replied hesitantly.

“Qiao Yifan? You are…..” Huang Shaotian was a secretive person. The word “Senior” was enough for him to figure out Qiao Yifan’s identity. Normally, no one would be so polite in-game. Even if he was, Huang Shaotian had only just met with him. And seeing his skill, he couldn’t be a new player, so how could he have been certain that he was his “Senior” and not his “Junior”?

This guy’s from the pro-scene. And he’s even guessed who I am! But who is he? Which team? Calling me a senior? A newcomer? Huang Shaotian had already deduced several things.

“Ah…..” Qiao Yifan heard from Huang Shaotian’s tone that something wasn’t right, but he didn’t know what to say.

“Who are you calling a Senior? Me? How could I be your Senior? Do people still say that? Are we in some Wuxia film?” Huang Shaotian laughed insincerely, while sending messages to Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng: “F*ck me f*ck me f*ck me. What do I do? My identity’s been exposed! Who is this guy? If it comes out that I’ve run into the game to kill normal players, how can I show my face again? Hurry up and protect me! Hurry up and protect me!”

“Cough!” Su Mucheng coughed, “Yifan, who do you think he is?”

“Huang…… Huang……” Qiao Yifan didn’t know what to call him. If he directly said “Huang Shaotian”, he couldn’t show his respect towards him; “Huang Shao”? Only people close to him could call him that; “Senior Huang Shaotian”? That should’ve been the correct way to say it, but called him “Senior” seemed to have offended him?

“Huang Shaotian?” Su Mucheng helped him finish.

“Su Mucheng, you f*cker!!!” Huang Shaotian privately messaged her. He then immediately explained: “Lil’ bro, you’ve got quite an imagination. How could I be Huang Shaotian?”

“You’re not?” Qiao Yifan was dumbstruck.

“Yeah, he’s not.” Su Mucheng unexpectedly said, “How could he be Huang Shaotian? Huang Shaotian is a very noisy guy. He constantly buzzes around like a house fly. If he was next to you, then you’d go crazy in a less than a second. This fellow Flowing Tree has a bit of a Huang Shaotian style, but his noisiness isn’t even one ten-thousandth of Huang Shaotian’s! Right, Flowing Tree?”

“Ha ha….. ha ha…..” Huang Shaotian laughed dryly, while madly sending Su Mucheng messages: “You f*cker You f*cker You f*cker You f*cker…….” He then received an emoticon of a smiley face with sunglasses on from Su Mucheng. Flowing Tree’s cheeks streamed with tears as he sent a message to Ye Xiu: “Can you take care of it, old man?”

Ye Xiu wasn’t able to say anything yet, when Qiao Yifan said: “Oh, so it’s like that. My mistake.”

He wasn’t an idiot. Seeing the look on Su Mucheng as well as Flowing Tree’s weird reaction, he was completely sure that this person really was Huang Shaotian. However, the God clearly didn’t want others to know who he was.

Huang Shaotian didn’t treat him like an idiot either. He knew that with this, Qiao Yifan knew who he was. But even so, the other side acted as if he didn’t know, which meant that his identity was safe.

Huang Shaotian heaved a sigh of relief. In the end, all he heard was Steamed Bun Invasion mutter: “Huang Shaotian? What’s that? Sounds kinda familiar.”

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