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Chapter 208 – Summoner

“Don’t summon too many creatures! Practice controlling two for now!” Ye Xiu said to Concealed Light.

In Concealed Light’s eyes, his image of Ye Xiu had already changed drastically. He trusted what Ye Xiu said. He turned his head and saw that his summoned spirits had already faded away.

Controlling summoned creatures was quite difficult. It almost felt like the Summoner was playing a strategy game, but because of Glory’s first-person point of view, controlling these creatures like troops wasn’t as simple.

Luckily, Summoners possessed a few command skills for controlling their creatures. The Level 10 Follow made summoned creatures follow behind the Summoner. The Level 15 Mark cast a Mark, where the summoned creature would head towards. This Mark could also be thrown onto a player or a monster. The summoned creature would then attack the target with the Mark.

These two skills used very little mana. They greatly helped the Summoner control their creatures. The higher the skill level, the greater the range of the skill.

At Level 20, the Summoner could learn Lash, which would whip a summoned creature. The Lashed creature would then have its movement and attack speed increased. The higher the skill level, the greater the buff.

In addition, when a player changes classes to a Summoner at Level 20, the player would learn Strengthen Creature, which increased the attack and defense of their summoned creatures.

After changing classes, Summoners are able to learn Summon: Thunder Spirit and Summon: Fire Spirit at Level 25 and Level 30 respectively. The Spirits did similar amounts of damage, but the Thunder Spirit’s attacks have a chance to Stun, while the Fire Spirit’s attacks have a chance to Burn.

The other two Spirits, Ice and Dark, also had their own crowd control effects. Currently, Level 30 Summoners didn’t have access to these two types of summons though,

Concealed Light listened to Ye Xiu’s suggestion and concentrated on controlling only two creatures. He looked around left and right, but didn’t know who to coordinate together with. Lord Grim didn’t need his help and he didn’t know the others. In the end, Concealed Light went to Steamed Bun Invasion and controlled both a Goblin and a Thunder Spirit to attack Steamed Bun Invasion’s opponent.

He threw a Mark, wanting to hit Steamed Bun Invasion’s opponent, but who would have thought that while fighting, the two would suddenly switch positions? The Mark had landed on Steamed Bun Invasion’s back.

Steamed Bun Invasion had fought against numerous players in the Arena, so he knew the skills from every class and immediately recognized the Summoner’s Mark. He looked back and saw Concealed Light’s two summoned creatures rushing at him. He shouted furiously: “What’s wrong with you? Is it that hard to land a skill?!”

Just before, Steamed Bun Invasion had thrown a Brick at Concealed Light to have him listen to Ye Xiu speak. Now that he’d been hit by a Mark, he thought that it was the guy trying to pay him back for the Brick.

“Move aside! You move aside!!” Concealed Light shouted. Mark had a very low cooldown. He was just about to throw another one, but Steamed Bun Invasion blocked him.

“You two form a party.” Ye Xiu sent a party invite to both of them. Not only had these two players not formed a team, they were also attacking each other!

The two joined the party. Concealed Light’s Mark could no longer attract the summoned creatures’ attacks and instead made the creatures followed behind Steamed Bun Invasion. This was one way a Summoner could have his creatures move around.

“I’ll give you one to play with!” Steamed Bun Invasion shouted. He flashed behind his opponent and used a Knee Attack on what seemed to be that player’s butt. The player stumbled towards Concealed Light.

“F*ck!” Concealed Light yelled. Even Ye Xiu couldn’t predict what Steamed Bun Invasion would do sometimes so how was he going to be able to? The opponent pounced over. Concealed Light, once again, thought of several ways to escape, but before he could make a decision on which to choose, his opponent had already closed in. This player was a Striker. He used a “High Kick” and sent Concealed Light flying into the air.

“Stupid!” Steamed Bun Invasion cursed as he rushed over to help him.

“I’ll do it. Keep an eye on that one, Steamed Bun.” Ye Xiu called out. Steamed Bun Invasion had a Spellblade, on that side, who was trying to escape. Ye Xiu had already anticipated that something would happen on Concealed Light’s side. If not, then how could he have known to run towards them to help?

Steamed Bun Invasion turned around and looked. Sure enough, a Spellblade was trying to run. He immediately shouted and threw a Brick at that Spellblade.

Lord Grim flashed over with a Shadow Clone Technique and quickly beat the Striker onto the ground. Concealed Light fell. Quick Recover was clearly too difficult for him so his character crashed directly to the ground.

The other opponents had already been sent into the circle. Of the 18 guild players, 16 were in the circle. There were still two left on Steamed Bun Invasion’s side.

Lord Grim flipped the Striker over and used a Blow Away attack to send them over. Steamed Bun Invasion’s Brawler didn’t have that type of skill so he had to fight with the Spellblade for a bit. In the end, Steamed Bun Invasion was the better player and the Spellblade was sent into the circle. At this moment, the side with the greater number was trapped by the side with fewer people.

Having been beaten down to such an extent, how could these players not understand the difference in strength between the two sides? They all understood that they needed to retreat. Lonely Drink jumped out and led the way.

“6 o’clock direction. Everyone rush in that direction!!”

Lonely Drink was quite perceptive. He saw that the Brawler and Summoner’s side was the weakest link. However, he didn’t have the time to type while fighting and could only shout it out.

“How could I let you run away so easily? Six o’clock? If you say it out loud, how are you going to run? You should train your hand speed bro! If you had sent your group a message unknown to us, then we wouldn’t have had time to react! Uh oh! Maybe you’ve already done so? You say 6 o’clock on the surface, but maybe you’ve secretly messaged a different direction? Uh oh! Uh oh! Everyone, be careful!” Huang Shaotian chattered, mocking them, while warning everyone else.

The eighteen guild players heard Lonely Drink’s shout and sure enough, rushed towards the six o’clock direction.

“Uh oh! They’ve really come over here!!” Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly felt a lot of pressure: “What was your name? Whatever your name, hurry up and have your summoned creatures form a wall!”

Concealed Light summoned five creatures, but he wasn’t able to control so many so the five summoned creatures formed a crooked blob.

“What are you doing! Are you trying to let the sheep out?” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Throw the Mark onto me!” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim yelled. The panicked Concealed Light immediately stopped trying to arrange his summoned creatures and threw a Mark at Lord Grim.

Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella was raised up and a five-pointed star magic circle was formed on the ground. This was a summoning circle. And the only Level 20 and under Summon that could be learned was a Goblin.

The summoning light glowed and then receded. A green Goblin stood in front of Lord Grim. Concealed Light’s Mark flew and hit the Goblin’s head.

Concealed Light’s five summoned creatures immediately headed towards Lord Grim’s Goblin. He then saw Lord Grim use a “Follow” skill and his Goblin ran behind him. Concealed Light’s summoned creatures followed the Goblin. After a few steps, the six summoned creatures stood in an orderly line.

Concealed Light watched with wide eyes, but with his eyes, he wasn’t able to see how Lord Grim was able to do this.

Afterwards, Lord Grim also threw his own Mark. The Goblin led Concealed Light’s five summoned creatures and blocked the path of those eighteen guild players.

Of course, it wasn’t possible to block these eighteen players with just these few summoned creatures, but it did buy them some time. They began sending attacks at those eighteen players. They were no longer trying to restrict and control them, but rather they were beginning to kill them.

Tang Rou was the quickest and most ominous. She raised her Battle Lance and slashed horizontally. Like a viper, she Double Stabbed and Bled the opponent. Sky Strike into Falling Flower, the blown away players crashed into other players. A large wound suddenly appeared on all of the eighteen players.

“Wow! This sis, how strong! Amazing! Amazing! Ghostblade, cast a…….ah? Already cast? Wow, not bad! You have good perception! Very promising. Very promising.” Huang Shaotian chattered, while his sword continued to flash. Even with three players fighting him, he was still pushing them back step by step.

Qiao Yifan had noticed Flowing Tree a long time ago. Sharp and talkative. Plus, this Blade Master was unexpectedly only Level 27…….

“This this this……. is he Huang Shao……?” Qiao Yifan felt like as if he heard his heart jump. He was actually fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with two Gods?


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