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Chapter 207 – Your Guides

“Why?” Concealed Light’s character didn’t turn and continued to stare at the group of creatures in front of him.

Level 30 Summoners already had Thunder and Fire spirits. Two of each could be summoned and could last up to 30 seconds. Aside from these, at Level 5, they could also summon Goblins, which lasted 90 seconds. The maximum of 5 creatures were summoned and were spinning around in confusion, like headless house flies.

Looking at Concealed Light and his creatures’ movements, Ye Xiu knew that he was trying his hardest to control them. Except……. his mechanics were simply too slow and imprecise. He even made mistakes. Even with his ten years of Glory experience, he had no idea what he was trying to do.

Concealed Light wasn’t any ordinary noob. Seeing how he was able to write those Idiot Guides, Ye Xiu knew that he had a strong grasp of game knowledge and theory. As a result, his moves should have some sort of purpose behind them and they shouldn’t be like that of an actual noob who was just randomly pressing buttons, but watching those creatures running around randomly, Ye Xiu just couldn’t watch any further.

“My senior’s instructing you! Listen to him! It’ll be a gift of a lifetime.” Steamed Bun Invasion threw a Brick to grab Concealed Light’s attention.

Concealed Light finally looked at Lord Grim: “Lord Grim…….”

“I’ve read your Idiot’s Guides.” Ye Xiu said as he moved his Lord Grim forward. Concealed Light had an opponent. In the beginning, this opponent was a bit worried, but he quickly saw that the Summoner was absolutely terrible. He decided not to bother with him and was just about to leave. Ye Xiu didn’t place his hopes on Concealed Light utilizing his summoned creatures to block for him.

“Oh? What’d you think of them?” Ye Xiu finally caught Concealed Light’s attention, who quickly followed him.

But Lord Grim suddenly stood there without moving or speaking.

“Hello? Hello? What’d you think of them?” Concealed Light asked. He then heard a “Bang!” and looked. Lord Grim was using a Falling Flower Palm to blow the player over.

“Shadow Clone Technique!” Concealed Light called and felt depressed. He wasn’t able to distinguish real from fake and had been talking with the fake one.

The player, who had been blown away by Lord Grim, used a Quick Recover to roll up. Terrified, he saw Concealed Light and then rushed towards him.

Concealed Light panicked. He wanted to roll away, but he also wanted to run. In his mind, he came up with four or five different ways of escaping, but his hands were unable to use any. Right before he was going to be hit, he heard three gunshots. Lord Grim had fired Anti-Tank Missiles and launched the player away. He then rushed forward to follow up.

“They’re written pretty well. They’re very detailed without any mistakes, but they’re very impractical.” Ye Xiu answered Concealed Light’s question. While talking, he controlled the field and maneuvered around freely.

“Hmph…… impractical again.” Concealed Light clearly wasn’t happy. This was the most common comment on his guides. He originally thought that a great expert like Lord Grim would be different, but he turned out to be just like everyone else.

“Yeah! Normal people have no way of completely following such a complicated and detailed strategy all the way through.” Ye Xiu said.

“That just means their skill level isn’t good enough. If they’re good enough, then they’d be able to do it.” Concealed Light said.

“I could do it, but I still wouldn’t use your guides.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why?” Concealed Light didn’t understand.

“Because people that have the ability to follow it can easily kill those BOSSes using all sorts of different methods. Why should they follow your guide and do things step by step?” Ye Xiu said.

Concealed Light stared blankly.

“These types of guides are meant for players who aren’t able to kill these BOSSes, so the simpler the better, but for your guides, they’re so complicated that only highly skilled players can follow them. Highly-skilled players don’t need these types of guides. You’re writing these guides for players who don’t need guides……. how is that not impractical?” Ye Xiu said.

“This……” There was nothing Concealed Light could say. The reasoning was very simple, but somehow he hadn’t been able to think of it. After creating his first Idiot Guide, he felt immeasurable satisfaction, but no one agreed with him. He didn’t give up and continued writing guide after guide, hoping that others would see how correct he was.

He finally understood. His guides were correct, but at the same time, they were completely useless in reality. It was just like Ye Xiu said; he was writing guides for people who didn’t need them.

Concealed Light stood there in a daze. He even forgot to continue controlling his creatures until he heard Lord Grim say: “Why’d you call your guides the Idiot Guides? That’s unfortunate. These guides aren’t idiotic at all, they just ask too much of the user.”

“It’s too bad they’re trash……” Concealed Light mumbled.

“You want to write valuable, high-leveled guides?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Of course.”

“Then research dungeon records!” Ye Xiu said. “If you’re able to make the fastest dungeon record, then this is the place where high-leveled guides are needed.”

Concealed Light’s heart moved: “I’ve written one before, talking about your Boneyard record. Have you read it?”

“I did.” Ye Xiu said.

“How was it?” Concealed Light was a bit nervous. Even though he knew from Steamed Bun Invasion that his analysis of using Orange equipment might be wrong, he wanted to know how many things he got correct.

“It was pretty good, but you didn’t discover enough.” Ye Xiu said.


“The 2nd BOSS Zombie Bailey can also be trapped.” Ye Xiu said.

“How?” Concealed Light was astonished.

“There’s a hole on the wall where the BOSS is. Did you know that?”


“Over there, if you send the BOSS into it, it’ll be trapped there.”

“Then how many Orange weapons did you have in your team?” Concealed Light immediately asked.

“One.” Ye Xiu said. At the time, Flowing Tree had the Level 25 Vampiric Lightsaber.

“Ah……” Concealed Light’s face burned red! His prediction that they all had Orange equipment was wrong and he believed that there was no reason for Lord Grim to lie to him.

“But there was a Silver Weapon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Silver….. Silver weapon?”

Concealed Light couldn’t help but notice the Thousand Chance Umbrella in Lord Grim’s hands. The weapon, which had been in the form of a lance, suddenly retracted and Lord Grim suddenly took out a sword from it and used a “Sword Draw”, attacking the blown away opponent.

“This one…..” Concealed Light called.


“It can change forms, so there’s no cooldown in changing weapons.” Concealed Light said.

“Oh? A new player like you knows about unspecialized players?” Ye Xiu said.

“Uh…… When I researched your Boneyard strategy, I specially studied materials on unspecialized players.” Concealed Light said.

“Oh……” Ye Xiu said, “Correct, this weapon almost perfectly lets me overcome the restriction of being unable to easily use skills from different classes.”

Ye Xiu spoke as he had Lord Grim chase after another target. Concealed Light was no longer paying attention to his pets anymore and was now frantically trying to follow behind Lord Grim.

“Almost?” Concealed Light noticed this particular word.

“Yeah, you saw…… switching forms still requires a bit of time……” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, you can’t completely overcome this?” Concealed Light said.

“The only thing I can do is press the keys faster.” Ye Xiu said.

“This weapon is too amazing!” Concealed Light gasped in admiration.

“You’ve researched self-made equipment before?” Ye Xiu asked.

“A bit, but it was too complicated. You’d have to completely understand how the game is set up and know about equipment data at the very least. There also has to be large amounts of testing and it would require a lot of money. Normal players wouldn’t even be able to play with these requirements.” Concealed Light said.

“You’re correct.” Ye Xiu nodded his head and sighed. In order for the pro Clubs to be able to research about self-made equipment, it required a large guild in game to provide them materials and real money to support them. Only then were they able to create self-made equipment for those pro accounts. And the Thousand Chance Umbrella? It didn’t have that type of manpower to support its development. It completely depended on the individual doing business in the game. Developing this type of self-made equipment was indescribably difficult.

“Then your Silver weapon…..” Concealed Light was puzzled.

“It’s from a long time ago.”

“Because unspecialized players couldn’t level….. it became useless?”


“And now?”

“You can level in the Heavenly Domain at Level 50.” Ye Xiu said.

“Heavenly Domain at Level 50…….” Concealed Light sucked in a breath. Entering the Heavenly Domain had always been one of Glory’s most difficult challenges. It required players to finish it on their own. Other players couldn’t help them. With each increase in the level cap, the difficulty of entering increased as well. The current max level was 70, yet this guy wanted to complete the Heavenly Domain challenges at Level 50.


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