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Chapter 206 – Tyrannical Class

Lonely Drink’s heart broke…….

Dealing with Lord Grim and Flowing Tree alone was hard enough for them, and the other guilds, who were supposed to come pincer them, were suddenly ambushed. Lord Grim’s team had unexpectedly arrived. Even though they still had the advantage in numbers, there was a big difference in the quality!

Lonely Drink didn’t know exactly how strong these players were , but they couldn’t be any weaker than the Level 27 Blade Master, Flowing Tree, right?

Tang Rou’s Soft Mist blowing away three players with just one Falling Flower Palm was a dominating entrance. Lonely Drink’s heart immediately trembled at the sight of it.

Tang Rou’s entrance, as well as her travel here, appeared heroic.

The other team members arrived through hiding and running, while she directly slaughtered her way out of Congee City.

While recovering from her Critically Ill state in the city, Tang Rou noticed that there were always spies nearby from the big guilds watching her.

But Tang Rou didn’t care. After buying several potions and putting them in her bag, she directly walked out of Congee City.

There were quite a few players from the big guilds outside of the city. Tang Rou wasn’t the only one they were waiting for; they were ready to kill anyone who had returned to the city.

Everyone knew that Soft Mist had died and returned to the city. Seeing that Soft Mist had dared to walk out of the safe city, they obviously thought that she was being stupid.

But Tang Rou, this sister, did just this.

Before going, she had sent Ye Xiu a message. Ye Xiu didn’t stop her. Even if she died, losing 10% of her experience wasn’t anything significant. He agreed to let Tang Rou go along with this because Soft Mist’s class was a Battle Mage.

Even though Ye Xiu was given the title of Glory’s Encyclopedia and was proficient in all classes, Battle Mage was still undoubtedly his most proficient class.

Various buffs from all sorts of Chasers.

The range advantage of a long weapon.

The strong knockbacks.

Ye Xiu couldn’t be any clearer on the strengths of a Battle Mage.

As a Battle Mage, the most suitable style for Tang Rou was to be direct. Battle Mages were supposed to be tyrannical like this.

In order to play a character, not only did you need mechanics and knowledge, but you also needed a type of temperament.

Tang Rou’s aggressiveness and willpower suited the Battle Mage class. If not, then before she chose a class, Ye Xiu would have had a more rational recommendation, similar to when he recommended Qiao Yifan to play as a Phantom Demon.

As a result, at this moment, Ye Xiu definitely wouldn’t stop Tang Rou from doing this type of action that others saw as suicidal. Even if she really did die, Ye Xiu believed that it was still worth a try. This would allow her to grasp the essence of the class, as well as train her temperament.

Tang Rou appearing here was undoubtedly proof that she had successfully accomplished her task. Ye Xiu was very happy with this.

He could imagine how dumbstruck the guards outside of the city were when this sister rushed out of the city.

Slaughtering her way through their encirclement was obviously very difficult, but the harder a task was, the more enthusiastic she was about it.

To her, the battle outside of the city was a performance that was beyond her skill level. With an intention of breaking through the encirclement, she had noticed every single detail. Even though she hadn’t completely killed off an opponent, she had already completely deduced the tyrannical style of a Battle Mage.

When she fiercely tore through the encirclement, the players, who had been surrounding her, only had one feeling in their heart: chaos.


Even though none of them died, with some not even losing any health, they all had a feeling of “chaos” in their heart.

They hadn’t prepared to block just Soft Mist. They had been waiting to block all of Lord Grim’s team from moving out of Congee City, but in the end, a single Soft Mist, confidently rushed out. Their original meaning had been erased.

They weren’t even sure if they should chase or not. If they chased, who would stay behind and stop other characters from leaving the city?

This was a big issue they were pondering over. In their minds, they hadn’t even thought of the possibility of a character breaking through their encirclement. At best, the character would have to retreat back into the safety of the city. This was what they had thought before Soft Mist had opened up a path.

After hesitating and asking around for directions, they soon realized that there was no longer any point in doing so.

Not a single trace of Soft Mist could be seen.

Without a single leader guiding them, they could only think for themselves. The guards waiting outside of the city also had this problem.

In Congee Forest, Lonely Drink had led this operation. In the original plan, twenty two players working together should have been more than enough to easily suppress Lord Grim and Flowing Tree.

Unfortunately, Lord Grim’s other team members suddenly appeared out of nowhere and ruined his plan.

“Ha ha, you’re here! You’re all here! Oh? That’s a new face? A Summoner? F*ck me! Where’d you find such a pitiful Summoner? Everything he does is so bad! D*mn! Did he just bump into a tree? Did you guys see that? Does this guy even know how to play?” Huang Shaotian hacked at the enemies while chattering. He was fighting against five opponents with Lord Grim, yet he still had the ability to talk.

“Senior!” Steamed Bun Invasion smashed a Brick onto the back of someone’s head, while greeting Ye Xiu. When Ye Xiu turned around to look at him, that Summoner’s messy display made him feel nauseous. However, after seeing his ID, he felt extremely surprised.

Concealed Light? What a coincidence!

“Senior, this is a bro I met at the bottom of a well.” Steamed Bun Invasion introduced Concealed Light to Ye Xiu.

“Hi.” Ye Xiu greeted Concealed Light.

But Concealed Light seemed to not have heard him. Ye Xiu could tell that he was busy trying to stabilize himself. Seeing his summoned creatures moving and stopping at random times, Ye Xiu began to sweat. He made a brave judgement. This noob might not even know what the hotkeys were for different controls and frequently messed up as well, causing his character to spasm uncontrollably without any sign of a skill coming out.

“Woah! F*ck, a sneak attack!” Steamed Bun Invasion was talking to Ye Xiu when he was suddenly hit from behind by a bullet. He immediately leapt up and grabbed the person, while complaining to Concealed Light: “What are you doing? If you’re like this, how can I trust you with protecting my back?”

Concealed Light didn’t have the ability to bother with Steamed Bun Invasion. He was having a lot of difficulty controlling his summoned creatures so they wouldn’t crash into trees. Ye Xiu had been in the tenth server for this long, but he had only seen two players with such terrible mechanics. One was that noob girl, Immersed Jade, and the other was this Summoner, Concealed Light. Thinking back to those Idiot’s Guides, Ye Xiu was sure: this guy had definitely used videos as sources to write his guides. With a skill level like that and without an expert babysitting him, he was 100% a team killer. Every run would end up in a wipe, and to be able to write such a detailed guide, talking about so many things, could this guy even do what he wrote?

“Wow! It’s only been a short while since we’ve last seen each other, but Soft Mist got better again. One versus three, so strong! Aren’t we too shameful? It’s been so long and we haven’t even taken down these five! Work harder! What? I go and you run? F*ck me. How shameful! What a terrible friend!” Huang Shaotian, once again, began talking non-stop. Lord Grim had suddenly used an Aerial Fire to go to where Cleansing Mist was and Eagle Stamped the enemy behind her.

Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist turned halfway and sent Anti-Tank Missiles towards Lord Grim’s target. The two instantly changed targets without any discontinuity.

“Kill them all!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“D*mn, so fierce! You don’t want to let any of them to run away? That’s fine by me!” Huang Shaotian yelled as he moved, Falling Light Blade. He had used it extremely quickly! Normal players weren’t even able to see him jump up. To them, it just seemed like he had used it standing there.

The five players weren’t able to dodge in time and were hit by the shockwave. Some successfully Quick Recovered, while some failed to do so. Huang Shaotian’s Flowing Tree sent out a Sword Draw. The three players, who had successfully Quick Recovered, were actually in a bad spot. As soon as they finished rolling, they were hit by the sword slash and were sent flying into the center of battle.

“Three came. I’ve sent them over. There’s still two more. They’ll be there soon.” This guy was still talking.

Tang Rou and Qiao Yifan had heard Ye Xiu’s orders as well. They went to chase after their own targets. The eighteen players were originally in an encirclement, but after Su Mucheng and the other team members arrived, openings began to pop up everywhere. Some realized that the situation wasn’t looking good and began to retreat. Ye Xiu saw this, which was why he had reminded everyone.

After helping out Su Mucheng for a bit, he went to help out Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Hey! It’d be better if you don’t summon any more creatures!” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim arrived and gave Concealed Light some advice.


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