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Chapter 202 – Experiencing It Personally

“Incredible, but he’s only Level 27. There’s no need for us to waste our time on him.” Someone said.

This was true. The reason they were chasing after Lord Grim’s team so they could kill them was to force them to waste time to recover their lost experience and put them into a red-lettered state.

In Glory, red-lettered equipment meant that the durability was about to reach zero and needed to be fixed. Being in a red-lettered state was similar to this. After a player’s experience dropped below a certain level, the player would need to re-gain the experience in order to recover his stats.

Although red-lettered characters would not be at a lower level, they would not have the same stats as before. The amount of stats lost depended on how much experience had to be recovered. At the same time, they would also need experience to gain back their skill levels.

The guilds were carrying this type of intent. However, towards Flowing Tree, there was no need to waste their time on him. Flowing Tree was only Level 27. No matter how skilled he was, there was no way he could enter the Level 30 Line Canyon. He was never a threat to them.

Everyone there, whether it was because they still had reason or because they wanted to run away, all realized this. Silently, as if nothing had ever happened, each and every one of them slipped away.

Flowing Tree didn’t go and chase them. He slowly moved back behind a tree and sat down.

No matter how great he was, he had no fighting strength without mana.

With only a Level 25 Blue Lightsaber, his damage output could only be average at best. In addition, he was six levels below his opponent. Even though the level suppression in PVP wasn’t as significant as the level suppression in PVE, the damage reduction was still considerable. Huang Shaotian had used a good 90% of his mana to kill his opponent.

Flowing Tree’s bag was also empty. If the other side had decided to surround and attack him, his only choice would have been to run.

Fortunately, the other side decided to leave. Huang Shaotian didn’t have any objections to this.

From this, it could be seen that Huang Shaotian’s trash talk was something he did consciously. In a situation where he had no fighting strength, he stopped talking.

Without any food or potions, just sitting there only had a slow recovery effect. Recovering in this way, he’d need around 10 minutes.

Where’d those guys go?

Huang Shaotian thought. Flowing Tree looked around and saw a leg sticking out from a tree nearby. Huang Shaotian immediately made Flowing Tree roll backwards. Right as he was about to use Sword Draw, a voice came out from behind the tree: “It looks like we should party up.”

Ye Xiu’s voice. Huang Shaotian let out a sigh.

“Did you throw them off?” Huang Shaotian asked.

“Nope, they’ll be here very soon.”

“I have no mana.” Huang Shaotian said.

Lord Grim rummaged through his pockets and threw some food and potions onto the ground.

“How weak! Carrying so many items.” Huang Shaotian picked them up while mocking Ye Xiu.

“This is called being prepared.” Ye Xiu obviously understood what Huang Shaotian meant. The less weight a character carried, the better. The more skilled you were, the more weight would affect you.

After picking up all the items, Huang Shaotian immediately made Flowing Tree drink a potion to recover his mana.

“They’re here! I’ll be heading off then.” Ye Xiu said

“Protect me for a sec.” Huang Shaotian said.

“Protect you? Are people bothering you?” Ye Xiu said as Lord Grim ran off. Voices saying “Over there!”, “Over there!” came out from the forest. Characters poured out from the trees. Some of the players glanced at Flowing Tree, but completely ignored him and continued to chase after Lord Grim.

“Get me a sword from one of them! This Blue Lightsaber is too disgusting!” Huang Shaotian sent Ye Xiu a message.

“Do you have any common sense? These people are all Level 30. Do you think you can use the equipment they drop?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Tch, so annoying!” Huang Shaotian concealed his low-leveled mistake.

The players madly chased. Swift Run, changing directions, their hands were about to cramp up from making so many movements. On the other hand, the two Gods were chatting.

Flowing Tree drank his potion as he watched his mana recover. Huang Shaotian ignored those players who ignored him. Suddenly, a Blade Master caught his eye. He was moving his camera around like crazy and was trying to find where Lord Grim was. He stood there dumbly for a short moment. He seemed to have sent a message to ask for Lord Grim’s whereabouts and then rushed over in that direction.

This Blade Master was using a Broadsword. The Broadsword had high Physical Attack and even though it had slow Attack Speed, quite a few Blade Masters liked to use it. As one of the top Blade Master experts, Huang Shaotian could obviously use all the different types of swords. Seeing this player’s Broadsword, he immediately ran over: “Hey, Blade Master! You, wait a sec.”

The Blade Master ignored him and continued to run.

“Hey, I’m telling you to wait! You have no manners! Even if you don’t have voice on, I won’t forgive you! How can you not have voice chat on if you’re playing Glory? Can you? Can you? Can you?” Huang Shaotian shouted while waving his sword. That Blade Master seemed to have decided to ignore him and continued to run without even turning his head.

“Isn’t that Broadsword the Strike Sword? A Level 25 Orange weapon, not bad! But with that, you’ll be carrying more weight than me. And let me tell you this, besides a few potions, I don’t have anything else on me! Nothing else! Do you know what this means? This means that even if you stripped yourself, I’d still be able to catch up to you! There’s no point in running. Look, I’ve only said a few words and the distance between us has already pulled closer by quite a bit. So what’s the point in running? Stop and chat with me bro. Do you want to switch weapons? It’s a Level 30 Lightsaber, Blue Grade. Attack Speed of 10. If you use it, you’ll love it! I can guarantee that you’ll like it more than your Broadsword……”

“F*ck you. You’re only Level 27. What Level 30 Lightsaber!!” That Blade Master couldn’t resist lashing back.

“Good. Your observational skills have moved me to tears. You even know that I’m Level 27? Then why are you running? Come here and fight me!”

“Bro, I’ve got no time!” The Blade Master didn’t stop.

“You can only blame yourself. Triple Slash.” Huang Shaotian shouted out the name of the skill and a Triple Slash came out. As a movement skill, he quickly caught up to him. The Blade Master hastily used a Triple Slash as well to hurry forward.

“Ha ha ha ha! Too slow!” Huang Shaotian laughed out loud. The third slash of his Triple Slash hit the back of the Blade Master.

“You’re too careless, bro. With that weight you’re carrying and that type of attack speed, do you think you’d be able to escape my Triple Slash? No use! Now you know how great I am!” Huang Shaotian continued to move his mouth as he chased. This Blade Master had an Orange weapon meaning that he must be an important member of a guild and would be more skilled than the Blade Master that Huang Shaotian had defeated easily…… But, he was still just a normal player. It was still as if an ant was fighting against an elephant.

Even though the Blade Master’s skill wasn’t bad, there was no way he could compete with Huang Shaotian. In addition, he suffered from a back attack at the very start. At this moment, he wasn’t even able to turn his camera around in time, when he began getting comboed. Seeing how none of his allies were nearby, the Blade Master was afraid that he might die there. Even worse, he didn’t even have time to curse before he died. His enemy was hacking at him while chatting non-stop, annoying as hell.

These people wouldn’t necessarily think of Huang Shaotian when they saw this type of chattering Blade Master.

Normal players only recognized Huang Shaotian from match recordings and was their idol, especially for Blade Masters. From a spectator’s view, they would think that Huang Shaotian’s trash talk was beautiful, especially when his opponent would mess up in rage. Fans would all laugh.

And now, personally experiencing such an attack, the only feeling in their hearts besides annoyance was annoyance. This type of feeling was completely different from what they felt when they watched Huang Shaotian do it.

Under these two attacks, the Blade Master was quickly unable to hang on. Sword light twisted across his body and his health continued to drop. But at this moment, he was already no longer in the mood to care about all this. Why am I not dead yet? These were his thoughts.

His wish seemed to have come true.

When his health hit rock-bottom, the other side’s attacks stopped. The Blade Master heaved a sigh of relief, the torture was finally over!

The screen turned gray and the camera zoomed out, no longer in a first-person point of view. And like a ghost that had floated out of its body, he watched as his corpse fell from the air.

“F*ck!!” The Blade Master suddenly cursed. Unfortunately, when his character died, voice would no longer be transmitted out.

He watched as the Broadsword in his hands also fell.

“Wow, what good luck! I just kill some random guy and he drops an Orange weapon? The game really is different after not playing for so long! It wasn’t easy saving up so much luck.” Huang Shaotian was still chattering.

“Let me borrow this. I’ll give it back when I’m done.” Huang Shaotian picked up the Level 25 Orange Strike Sword and a word bubble popped out from his head. He knew that even though the other side couldn’t hear him, he could still see the word bubble. His corpse was still there, so he hadn’t yet revived back to the city!


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